55 tips for treating dark spots naturally using home remedies : Brown spots treatment and cure at home

Every girl's ultimate aim is to get perfectly clear, glowing and flawless skin, but dark spots make a dent in your skin's beauty and your self-confidence as well. But do not worry! This article has come up with 55 home remedies to treat dark spots the natural way in the comfort of your home. All these natural recipes are very effective and feather-light on your pocket. Here is listing out the best recipes for dark spots treatment at home.

 Dark spots are a common skin ailment experienced by almost all people, especially women. These tiny and ugly spots are a skin imperfection which can mar your appearance and your confidence as well, much to your embarrassment.   Dark spots are normally  triggered by excessive sun exposure, hormonal imbalance, pregnancy, childbirth, improper skin care regimen and much more. Market  is choc- a- bloc with lots of spot reduction treatments but all they can offer only short term fix and are so heavy on your pocket . So I urge all of you out there you to resort to natural remedies to fix this problem at no great cost. Here is presenting the top 55 tips for treating dark spots naturally at home.

 Read on to know how to cure brown spots/dark spots using home remedies. The sooner you start using measures to prevent dark spots, the better it will be for your skin.

 Home remedies for removing dark spots/ black spots at home

1. Scrub a slice of tomato on your face daily or apply tomato juice directly on your face. Leave it on for 20 minutes. Thereafter wash off with cold water and use this recipe daily to treat dark spots fast.

2. Scrub a slice of lemon on your face and keep it on your face for 20 minutes.This beauty tip is the best for curing brown spots on the face.

3. Apply cucumber juice on your face daily to keep your skin free of black spots and all sorts of facial blemishes.

4. Curd and honey mixed together helps to get  rid of dark spots very fast. Moreover, this beauty  recipe is very helpful in making your skin fair and spotless at home.

5. You can apply potato juice on your face or directly scrub a slice of potato on your face to fade dark spots on the face. Potato bleaches your skin to make it flawless and clear.

6.Honey mixed with tomato juice works wonders for treating black spots on the face.

7. Apply pure aloe vera gel on your face to remove dark/ black spots from the face.For greater efficacy, add vitamin E oil to aloe vere gel and then dab on your facial dark spots.

8. Massaging your face with coconut oil reduces dark spots on the face.

9. Add 2 spoons of sugar to 3 spoons of olive oil and scrub this exfoliating face pack on your face to lighten all types of facial imperfections including ugly black spots.

10. Apply the miraculous blend of mint and basil leaves paste for getting rid of dark spots.

11. Apply plain curd on your face to lighten your skin and brown spots too.

12. Apply the puree of raw papaya on your face since it contains papain,an enzyme well known for fading facial blemishes naturally.

13. Apply ripe papaya pulp on your face to reduce black spots of the face naturally. Moreover, this natural remedy helps bring instant glow and fairness on  the skin.

14. Apply pineapple juice on your face to keep your skin flawless and youthful.

15. Rice powder and lentil(masoor daal) scrub is an amazing homemade facial mask to get  rid of facial dark spots naturally.

16.Mix sandalwood powder with multani mitti and rose water and apply this natural face pack on your face daily to keep your skin oil-free and free of brown spots on the face.

17.  Grind betel leaves and coconut oil together in a grinder and apply on your face affected with dark spots.

18. Blend orange juice and lemon juice in equal measure and apply on your face.

19. Boil fenugreek in water and wash off your face with this water to reduce appearance of dark spots.

20. Mix glycerin ,rose water and lemon juice together and leave this homemade facial mask on your face overnight.

21. Mix glycerin, rose water and sandalwood powder to apply on  dark spots caused by pimples.

22. Multani mitti(fuller's earth), lemon juice and rose water blend is a great homemade facial mask to get rid of dark spots the natural way.

23. Take one spoon of barley flour, 2 spoons of carrot juice, 2 spoons of almond oil and two spoons of orange juice and dab on dark spots to cure them naturally at home.

24. One spoon of barley flour,   2 spoons of honey and one spoon of curd; apply on your face. This homemade facial mask is a great help in removing dark or brown spots from the skin easily.

25.Mix  mustard oil with one spoon of milk cream and then apply on your face..

26. One spoon of  honey, one spoon of almond oil, and one spoon of lemon juice  mixture is a great cure for dark spots.

27. Soak up almonds in milk overnight and next morning grind them mixed with milk and a pinch of saffron. Apply this skin-nourishing mask on your face for 20 minutes on face. This fairness face mask helps a lot in fading black and brown spots of the face.

28.  Massage your face daily olive oil and lemon juice mix to remove all sort of facial marks. Best  home remedy to be followed at night.

29. Boil tamarind in water and extract its juice or just apply tamarind pulp on your skin to get freedom from dark spots.

30.  Dry up orange peels in the sun and grind them to fine powder.  Mix orange peel powder with curd to apply on your face for 20 minutes. Very effective home remedy for getting flawless and oil-free skin.

31. Apply buttermilk to your skin and get set to banish dark spots all the way.

32. Scrub banana peels to your skin affected with dark spots. You can even grind banana peels in a grinder and use this preparation on brown spots of the face.

33.Gram flour, turmeric and milk face pack is the best homemade beauty tip to get clear and spotless skin which prevents dark spots.

34. Apply a little amount  apple cider vinegar on your dark spots and leave it on overnight.

35. Soak up bread in milk overnight and scrub this concoction on your face using  fingertips and get rid of black spots fast.

36.Mix lemon juice to strawberry pulp and apply on your face, neck and nose for 20 minutes.

37.  Grind cinnamon and honey and dab on  dark spots daily for 20 minutes. Best homely beauty tip for treating pimples, age spots, dark spots and pimple marks fast.

38 Grind lentil and.sandalwood powder to make a skin-whitening facial mask at home. Spread this over your face and overnight on your  face. Follow this home remedy daily and you will see result in 10 days.

39.Applying beetroot juice helps in treating dark spots effectively.

40.Rose water, mint juice, multani mitti and sandalwood powder mixed together makes for a good dark spot treatment for your skin.

41. Run papaya peels on your face and leave it on for 20 minutes and wash off with cold water.

42. Scrub an orange on your face and wash off after 20 minutes to get rid of dark and brown spots naturally.

43. Grind guava leaves and apply the resultant mix on your face to treat liver  spots and dark spots naturally at home.

44. Neem leaves when applied topically on the affected area  cures your skin's dark and brown  spots.

45. Add a pinch of saffron to a spoon of honey and apply on your black marks.

46. Dry up basil, mint, neem leaves and grind them to make a fine paste; add turmeric, rose water to this mix. Your dark-spots treatment mask is ready for you.

47.Mix together, parsley, lemon juice, red carrot juice and apply to the affected area on a regular basis.

48. Paste of turmeric and holy basil is great cure for fading dark spots from the face.

49. Turmeric and orange juice makes for an another effective cure for dark spots treatment.

50. Oatmeal powder, few spoons of yogurt, one spoon of lemon juice and tomato juice is an another very effective home remedy for removing black and brown spots from the face.

51. Cucumber juice mixed with curd is good toner for your skin which irons out all sorts of spots on the face.

52.  Mix onion juice and apple cider vinegar in equal measure and dab on your dark spots directly. Let this mask to  dry for 30 minutes and thereafter wash it off with cold water. Repeat this process on a regular basis to see any satisfying results in 6 weeks.

53. Grind fresh parsley and add lime juice and turmeric to this mix. Apply on your face prior to applying your regular day cream on your face.

54. Mash 1/4 cup of unripe currants and mix with one spoon of honey. Next, apply on your brown spots and freckles for 30 minutes.

55.Mix equal amount of lemon juice, parsley juice, currant juice and orange juice and dab on dark and brown spots.

By now, you are aware of the best 55 tips for treating dark spots naturally at home. Go try these beauty tips right now and get set to bid farewell to dark spots.

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