5 Best Ways to Get Vitamin D

Know 5 Best Ways to get Vitamin D

5 Best Ways to Get Vitamin D
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Vitamin D is fat soluble vitamin that you can have from different ways. Only condition is you know the right way. There are around 5 right and best ways of getting vitamin D. For example, one way to get vitamin D is sunlight, other is through fish. Third is vitamin D supplements. Like that there are around two more ways. Lets discuss each of them in detail.

Vitamin D is that vitamin which is mainly known for its attribution in bone health. But, it has attribution in other body functions too. It helps in repair of old skin cells. It also helps in development of new skin cells. It helps in formation of immune system cells. It also guard against premature aging.

It also treats psoriasis. It heals skin wounds rapidly. It makes teeth strong. It makes your nails shiny and prevents their brittleness. It prevents skin cancer. 

Vitamin D you can also have from egg yolk. Another way you can have vitamin D is from cod liver oil. Cod liver oil not only contains vitamin D, it has other benefits too.

Know 5 best ways to get vitamin D in detail-

1) Sunlight-

Sitting in sunlight exposure is one of the best way to get vitamin D. But, that does not mean sit whole day in sunlight exposure. You just need to sit in sunlight exposure in mid of day.

  • Only 25 to 30 minutes midday sun exposure is enough to synthesize vitamin D, if you are dark skinned person.
  • Whereas, if you are light skinned person, then you need just 10 to 15 minutes midday sun exposure. So, synthesizes of vitamin D from sunlight varies according to skin type of a person. 

2) Fish consumption in winter-

Fish consumption is another best way to get vitamin D. Fish consumption will give you omega 3 fatty acids along with vitamin D. Omega 3 fatty acids are good for health, just like vitamin D. 

Which fish gives you vitamin D?

Name of fish which give vitamin D on consumption are-

  • Salmon 
  • Tuna

3 Things need to be taken care while consuming fish-

  • One is consume fish in winter to have vitamin D from it. Its consumption in summer will cause piles. Whereas in winter its consumption will benefit you. 
  • Second condition is whenever you consume fish in winter consume it with radish salad. That will prevent constipation from consuming fish and also helps in its digestion.
  • Third thing is consume fish only once a week in winter only. Not more than that and not at all in summer. Fish is good in winter that doesn’t mean consume it in excess. Because excess of it cause harms. Just consume right amount once a week in winter. Right amount is 2 to 3 small finger size pieces of fish, not more than that.

3) Vitamin D supplements-

You can also have vitamin D from consumption of vitamin D supplements. But, consume them only, if you have deficiency of vitamin D. Because consuming them without deficiency, will cause over dosage of vitamin D. That results in over dosage symptoms. Vitamin D supplements are available in market, in both syrup as well as in tablet and capsule form according to age.

4) Egg yolks-

You can also have vitamin D from consumption of egg yolks. One egg yolk contains 40 IU of vitamin D. But, it also contains 200 milligrams of cholesterol. Normally, a human body needs only 300 milligrams of cholesterol per day. Therefore, consume only one and half egg yolk of brown egg in a day to have vitamin D, not more than that. Because, more than that will increase your cholesterol level along with enriching with vitamin D. Therefore, consume one and half of an egg to have vitamin D cholesterol in normal required limit. 

5) Cod liver oil-

Consumption of cod liver oil also enrich you with vitamin D. If you don’t get cod liver oil available in your nearby market, then don’t worry. Because it is also available in capsule form in your nearby chemist shop. Normal allowed limit of cod liver oil is 600 IU per day. 1 tablespoon of cod liver oil contains 1300 IU of vitamin D. Therefore consume only half of tablespoon. Capsules are more accurate measurements wise than tablespoon. Do not consume more than 600 IU per day because that will cause over dosage symptoms. 


Whatever best way you choose to consume vitamin D out of above best ways, do not over do them. Because over-dosage will lead to over consumption. Over consumption of vitamin D will lead to over dosage toxic symptoms which requires medication. Vitamin D also controls your hormone levels. Over dosage of vitamin D will imbalance your hormone levels.

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A good write-up and a very good initiative indeed. Most of the people these days believe that the only source of vitamin D left is in the pills that they are required to take. A article highlights the natural ways of getting Vitamin D is indeed very useful.


Good information to increase my intake of Vitamin D! It's something we all need to read and know, to obtain better health and stronger bones:)


Quite a big thank you, to you, doctor. These are the top tips I can get for free from a doctor... hahaha... I am going to try out a few of them. I know you have a good flair for writing and it'll help me :D