10 Benefits of Drinking Honey with Warm Water

Drink Honey With Warm Water to Gain These Benefits

10 Benefits of Drinking Honey with Warm Water
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Both honey and warm water are good for the body. And when taken in combination they give umpteen number of health benefits. One must take honey with warm water empty stomach in the morning. Let's know the 10 benefits of drinking honey mixing with warm water for our body.

Starting your day with a glass of warm water with one spoon of honey added to it is a great way to kickstart your day and energize you for the whole day. Honey is full of nutrients which detoxify and strengthen your digestive system. Drinking honey everyday with warm water gives your health a boost. You must know the benefits of drinking honey with warm water in the morning.

10 Benefits of Drinking Honey with Warm Water

1. It aids in weight loss

Not to forget; 100 grams of honey has 305 grams of calories but adding this to warm water can help in melting fat faster. Honey is a rich source of natural sugar such as fructose and glucose which can give your energy for the whole day.

Also, drinking honey with warm water can satiate your sweet tooth and prevent you from munching on sweet items in between meals. Honey flushes out harmful toxins and waste material from your body, that helps in healthy weight loss without losing any essential nutrients. Although it is not magic which will work overnight, but incorporating this drink coupled with exercise and healthy diet can double your weight loss results.

2. Improves your digestion

Drinking honey with warm water is recommended on empty stomach in the morning to keep your digestive system in good condition. In morning your digestive juices are better receptive to honey's nutrients and enzymes. Hot water will loosen the toxins that adhere to intestinal walls. It will lead to cleaner and protected stomach as well as intestines. It leads to better absorption of nutrients too. Honey is natural anti-biotic that fights the bacteria that cause infections in stomach.

3. Improves your immune system

Vitamins, amino acid and minerals found in honey can fight bacteria which trigger several ailments in body. It strengthens your immune system. Honey is natural anti-oxidant that fight the free radicals present in environment. Regular consumption of honey is very beneficial in improving the immunity of body but when it is taken with warm water, it's more beneficial. So make sure your drink a glass of warm water with one spoon of honey in the morning to keep many diseases at bay.

4. Removes bad odor from mouth and boost oral health

Anti-microbial properties of honey ward off bacteria residing in mouth which cause foul smell in the mouth. In addition, you can add lemon juice to honey because its acidity can cleanse your mouth and remove foul smell from mouth.

5. Gives your skin amazing glow

Honey is rich in skin friendly vitamins, minerals and amino acids which purify your blood and aid in formation of new blood cells. Moreover, as you learnt before honey is a natural laxative which helps in smooth removal of waste from your bowel and keeps your bowel clean. Strong digestive system and clean bowel means naturally glowing skin. So drink honey with warm water in the morning to enhance the glow on your skin. Drink this beverage daily and your will see results in just one month.

6. Honey will reduce cough, cold and allergies

Drinking honey with warm water is sure-shot remedy to drive away cold, cough, sore throat, tonsillitis and several allergies. You can add few leaves of tulsi and a little grated ginger to enhance its efficacy. Since centuries, honey and ginger had been used to treat common cold and allergies, So those prone to catching cold and cough too often, must drink this elixir in the morning for prevention of these infections.

7. Honey and lemon juice added to warm water detoxifies your system

Honey helps to detoxifies your body when it is added to lemon juice. Lemon juice optimizes the function of liver and it also helps in urination through which harmful toxins are eliminated from your body. Harmful toxins are the main cause of diseases in your body. Lemon is rich in citric acid which can maximize the enzyme function of honey and aid in full detoxification of your body.

8. Honey with warm water in the morning keeps your body energetic and hydrated for whole day

Drinking a lot of water in a day is not enough to keep your body hydrated and active. Instead you should add some healthy nutrients to water to make it healthier. Adding honey to water makes it more nutritious and it enhances your stamina too. Rich in fructose and glucose, honey provides healthy calories to body which is converted into energy. So take honey with lemon juice added to warm water keeps your body energetic and minimizes the risk of hydration in body.

9. Reduce the risk of heart disease

You can add 1/3 spoon of cinnamon powder to one glass of warm water with honey. It can regulate the functions of arteries and veins in your body. We know that honey reduces the cholesterol in body and cinnamon added to add can reduce the further risk of cardiovascular diseases in body. So those with high cholesterol problem should take honey, cinnamon with warm water in the morning to lower your cholesterol and minimize the risk of cardiovascular diseases. It is very effective in keeping your blood pressure normal if you take this drink on a regular basis.

10. Honey makes your skin acne free and flawless

As we know that honey is anti-microbial agent that is why honey is used as wound healer when applied on wound as overnight treatment. Honey face packs for acne are really helpful in getting rid of acne but taking honey and lemon with warm water detoxifies your system which results in removal of all impurities  from body. Lemon has citric acid that removes the excess oil and sebum from skin and flushes out free radicals from body and honey is natural anti-biotic agent which works wonders in quick healing of acne and acne scars.

So after learning about the best 10 benefits of drinking honey with warm water every morning, it is time to swap your calorie-laden coffee and tea in favour of this nutrients-dense beverage which provides umpteen benefit apart from  aidng in weight loss and energizing your body. Make it part of part of your daily diet and enjoy its numerous benefits.

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