75 tips for lightening dark/black lips naturally at home: How to get pink and rosy lips using home remedies, Recipes to make your lips soft, smooth and beautiful

How to make your lips rosy and pink

75 tips for lightening dark/black lips naturally at home: How to get pink and rosy lips using home remedies, Recipes to make your lips soft, smooth and beautiful
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Undoubtedly, rosy and pink lips can up your beauty parameters and make you look visually charming. You can achieve that smooth pink and luscious lips of your dreams at home with some amazing natural ingredients without spending a fortune on expensive cosmetics. Read on to know how to get pink and rosy lips with home remedies right from your kitchen cupboard.

Pink lips add a healthy dose of glamour and charm to your personality.  Rosy lips can brighten anyone's appearance and can give a friendly touch to your smile. There is no need to slick on loads of lipstick every time, instead you can bring  reddish tinge on lips using natural ingredients at home.  Lip has no oil glands, which make them more prone to dehydration so it is mandatory to take proper care of your lips  to make them look soft and pink. Worry not ! You can try some amazing  home remedies at home to add a healthy tinge of pinkish shade to your lips naturally. Mentioned below are the best 75 tips for  lightening dark/black lips naturally.

Read on to know how to get rosy and natural pink lips using home remedies.

Home remedies for making your lips rosy 

1. It is a must to keep your lips moisturized  at all times  to keep them soft and pink.  Slather a good quality lip balm or petroleum jelly on your lips to keep them hydrated and prevent cracking of lips.  You can apply cocoa butter on your lips to keep them soft and pink.

2. Apply beetroot juice on your lips to redden them naturally. Beets have natural red stains which can redden your lips instantly. If you use this home remedy regularly, beetroot juice can lighten your black lips significantly.

3. Prepare a lip pack at home mixing fuller's earth and honey and keep on your pouts for 15 minutes.This natural  remedy helps lighten your dark lips as well as making  them soft smooth.

4. Scrub red grape juice on your lips to redden them. Try this easy to follow recipe to make your lips rosy.

5. Treat your lips to skin-nourishing olive oil at night to keep them soft and rosy. Olive oil helps a great deal in lightening dark lips to make them rosy and smooth.

6. Gently scrub lemon juice over your lips and let it remain on the lips for 30 minutes. Lemon helps to exfoliate dead skin cell from the lips as well as lightening your lips.  Regular application of lemon juice can make your lips rosy and pink. Follow this beauty tip continuously for 15 days to see visible results.

7. Add butter to sugar powder and use this mix to exfoliate your lips. Exfoliating your lips with sugar-butter can get you rid of  dark lips and makes them rosy and pink.

8. Coconut water, cucumber juice and lemon juice mix is an excellent home remedy to lighten dark lips naturally.

9. Grind almonds and milk cream together and apply on your lips to make them rosy and pink naturally.

10. The wonderful blend of coconut oil with lemon juice is a great home remedy to get rosy lips naturally.

11. Ginger juice and egg white mix is a great cure for pale lips. This home remedy helps you get rid of  dark/black lips at home the natural way.

12. Combine together 4 spoons of olive oil with 1/2 spoon of  lemon essential oil and apply thick layer of this preparation on your  lips for 20 minutes. Very helpful beauty tip for lighting dark lips and making them rosy and pink.

13. Ghee/ butter with saffron makes a wonderful natural remedy for reddening your lips..

14. Blend rose petals with butter and apply this mix on your lips. This recipe can give your lips natural pink shade .

15. Sugar, honey and almond oil mix  can be used to exfoliate your lips. Exfoliation eliminates dead skin layers,  thus, giving a natural flush to your lips. Try this recipe to get red and beautiful lips.

16. Do not lick or bite your lips as saliva makes your lips dehydrated and more susceptible to cracking.

17. Cut down on tea and coffee which aids in  making your lip dark. Caffeine is an important factor in making the lips dark. So from now on, to achieve pink lips, go easy on tea, coffee.

18. Olive oil mixed with lemon juice, honey makes for a good homemade lip balm you can prepare at home.

19. Scrub an orange on your lips to make them pink. Either you can dab orange juice on your lips to make them rosy and attractive the natural way.

20. Melt ghee(clarified butter) and apply on your cracked lips to heal them quickly. Application of ghee on the lips  quenches the lips' thirst of moisture as well as making them rosy and supple soft.

21. Drinking a a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated and prevent your lips from getting chapped and dry.

22. Give up smoking right away as smoking plays a big role in  making your lips dark besides eroding your health.

23. Scrub your lips with tooth brush to remove  the dead skin cells from the outer surface of lips which make them look dry and cracked.  Keep in mind that brush should be soft bristled.

24. Apply almond oil on your lips at night to keep them well-moisturized and rosy in color. Men those with dark lips can try this home remedy for quick results.

25. Use turmeric powder and milk cream mask on your lips to lighten their color.

26. Gram flower and and turmeric mix is also good lip-pack for lightening their color. But do not not forget to follow with a moisturizing  lip balm as this home remedy can dry your lips to some extent.

27. Soak up rose petals in milk for some time and grind them well to make a fine paste well and add few drops of honey and glycerin to this mix. Let the mask stay on the lips for 15 minutes, then rub it off with raw milk to remove the mask. This home remedy helps lighten dark  lips and make them rosy pink.

28. Scrub a slice of cucumber on your lips to give them pink color.

29. Up your intake of  of green vegetables, milk, papaya which gives vitamin A and vitamin B supply to your body, ensuring good health of lips.

30. Crush pomegranate seeds and mix them with  milk cream and apply on your lips to redden them naturally. After few applications, you will notice your lips are getting redder and fuller.

 31. Grind raspberry and mix  it  with honey and aloe vera. Use it recipe daily and you will see dramatic change in your  lips' color. Loaded with lots of skin friendly vitamins and minerals, raspberry helps to make your lips rosy and pink naturally.

32. Scrub strawberry on the lips to lighten their color the natural way at home.

33. Massage clove oil on your lips to make them pink naturally.

34. Tea tree oil has also beneficial effects in lightening your dark lips.

35. Just apply pure honey over your lips and wash off after 10 minutes. For best results. leave it overnight. Honey is beneficial to those whose lips have turned dark because of external factors and age. Honey has power to give soft texture to lips and making them pinkish.

36. Massaging with coconut oil helps to improve the color of your lips.

37. Applying butter on your lips before going to bed can make your lips pink and rosy.

38. Mix few drops of honey to one- two drops of rose water and apply this mixture on  your lips to have pinkish glow on your pouts the natural way.

39. Prepare a lip balm at home with one spoon of strawberry juice and 2 spoons of petroleum jelly and slather on your lips as often you want.

40. Glycerin, rose water and saffron mask can be applied on lips at bed time to make them rosy and smooth.

41. Rub rose petals on your lips to get pink lips naturally.

42. Make an exfoliating scrub for your tender lips with sugar and cold cream and gently rub on your lips to remove dead skin layers.

43. Apply aloe vera gel on your lips to keep them soft and natural pink.

44. Make sure you wear lip balm with at least SPF 15 before heading outdoor to prevent them from getting dry and cracked.

45. Mix lemon juice with glycerin and apply on lips at bedtime. This recipe helps to lighten your lips naturally and makes your lips red fast.

46. Applying coconut milk on your lips is a homemade beauty tip to make them pink and beautiful naturally.

47. Rub ice cubes on lips to leave your sexy  pout  flushed with blood.

48. Apply mint juice or coriander juice for massaging your lips .This recipe works wonders in lightening your lip's natural color.

49. Orange peel powder mixed milk cream helps to lighten your lip's color. Use this home remedy daily to get rosy and pink lips.

50. Treat your lips to  gulcan syrup treat to make them red and smell sweet quickly.

51. Turmeric mixed with lemon juice makes for a good home remedy for getting rosy and smooth lips.

52. Boil milk for few minutes and take out the malai (milk cream) floating over the surface and apply  this onto the lips to keep them moist and rosy.

53. Castor oil and almond oil mix  is a great natural remedy for lightening dark lips.

54.  Apply  pure ghee or mustard oil on your navel to keep dryness of lips  at bay. Try this ancient and age-old yet very effective recipe to prevent your lips from cracking and bleeding.

 55. Applying  gooseberry juice or tomato juice on  your lips gives natural color to lips.

 56. A pinch of saffron with almond oil/ olive oil/coconut oil helps make your lips smooth and natural pink.

 57. Mix heavy cream and tomato paste together to dab on your lips to make them rosy and smooth.

 58. Lemon juice and malai(milk cream) is the best home remedy to lighten your black lips.

 59. Well known for lightening your skin tone, honey and orange juice is good cure for dark lips treatment too.

 60. While having a facial pat your lips with coriander or  carrot juice for adding  natural pink color to your lips.  Carrot juice with beetroot juice works wonders for making your lips pink and rosy instantly.

 61. Apply apple cider vinegar on your dark lips to lighten them. Boys can try this hassle free home remedy.

 62. Rubbing  papaya on  your lips gives encouraging results in making lips' color rosy and natural pinkish..

 63. Massage your lips with almond oil and lemon juice mix to have naturally pink looking lips easily.

 64. Make a lip pack at home with ripe banana, honey and milk cream and apply  this concoction on your  lips  to make them pink and soft. Good  natural remedy to cure excessive dryness of lips.

 65. Add a pinch of salt in milk and rub your lips with this mixture. 15 minutes later,  wash off with  plain water.

 66. Mix one spoon of curd with 2-3 drops of lemon juice and apply over lips. Opt homemade beauty tip for dark and dull looking lips.

 67. Take crushed rose petals, glycerin and castor oil mix to massage your dark lips daily.

 68. Add a pinch of saffron to carrot juice and apply on your lips to add natural pink color to them. This home remedy gives fast results.

 69. Orange peel powder mixed with curd makes for a  good natural remedy for dark lips.

70. Rose water and mint juice mix is a good aid in making your lips naturally pink-looking.

71. Apply the mixture of lemon juice and honey, both mixed in equal amount, on your lips and wash off after 30 minutes. Lemon and honey mixture works best for lightening the darkness of your lips.

72. Melt one spoon of cocoa butter and  2 unsweetened cubes of dark chocolate in double boiler and add  vitamin E oil extracted from  one vitamin E capsule  to this mixture. Let his mixture cool and pour this mixture into airtight jar and apply this mixture everyday on your lips to get rosy and pinkish lips.

73. Add one spoon of beeswax pellet, one spoon shea butter and 2 spoons of olive oil in double boiler to melt them. Then add 1/2 spoon of beetroot powder and blend very well to make a balm like consistency. Use this homemade lip balm several   times a day to moisturize your lips and make them pinkish.

74. Mix lemon juice, glycerin with pinch of saffron and apply this mixture all over your lips. Wash off after 30 minutes. Repeat this process twice a day.

75. Grind half of a banana, one spoon of honey and one spoon of sour cream together to make this mask. Apply this mask on your lips to lighten the darkness of lips.

By now, you are aware of the top 75 tips for getting pink lips naturally. So why are you waiting then? It is the time to follow these beauty tips right now. Get set to make your lips the most distinctive feature of your face, right!

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