19 Beauty Benefits of Sandalwood Powder For Skin and How to Use Sandalwood Oil and Powder on Skin

Sandalwood Powder Uses and Benefits of Sandalwood Powder for Skin

19 Beauty Benefits of Sandalwood Powder For Skin and How to Use Sandalwood Oil and Powder on Skin
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There are many uses of Sandalwood for skin. Also called Chandan, you can use sandalwood powder for skin fairness. Gain benefits by applying sandalwood face pack on skin. It makes skin smooth and free of acne, scars and blemishes over time. Use sandalwood oil or powder regularly to get maximum benefits for skin. Read more to know how to use sandalwood for skin.

What is Sandalwood Powder?

It is a powder obtained from Sandalwood tree (Santalum album). To make sandalwood powder, you need to crush stick till it become minute. To make the crushing process easier, you can keep dropping some water on the stone sandalwood powder is being crushed on, to make a paste first and then evaporate all water from the paste to get fine sandal wood powder. It is also known as Chandan Powder in hindi.

How to Use Sandalwood Powder on Skin?

You can use sandalwood powder on skin in various ways. You can simply mix it with water to make a sandalwood paste or add other ingredients such as rose water, multani mitti, coconut oil or even milk to make sandalwood face pack for skin fairness. You can also get skin benefits from sandalwood oil purchased from the market.

But make sure to purchase purest oil only. 

In this article you will find 19 amazing beauty benefits of sandalwood powder and sandalwood oil for skin. All these uses of sandalwood are very safe and effective on the skin. Read on to know how to use sandalwood powder and oil in your beauty applications.

Benefits of Sandalwood Powder and Sandalwood Oil

1. Remove Blemishes: Apply sandalwood powder mixed with rose water all over your face. And let it dry for some time. Next, dampen the dry sandalwood face mask by spraying a little water over it. Then, rub gently to remove the mask. This face mask helps to cure all types of facial blemishes and it removes the prickly heat fast triggered by excessive sweating. This face mask has drying effects on the skin. If your skin is dry, then you can use milk in place of rose water.

2.  Skin Soothing: Take 4 spoons of sandalwood powder and coconut oil each with 2 spoons of almond oil. Apply this mix on your face and leave it for 15 minutes. Next, wash off with warm water. This chandan powder face mask has a softening effect on your skin; it helps in fading sunburn and helps in curing suntan, given the healing and soothing properties of sandalwood/chandan powder.

3. Acne Cure & Blackheads Removal: Mix one spoon of sandalwood powder, one spoon of turmeric powder and a pinch of camphor together. Apply this magical sandalwood paste on face overnight to get rid of acne, acne scars and blackheads. This home remedy works like a magic in reducing acne, acne scars and blackheads.

4. Fairer Complexion: Mix one spoon of almond powder and one spoon of sandalwood powder with milk. Apply it on face till it gets dried up. Wash face with water thereafter. Use this recipe of sandalwood powder to get skin fairness in short period of time. 

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5. Treat Psoriasis / Eczema: Mix sandalwood powder with little amount of camphor and water to make a solution. You can apply this solution on your slight burns, rashes and allergies. It can be used to treat skin diseases like psoriasis, psoriasis or eczema also.

6. Fades Scars and Correct Dark Spots: There is a type of sandalwood that is called raktachandan or red sandalwood. This is very helpful in improving the complexion and fading scars. Massage your skin with red sandalwood oil mixed with coconut oil, in upward direction and leave it on overnight. Gain benefits of sandalwood oil in lightening dark and brown spots and fading scars gradually with regular usage. 

7. Skin Softening: Sandalwood oil is a great skin softening agent. You can massage your face with sandalwood oil. You can also add sandalwood powder to your favorite massage oil and let it sit for 12 hours. You can buy sandalwood oil from the market also to massage your face.

8. Reduce Swelling: You can dab the mix of sandalwood powder, turmeric and lavender oil on the itchy swelling of an insect bite. This application gives immediate results in reducing the swelling. This mixture also works as an insect repellent.

9. Flawless Skin: You can apply sandalwood powder mixed with multani mitti (fuller's earth) and rose water on your face. This face mask helps in giving you a fair and flawless skin. This sandalwood face mask is also good for oily skin type.

10. Treat Suntan: Mix together cucumber juice, lemon juice, curd, honey, sandalwood powder and juice of a tomato or potato juice. Apply this mix on your face for getting flawless skin and curing suntan. 

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11. Fades Wrinkles: Take an egg yolk, honey/curd, sandalwood powder and lavender essential oil. Beat the egg and mix it with all ingredients to make a thick paste. This face mask is a great aid in warding off wrinkles and sagging skin.

12. Treating Dry and Patchy Skin: Sandalwood oil benefits in treating dry and patchy skin. Prepare a sandalwood face pack with 3 spoons of sandalwood oil, 3 spoons of milk powder and a spoon of rose water. Mix all ingredients well and apply on your face using your finger tips. 20 minutes later, wash off with cold water. Sandalwood oil and milk will drench your dry skin with much needed moisture and rose water will tone your skin to maintain the PH balance of your skin. Use this recipe every day for best results.

13. Remove Dark Circles: You can vanish dark circles with sandalwood powder easily. All you need to do is to mix 2 spoons of sandalwood powder with 2 spoons of rose water and smear it on your dark circles to remove them permanently.

14. Treat Oily Skin: Sandalwood benefits greatly if you have oily face. For this, rustle up a face mask with 2 spoons of sandalwood powder and 2 spoons of fuller's earth and 5-6 spoons of rose water. Slather this face mask on your face for 20 minutes and wash off with cold water. Use this home remedy daily to have an oil free, clear and radiant complexion.

15. Skin Tightening: Sandalwood oil is regarded as the best skin tightening oil. Massaging your face with sandalwood oil benefits your skin by evening out complexion and firms up sagging and loose skin. It rejuvenates your drooping skin to become tight and youthful. Sandalwood oil can be mixed with almond oil or olive oil or coconut oil or it can be used alone also to reap its benefits for skin tightening.

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16. Exfoliate Skin: You can prepare a skin exfoliating face pack by blending sandalwood powder and black chickpea powder in equal measures and mix some milk to this mixture to get a paste of thick consistency.  Apply this sandalwood paste on face for 30 minutes and rub off gently for 5 minutes to remove the mask. This amazing face scrub removes dead skin cells, dirt, pollutants from your skin to reveal a fresher and more radiant skin on the outside.

17. Skin Bleaching: You can add 3 spoons of orange juice to 2 spoons of sandalwood powder and apply on your face to bleach it naturally. This recipe is apt for oily and pimple prone skin.  In addition, this sandalwood face mask can get you rid of pimple marks, dark spots and other facial blemishes too if used daily.

18. Night Fairness Cream: Make fairness cream at home by mixing 2 spoons of sandalwood powder, 2 spoons of curd, 2 spoons of lemon juice and 2 spoons of aloe vera gel and mix all ingredients well to get a cream like tendency. Apply this cream at bed time and leave it overnight. This is a natural fairness night cream made using sandalwood powder that you can use daily to improve you skin tone.

19. Instant Skin Glow: Mix 2 spoons of raw milk or curd with 1 spoon of red sandalwood and 1/2 spoon of turmeric and apply on your skin.  15 minutes later, wash off with lukewarm water. Use this natural beauty tip twice a week to make your skin naturally glowing.

By now, you are aware of the best 19 beauty benefits of sandalwood powder and sandalwood oil. Now you know very well how to use sandalwood in your beauty applications. Try out these beauty uses of sandalwood or chandan in your beauty care regime right now and get set to explore your skin to the admiring eye. 

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