50 tips for treating cracked heels using home remedies: How to cure cracked heels naturally at home

Cracked heels are a sure reflective of your negligence towards foot care. Cracked heels are often accompanied by peeling of skin, itchiness and pain. This skin problem affects almost people of all age groups. This problem aggravates in winter when your skin is stripped of moisture due to cold and chilly winds. If untreated for long, cracked heels can develop deep cuts resulting in very painful condition. Here is presenting 50 home remedies for treating cracked heels.

Women love to totter around  in high heels and stilettos but cracked heels stunt their dream of slipping into chic and fashionable high heels. Cracked heels make a dent into your personality, making you feel uncomfortable in baring your feet in public. But you do not worry! There are plenty of home remedies available in your kitchen itself which can cure cracked heels excellently.  Listed below are the top 50 tips for treating cracked heels using home remedies. Read on to know how to cure cracked feet naturally at home.

 Home remedies for cracked heels

1. Mix glycerin and rose water together and apply on your perfectly cleansed heels before you go to bed.

 Wake up to see a perfectly soft heels in the morning.  Rich in anti-bacterial properties, rose water contains vitamin A, B3, C, D E.  When  rose water works in synergy with glycerin, it is extremely beneficial aid in curing cracked heels naturally.

2.Massage your heels with sesame oil at night to soften and heal cracked heels effectively. Repeat this process every single day or 2-3 weeks continuously to cure cracked heels completely.

3. Take lukewarm water and soak up your feet in this water for about  ten minutes. Next,  scrub off gently to remove the loosened dead skin cells to make your feet clean and fresh. This natural remedy aids a lot in treating dry feet and cracked heels naturally.

4. Take a ripe banana and mash it completely. Next, smear this on your severely damaged and cracked heels for 15 minutes. Later wash off with warm water. This application helps heal cracked heels and peeling of skin excellently the natural way.

5.Take 2 spoons of  sugar and mix it with olive oil / almond oil/coconut oil;  rub gently on your cracked heels till sugar dissolves completely. This natural remedy gets your rid of dead skin, leading to soft and clean heels.

 6. Add raw salt, rose water, glycerin and lemon juice to warm water and soak up your feet in this warm water. Later scrub off the dead skin cells with the help of  pumice stone or loofah. Pat dry your feet after washing them properly. Next, apply glycerin, rose water and lemon juice mix on your dry and cracked heels to repair them fast. Never forget to wear a pair of cotton socks following this process. Repeat this process continuously for 2-3 days or more than a week to cure cracked heels completely.

7. Grind together half an avocado with half cup of coconut flesh and one ripe banana. Then apply the resultant preparation on your cracked areas of feet to treat and moisturize them fast naturally.

8. Take wax from the candle after removing wick and thereafter heat wax in a container with mustard oil till wax melts completely. Thereafter fill this mixture into your heel fissure.  In case you have very painful heels, this home remedy can do miracles.You can use this treatment after  a relaxing and soothing foot soak in warm water, on your thoroughly cleansed feet, for best results.

9. Mix papaya pulp and lemon juice together to apply on your cracked heels. In addition, you can use papaya juice with lemon juice on your cracked heels  to reduce calluses around feet and cracked heels.

10. Steep neem leaves, aloe vera gel and rosemary leaves and lavender essential oil for few minutes and drain this liquid to soak up your feet in this this solution. Try this home remedy for fighting cracked heels naturally.

11.After washing your feet, massage your feet with paraffin oil/Vaseline or hydro-generated oil to keep them perfectly moisturized and soft to prevent recurrence of cracked heels.

12. Mix turmeric, tulsi(basil leaves),  aloe vera and camphor in equal part and apply on your cracked heels to treat them fast.

13. Apply pure aloe  vera gel on your heels to reduce the peeling and pain caused by cracked heels. Aloe vera gel deep hydrates your feet to cure cracked heels naturally at home.

14. Apply warm coconut oil or warm olive oil to your cracked heels at bedtime.

15.Combine paraffin wax and coconut oil together and heat them well. And fill the resultant mixture into your heel fissure  Try this very effective home remedy! It will give sure results in treatment of cracked heels.

16.Take lukewarm water and add 2-3 spoon of lemon juice to it and soak up your feet in this solution for a relaxing and pampering foot soak.

17. Blend one spoon of Vaseline petroleum jelly and one spoon of lemon juice. Then rub on your heels to replenish moisture into the innermost layer of your heels.

18. Mix one spoon of honey to a bucketful of  water and soak up your feet in this solution to remove dead cells to minimize cracked heels.

19. Take 2-3 spoons of rice flour and add one spoon of honey, one spoon of apple cider vinegar to rice flour. Then apply this mix on your feet. In case you have severe dryness around feet you can add sweet olive oil or almond oil to this mixture.

20. Massage your feet with vitamin E oil to soften the dry and cracked heels naturally at home.

21.You can apply grounded oatmeal powder mixed with jojoba oil on your feet. Keep it on your heels for 30 minutes. It provides all essential nutrients to your feet leaving your feet completely nourished and smooth.

22. Add any edible oil of your choice to lemon essential oil or lavender essential oil to make a homemade foot cream.

23.Milk cream and rice powder mix is an excellent cure for cracked heels.

24. Apply cod liver oil/fish oil on your heels. It is extremely hydrating for your severely cracked heels. Use this recipe for very fast results.

25. Mash some carrots to obtain carrot mash and add coconut oil to it and apply on your cracked heels to cure cracked heels naturally.

26. Clarified butter or ghee does wonders in smoothing and treating your dry and cracked heels.

27. Honey, lime and sugar scrub helps to scrub out the dead skin and dirt deposited on your feet at the end of  a hectic day. Additionally , this homemade recipe cures cracked heels.

28. Blend half a cup of coconut flesh,  half a cup of coconut oil and one spoon of rose water and one spoon of glycerin to obtain a nourishing mixture for getting beautiful feet. Then apply this preparation on your cracked heels. This beauty tip is highly beneficial in providing moisture boost to your dry and cracked heels.

29. You can add honey to shea butter cream to apply on your dry and cracked heels to heal them up naturally.

30. Boil chamomile tea in water and soak your feet in the resultant solution to moisturize and cleanse your feet to remove cracked heels fast.You can try this home remedy for practicing pedicure at home.

31. You can add chamomile oil to any carrier oil(vegetable oil) to apply on your desiccated and cracked heels.

32. Add peppermint oil to warm water and use this water for a relaxing and pampering foot soak. An easy and cheap pedicure at home!

33. Rub a slice of pineapple on your cracked heels to treat them. Pineapple contains bromilain that helps to soften your feet and heal cracked heels. Try this fruity recipe for getting rid of cracked heels.

34.Pour calendula flowers in boiling water and use this water as a cold compress on your heels.

35.Mash 6-8 strawberries and add one spoon of almond oil, one spoon of sea salt to them and apply on your cracked heels to heal them up fast. 

36. Almond oil, almond paste and rose water mix works well to lessen the cracked heels.

37. Liquorice stick powder and mustard oil mask be applied on your feet to make them soft and smooth.

38. Grind marigold flowers and squeeze them out to extract the juice. You can apply the juice of marigold flowers  on cracked heels to cure them well. Follow this home remedy daily to see any visible results.

39. Take 2 oranges and one spoon of vegetables oil and one cup of  sea sea salt. Dip oranges slice into oil and scrub on your cracked heels to cure them quickly

40. Melt beeswax in microwave oven and fill this concoction into your cracked and painful heels.

41.One cup of milk cream with one cup of milk and one cup of honey added to a bucketful of warm water is a great for a foot soak.This beauty tip imparts you a soft, silky and beautiful feet.

42.Massage your feet with cocoa butter for its vitamin C and skin-moisturizing qualities. Highly recommended for extremely and moisture-starved heels.

43. Honey, orange juice and milk cream mix is very good for treating cracked heels naturally.

44. There are many essential oils like chamomile, lavender, neroli, lemon, myrrh, peppermint oil, sandalwood oil, tea tree oil which can be used for treatment of cracked heels.

45 Crush margosa leaves and mix them with 3 spoons of  turmeric and apply on your cracked heels.

46. You can massage your feet with warm honey to moisturize the dry and damaged feet.

47. Take 2 cups of warm coffee grinds and blend one spoon of olive oil with it. Scrub your feet with this mix before you take bath. Use this home remedy daily to see visible results.

48.Massage hemp butter into your severely dry and cracked heels to heal them fast and make them irresistible soft and sexy.

49. Mix 1/4 cup of grape seeds oil into  warm water and soak up your feet in this solution for 30 minutes. Practice this natural remedy daily and you will be proud of your soft and beautiful feet.

50. Scrub your dry heels with pumice stone to remove dead skin cells so that your feet can soak up any homemade skin-hydrating mask properly. Fill warm water in tub and add half cup of dead sea salt or Epsom salt and soak your feet into this water for ten minutes. Next, rub the cracked areas with pumice stone for few minutes. Next put your feet into tub again and then rub with pumice stone to cleanse your feet and follow with moisturizer.


Somewhere, it is your diet which plays a big role in curing your heels given the fact that some deficiency can trigger off dry feet and cracked heels.

Drink lot of water to keep yourself hydrated to prevent occurrence of cracked heels.

Make sure  you take a diet rich in vitamins, minerals, zinc, iron and omega 3 fatty acids.

Up your veggies and fruits intake.

Take meat, eggs, spinach, almonds, fish, cereal, brown rice, etc.

Other important tips on prevention of cracked heels

Never wear ill-fitted shoes which can lead to shoe bite and damage to your heels.

Wash your legs every-time you return home.

Never walk barefoot so that you feet do not gather dust which promotes formation of cracked heels.

Remember to apply foot cream at bed time to prevent heels from getting cracked.

Not to forget,  your skin care regime is not limited to your face only.  You legs are an important part of body which carries the burden of your whole body at all times. So never ever ignore foot care and make it a habit to caress your feet to leave them soft and beautiful, always.

By now, you know how to cure cracked heels using home remedies. So practice any of these above-mentioned 50 tips to treat cracked heels and make your feet sexy and beautiful naturally.

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