11 Benefits of Glycerin for Skin : How to Use Glycerin on Face?

Amazing Glycerin Uses & Benefits for Skin

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Mentioned below are top 11 beauty uses of glycerin for skin and beauty.

Glycerin is well known for its medicinal uses. But glycerin has multitude of uses for skin beauty also. This article presents the top skin and beauty benefits of glycerin. Read on to know how to use glycerin in your beauty applications. Mentioned below are the best 11 skin and beauty benefits of glycerin.

Glycerin is used mostly to moisturize your skin, but glycerin has much more to offer than just moisturizing your skin.  In fact these are myriad ways of using glycerin in your beauty regimen.

This article delves deep into the time-tested and best beauty applications of glycerin. Read on to know how to rustle up some very effective glycerin homemade facial masks.

Glycerin Uses for Skin & Its Benefits

1. Glycerin make your skin fair and flawless 

You can make a face mask at home to be used at night for skin-lightening. You can mix lemon juice, rose water and glycerin in equal measures and massage your whole face with this preparation for few minutes. Then leave it on face overnight. This beauty tip can make your complexion fair and flawless with regular use. This recipe is of great help to fade away all skin ailments like hyper-pigmentation, dark spots and freckles naturally. This apart, this herbal remedy gives you a lovely and fair skin. 

2. Glycerin helps to soothe dry and irritated skin 

You can add glycerin to milk cream and apply on your face for ten minutes. 10 minutes later, wash off with luke warm water. This home remedy is best suited to you if you have dry skin which creates irritation in winters.  

3. Glycerin can be used as moisturizer 

You can apply glycerin to your skin to hydrate and seep moisturizer into it. Glycerin can be mixed with daily cream, bath gel or plain water to use topically on your face. Rose water and glycerin mix is the best moisturizer for your face which can be used on your skin prior to using any day or night cream. 

4. Glycerin makes your skin glowing and hydrated 

Mix glycerin with gram flour and sandalwood paste and spread this facial mask on your whole face for 20 minutes. Wash off completely to reveal a hydrated, glowing and healthy complexion immediately. You can use this beauty tip twice a week.

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5. Glycerin makes your skin wrinkle free and youthful 

Glycerin can be mixed with almond oil to massage your skin on a daily basis. In addition, you can add fish oil or vitamin E oil to glycerin to massage your skin. Glycerin is non-toxic that is why it can be mixed with any skin care product. So much so, glycerin can be used on the skin of infants/small babies too. 

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6. Glycerin can act as a humectant 

Glycerin has an ability to retain moisture and water into your skin.You can use glycerin mixed with water as a last rinse to wash clean your face. This recipe will keep your skin well-hydrated and radiant naturally. 

7. Apply glycerin on acne and its scars 

Bursting with anti-bacterial qualities, glycerin can cure acne and pimple very fast.You can apply glycerin directly on acne and its marks to treat them fast. In addition, glycerin can be applied topically on mouth ulcer to heal them quickly. 

8. Glycerin can make a good facial cleanser  

Mix 3 spoons of raw milk with one spoon of glycerin and apply on your face using cotton pads. Then wipe off your face and pat dry. Next, apply the same concoction on your face and leave it on overnight. You can mix orange juice with glycerin and use this resultant mix as a face cleanser. Try this natural remedy to get problem free and spotless complexion. 

9. You can cure blackheads using glycerin facial mask 

Mix fuller's earth, almond powder and glycerin, then apply this face pack on your face affected with blackheads and whiteheads. Keep this face mask on for 30 minutes and do mild scrubbing while removing  this mask to eradicate blackheads effectively. 

10. Glycerin can help remove dandruff from your scalp 

Since glycerin has anti-fungal properties that help in treating flaky and itchy scalp if used topically on your hair. You can add few drops of essential oil to glycerin and then apply on your hair.  Glycerin can be used on your hair as leave on conditioner to make your hair manageable and smooth. Glycerin can fight split ends which stunt your hair growth. 

11. You can make a natural face toner with glycerin 

Mix glycerin and apple cider vinegar in equal measures and apply on your perfectly cleansed face. Leave this mix as a homemade skin toner on the face. No need to rinse it off.

By now, you are well-conversant with the top skin and beauty benefits of glycerin. Just include these glycerin skin benefits into your beauty rituals. Get set to go gorgeous all the way!

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