22 Benefits of Vitamin E Capsules for Skin

Benefits of Vitamin E Capsules for Skin

22 Benefits of Vitamin E Capsules for Skin
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Since centuries, women have used products containing Vitamin E to get beautiful skin. With time, same benefits of Vitamin E are now available in the form of capsules that are readily available in market. If you are not able to eat vitamin e rich foods, you can buy vitamin e capsules to gain same benefits. Simply prick the capsule and acquire vitamin e oil to use on your skin. To know what all benefits can be gained from vitamin e capsules for skin, keep reading this article. Below we have listed 22 important benefits of vitamin E capsules for skin that you can use to remove skin imperfections and get fair skin.

Benefits of Vitamin E Capsules for Skin

From treating face blemishes, wrinkles, fine lines to getting young glowing skin, Vitamin E Capsules can be used to treat almost any skin imperfection. So here are the benefits of vitamin E capsules for skin and ways to use them for skin care: 

1. Use Vitamin E Capsules to Fade Face Blemishes 

Being an anti-oxidant, vitamin E speeds up the recovery process of damaged skin and prevents scars to go prominent. Just puncture a vitamin E capsule to open the content of vitamin E capsules and apply this content directly on your scars and  massage well for 5 minutes and leave it overnight to let its natural goodness to deep penetrate deep into your blemishes to fade them soon.

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2. Vitamin E Capsules Help Moisturize Dry And Cracked Skin 

Vitamin E is a boon to dry and patchy skin as it is a oil-soluble nutrient which is heavier that water soluble products which  deep nourishes your dehydrated skin. You can make a hand and body lotion for moisturising your skin.

For this, you will need 1/4 cup of shea butter, 2 spoons of vitamin E oil and 2 spoons of aloe vera gel and 12 drops of rose oil and mix all ingredients together to make a body lotion.  Apply this resultant preparation on your skin twice a day to get rid of dry and cracked skin

3. Stretch Marks Removal With Vitamin E Capsules 

Pregnancy stretch marks can be also be lightened using vitamin E capsules. Mix the content of 12 vitamin E capsules, 1/2 cup of cocoa butter and 15 drops of frankincense oil and apply this mixture on your stretch marks to lighten them effectively. 

4.  Vitamin E Capsules For Even and Flawless Skin  

Even and spotless skin is a major characteristic of beautiful skin. To achieve this, you can use Vitamin E capsules. Burst open 2 vitamin E capsules and take out their inner content and mix this with 2 spoons of lemon juice. Next massage this concoction all over your face and neck to get rid all facial imperfections like freckles, dark spots, acne scars, age spots, etc. But people with oily and pimple prone skin should consult dermetologist before using vitamin E oil as it can accelerate the chance of break out too. 

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5. Use Vitamin E capsules to Treat Psoriasis and Eczema

Serious skin problems such as psoriasis and eczema can also be treated with vitamin E capsules. Just apply vitamin E oil on these areas to combat these problems. 

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6. Treat Wrinkles and Laugh Lines With Vitamin E Capsules 

Vitamin E has power to reverse the tell-tale signs of ageing and counteract the damage done by sun rays. It helps in production of collagen which gives elasticity to your skin. Just apply the content of 2 vitamin E capsules on your face and massage well and leave it on overnight to smoothen the creases of wrinkles on your face.

Additionally, you cam mix warm olive oil with vitamin E oil and massage this mixture on your face and neck to tighten the loose facial muscles to make it firm and youthful. 

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7. Vitamin E Capsules to Cure Hyper Pigmentation Marks 

Vitamin E capsules work  well to even out your uneven  skin tone. Mix one spoon of Castor oil with 1-2 capsules of vitamin E oil extracted from capsules and massage this mix on affected areas. Leave it on overnight. Follow this procedure religiously for one month to see positive results. You can even apply the content of vitamin E capsules directly on affected areas. You can take supplement of vitamin E to help pigmentation marks to cure naturally. 

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8. Vitamin E Capsules for Smoothening Dry Hands 

Mix vitamin E oil to your regular body lotion to hydrate your dry and dehydrated hands. You can also burst open  2-3 vitamin E capsules and blend vitamin E oil with one spoon of lemon juice and one spoon of  honey. Pour this mix in a mug of lukewarm water and dip your hands in this solution for 5 minutes. Afterwards, pat dry and wipe clean with a towel. 

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9. Vitamin E Capsules for Healing Chapped Lips 

Just prick open vitamin E capsules and apply the vitamin E oil on your chapped lips to smoothen and heal them instantly. Either, you can mix vitamin E oil with petroleum jelly and apply it on your lips to hydrated and moisturise your chapped and dry lips. 

10. Vitamin E Capsules Help Remove Dark Spots 

Just massage your skin with vitamin E oil procured from vitamin E capsules to remove dark and brown spots from  your skin. 

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11. Vitamin E capsules for Ironing Out Fine Lines 

Since vitamin E is a heavy humectant which deep nourishes your dry skin to prevent the appearance of fine lines. Just rub vitamin E oil acquired from vitamin E capsules around your eyes, mouth and forehead to remove fine and furrow lines around these areas. 

12. After Sun Treatment With Vitamin E Capsules 

You can apply vitamin E oil on your skin after your skin is exposed to harmful ultra-violet sun rays it will replenish the moisture and nutrients your skin lost during sun exposure. 

13. Healthy And Strong Nails 

Mix  the whole volume of 1-2  vitamin E capsules in  bowl of lukewarm water and dip your nails in this solution for 5 minutes. In addition, you can massage vitamin E oil directly on your nails to strengthen your brittle and weak nails. 

14. Use Vitamin E to Lighten Dark Elbows

Suffering from dark elbows? Just follow this home remedy! You must scrub a slice of lemon on your dark elbows to lighten them.  Afterwards, prepare a homemade mask by mixing lemon juice, shea butter, Frankincense oil and vitamin E oil to prepare a homemade mask to apply on dark elbows daily for lightening them. 

15. Use Vitamin E Oil To Treat Sunburn Skin

Vitamin E ointment are  often prescribed for healing wounds and scars that is why most of the skin creams are rich in vitamin E. Vitamin E is a anti-oxidant that can counteract the effects of free radicals triggered by harmful sun rays. So all you need to do is to rub vitamin E oil on  sunburnt area to heal it quickly 

16. Vitamin E capsules Help Heal Cracked Heels

Just puncture 2 vitamin E capsules and extract the vitamin E oil from them and massage the oil on your cracked heels to heal them quickly.  

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17. Make Facial Cleanser with Vitamin E Capsules 

Vitamin E oil is very sticky that makes it bind to grime, dust and deep seated impurities accumulated within your skin and that is why you can  mix vitamin E oil with coconut oil to use as a facial cleanser. 

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18. Get Fair Skin Using Vitamin E Capsules 

Vitamin E oil when applied topically on your skin can make your skin fairer and smoother. For best results, mix one spoon of  almond oil with one spoon of vitamin E oil and one spoon of orange juice and use this homemade mask on your face daily at bedtime. This application will make your skin fairer, spotless and glowing like never before. 

19. Use Vitamin E To Get Rosy Pink Lips 

You can mix few drops of vitamin E oil with 2 spoons of lemon essential oil and apply it on your lips daily ti lighten them. 

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20. Vitamin E Helps Prevent Skin Cancer 

The potent antioxidants packed in vitamin E oil act as a barrier against sun rays which causes skin cancer. So it will be beneficial to mix 4 drops of vitamin E oil to your sunscreen and dab on your face as usual.  

21. Use Vitamin E Capsules To Make Night Fairness Cream 

You can make a night cream with 2 spoons of vitamin E oil extracted from vitamin E capsules with 2 spoons of aloe vera gel and massage this preparation on your face till it gets absorbed. It is the best herbal night cream you can use for fair, glowing and flawless complexion. 

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22. Use Vitamin E Capsules To Heal Pain From Cold Sores 

Just apply vitamin E oil on the affected area and you will get rid of dryness and pain caused by cold sore as it has humectant properties. It also lessens the stinging sensation resulted from cold sores. 

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