81 tips for removing facial blemishes using Homemade facial masks

Blemishes spoil the appearance of face, needless to say. But we have to admit we all face the spectre of blemishes at some point of life or other. Blemishes mean all sorts of facial imperfections such as pigmentation marks, dark spots, acne scars, age spots, freckles, etc. Here is presenting the 81 best recipes of home-made facial masks to treat blemishes naturally at home.

 No make up can beat the charm of flawless and spotless skin's beauty. But there is no denying the fact that very few of us have that immaculate and perfect skin. Fret not! This article is offering 81 home remedies to cure facial blemishes naturally.

Natural remedies to cure facial blemishes/marks like pigmentation marks, dark spots and acne marks on the face

 1. Rub the slice of potato on your blemishes or you can dab potato juice on your skin to fade blemishes like dark spots and pigmentation marks naturally.

2. Scrub a  slice of lemon on your face to lighten dark spots, hyper-pigmentation marks naturally.

3. Cinnamon powder and honey makes for a nice blemish cure face mask which lightens all sorts of blemishes like pimple and pimple marks too.


Grind jaiphal(nutmeg) in milk and smear the resultant paste all over your blemishes to remove then fast. This beauty tip lightens your skin skin tone too.

5. Sandalwood powder and raw milk mask helps in lightening your skin as well as removing blemishes.

6. Almond oil and lemon juice mix helps to cure blemishes naturally. Use this beauty tip at bedtime.

7. Lemon juice when mixed with honey lightens skin discolouration to fade all types of facial blemishes.

8. Apply mint juice all over your blemishes to cure them naturally. For best results use this herbal remedy everyday.

9.  Mix 2 spoons of milk powder,  one spoon of honey,  2 spoons of lemon juice and  few drops of almond oil for preparing a blemish treatment mask for curing blemishes.

10. Apply the ground carrots and honey mixed together on your blemishes. This beauty tip is very effective in treating wrinkles and fine lines too.

11. Soak up few almonds in milk and grind them in the morning and apply this mixture on face to lighten blemishes and your complexion.

12. Oatmeal powder, yogurt, lemon juice and tomato juice mixture makes for a good exfoliating mask for curing pigmentation marks.

13. Grind lentil and and sunflower seeds in a grinder to a fine powder and add some mustard oil to this mixture and apply on your scars to treat then fast.

 14. Add few drops of lemon juice to turmeric and apply all over your face and neck. This ayurvedic recipe helps to fade toughest sun tan too.

15. Lemon juice, glycerine and rose water mix works well for fading dark spots and acne scars.

16.  Use sun-dried orange peel powder to  blend with curd and dab on your facial blemishes.

17. Use sun-dried lemon peel powder mixed with raw milk to cure blemishes naturally.

18. Combine lemon juice with cucumber juice and slather this mix on your face. Beauty tip for oily skin.

19.  Grind freshly plucked basil leaves with lemon juice and smear on pimple and pimple marks to treat them naturally. This herbal remedy heals painful pimple.

20. Add few spoons of  baking soda to warm water and rub clean your face with this solution.

21. Sandalwood powder and(fuller's earth) multani mitti,  rose water combined together makes a good clarifying mask for oily skin.

22. Apply aloe vera gel on your blemishes to remove them and for greater efficacy mix vitamin E oil to aloe vera gel. This preparation fades all blemishes including stretch marks, dark spots, acne scars, freckle and pigmentation marks completely.

23. Mint juice and lime juice helps heal facial blemishes naturally. Good recipe for oily skin.

24. Tomato juice and honey mixture makes your skin flawless and glowing.

25. Grind 2-3 henna leaves and half spoon of turmeric together and apply on your face.

26. Grind basil leaves, mint leaves and neem leaves in a grinder to make a acne-treatment facial mask at home.

27. Combine  multani mitti, potato juice and lemon juice in a bowl and spread this homemade facial mask evenly over your face.

28.  Add few drops of lemon juice to malai and rub gently on your skin. Try this kitchen and homely remedy on dry skin.

29. Milk and lemon juice mix is considered to be best for fading scars naturally at home.

30. Boil cumin seeds in water and dab this mixture on face. Your marks will start becoming less noticeable.

31. Apply buttermilk all over your face to make it blemish free.

32. Grind betel leaves with coconut oil and apply this preparation on your face.

33. Apply honey with 2 strands of saffron added to it. This beauty tip is good for removing black spots on the face.

34. Potato juice and lemon juice mixture helps lighten all sort of blemishes on your face.

35. Tomato and potato juice both vegetables mixed in equal amount helps blemishes on the face to fade away naturally.

36.  Mix honey to thick curd on apply on your face to remove all sort of blemishes on your face.

37. Apply plan curd all over face to lighten your skin and skin imperfections.

38.  Apply olive oil and lemon juice mask at bedtime to make your skin blemish-free and spotless.

39. Application of banana helps in fading age spots and pigmentation marks. A fruit facial for fair and glowing skin.

40. Sandalwood and mint leaves mix helps to treat pimple marks very effectively.

41. Scrub your face with olive oil and sugar  exfoliating mask till sugar dissolves well and see how fast this recipe gives results in lightening facial marks.

42. Grind raw papaya in a mixer and apply this potent mix on your face to fade blemishes.

43. Soak up massor dal(lentil) in water overnight and grind this in the morning and mix this with sandalwood powder and apply on your face.

 44. Massage your face with coconut oil at bedtime to make it clear, beautiful and problem-free.

45. Blend apple cider vinegar with onion juice and dab on the affected area.

46. Rinse your face everyday with water and vinegar mixed in equal measure to keep it oil-free and clear.

47. Mix one spoon of vinegar to mashed strawberry and apply on your face to get rid of blemishes naturally.

48. Barley flour , curd and honey makes for an anti-blemish mask to get rid of blemishes.

49. Dab on coconut water for removing acne scars and chicken pox marks.

50.Lemon juice and papaya juice mix works well to cure facial blemishes naturally.

51. Application of egg white lightens blemishes like acne scars and age-spots.

52. Grind 3 spoons of mustard seeds with half spoon of honey,  2 spoons of multani mitti and milk and smear this paste on your face to cure pigmentation marks.

53.  Blend 2 spoons of tomato juice and half spoon of basil juice and half spoon of coriander juice and apply this blend with the help of cotton pad. This ayurvedic remedy is helpful in making your skin clear and flawless.

54. Mix orange peel powder with almond powder and milk and apply this skin nourishing mask on your face. Good recipe for dry skin types.

55.Mix few drops of lemon juice with castor oil and apply on your face.  Good for dark spots corrections.

56. Besan(gram flour) and buttermilk mixture cure all sorts of facial blemishes and make your skin fair and oil-free.

57. Mix jaiphal with sandalwood powder and apply on your facial marks.

58. Grind pomegranate peels with milk and spread this mixture on your face and neck to get rid of pigmentation marks.

59. Make a facial mask at home with 2 spoons of carrot juice,  2 spoons of fuller's earth, 2 spoons of lemon juice and 3 spoons of  orange juice and apply on your face.

60. Grind masoor dal with banyan leaves and dab on pigmentation marks.

61 Grind coconut past with basil leaves and use on your face topically.

62.  Mix cucumber juice, turmeric and lemon juice facial mask for  fading dark spots. A natural skin-bleaching facial mask for you.

63.  Ground poppy seeds, sandalwood paste and cucumber juice makes for a clear skin mask for your skin.

64. Multani mitti with egg white makes for a nice blemish cure for your skin. Good beauty tip for mature skin.

65. Multani mitti with orange juice cures toughest of tan on the skin. Good for oily skin.

66 . Grind barley with milk and apply on your face to make facial blemishes less prominent.

67. Mix potato juice and mint juice and apply on your face.

68. Prepare a blemish cure mask with potato juice and milk and few drops of sandalwood oil.

69. Mix papaya pulp and aloe vera gel and apply on your face to get rid of spots.

70. Mix banana pulp and lemon juice together and slather this on your face. A fruity recipe for a clear and problem-free skin..

71. Mix strawberry with milk and spread over your face to fade away facial marks naturally.

72.  Rub a slice of pineapple over your scars to lighten them.

73.   Radish juice with gram flour  and buttermilk makes for a fine face pack for scar removal.

74.  Apply reetha(soap-nut) mixed with water on your facial marks.

75.   Add a pinch of salt to milk and rub clean your face with this solution to clear spots on the face.

76. Crush almonds coarsely and mix with honey and use this mix to exfoliate your face.

77.   Raw milk, honey and lemon juice mix makes for a nice anti-blemish facial mask you can prepare at home.

78.    Add salt to mustard oil and massage your face, hands and legs and whole body with this solution.

79.    Rice flour, lemon juice and milk mixture helps to fade spots by removing dead skin cells and dull skin.

80.   Apply watermelon juice over your facial marks to reduce them naturally at home.

81.  Grind watermelon seeds with massor dal spread this mix  on all sorts of blemishes.

 By now, you are familiar with the 81 best home remedies to remove facial blemishes at home. Use these beauty tips right now and get set to bid adieu to all sort of skin imperfections right now.

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