100 Fairness Tips: How to Get Fair Skin Naturally Using Home Remedies & Natural Remedies

100 Fairness Tips to Get Fair Skin Naturally

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You do not need expensive fairness treatments to become fair, instead, you can rely on natural remedies to lighten your skin tone and improve your skin's texture. All these home remedies are very effective and wallet-friendly. You can try any of these 100 tips for getting fair skin naturally.

No doubt, fair skin adds charm to your beauty that is why fair skin is desired by almost all women, especially in Asian countries. Cosmetic market boasts of many fairness treatments to give you fair skin within very short span of time. But all the fairness treatments you try on the skin can be harmful on your skin and are very costly too. So returning to nature is the best option for saving your cash and your delicate skin too. Here is giving you a low down on the best 100 tips to get fair skin naturally at home right from your kitchen shelf. Although there are several home remedies to get fairer skin tone naturally but there are few tips you must follow so that these home remedies work best on your skin.

Let us learn how to get fair skin naturally.

Slather your skin with sunscreen

No need to say that  all the natural tips that you follow will amount to nothing if you do not use sunscreen on your face with at least SPF 15 at home and SPF 30 when you head outdoors. So slathering sunscreen on the skin is the most important beauty ritual to protect your skin against harmful UV rays and retain fair complexion.

Take blood purifier to improve your complexion

Almost every woman in her life buys blood purifier to get rid of skin related issues like pimples, blemishes, scars or some gynaecological issues. Blood purifier keeps your digestion in proper order and aids in making your liver healthy. It helps to keep your bowel clean and  also helps in weight control  by buzzing up your metabolism. There are many blood purifier available in market like safi, surakta from Baidyanath, Lalima from Zandu and mahamanjistha kwath from Patanajali. Before using any of them you must consult your doctor to ascertain whether you are allergic to  any of these ingredients in these products. If you do not want to take any medicine to purify your blood, then you can take bitter gourd juice or neem(margosa leaves) leaves to purify your blood. You can take few neem leaves with  a pinch of turmeric and grind them with help of little water and take this mixture daily on empty stomach to purify your blood from the inside out.  This concoction will make sure your digestive system works in proper condition that leads to fairer, healthy and flawless complexion on the outside. 

Take detoxifying drink to flush out toxins from your body 

Some impurities in your system also lead to hide the natural radiance of your skin. So flushing out toxins from your body will minimize eruptions, break outs, blemishes resulting into flawless and radiant complexion. You can take  one spoon of lemon juice, one spoon of  honey in a glass of warm water on empty stomach or you can take amla(Indian gooseberry) or aloe vera juice in the morning to detoxify your system.

Take spinach juice daily to make your complexion fairer naturally

Spinach is rich in iron, vitamin A and C, K.  Iron cures anaemia, the main cause of pale complexion and vitamin A in spinach improves your natural color. Vitamin K aids in making your complexion clear and  vitamin C helps in healthy growth of new skin cells. So if want to get pinkish glow and fair skin, so drink spinach juice daily without fail. Not only this, drinking spinach juice will also get you rid of acne and pimples for good and impart a clearer and spotless skin. Apart from spinach juice, you can drink orange juice or coconut water daily to improve your skin tone.

Tips on How to Get Fair Skin At Home Naturally

1.  Either scrub half a lemon over your face and neck or dab lemon juice on your face. Leave it on for 30 minutes thereafter it can be washed off cold water. This home remedy helps to lighten your skin tone dramatically.  Rich in AHA's and BHA's, lemon helps clear discoloration of skin , blackheads, acne and dead cells to reveal a fairer skin on the outside. Lemon is a natural bleaching agent which helps to make your skin fair and spotless.

2. Application of curd helps to improve your complexion fast. Curd, rich in lactic acid, is very effective skin-whitening agent which imparts glow and softness to your skin naturally. Furthermore, If you use curd on a regular basis, it helps to shield your skin against harmful sun rays and it makes your skin flawless too.

3. Do face clean up twice a day and follow it with toner and moisturizer. This beauty ritual is a must to remove dirt and pollutants from the outer surface skin to retain fair and healthy looking skin. While blood purifier and detoxifying drinks will get rid of impurities inside your skin, your skin also needs proper CTM( cleansing, toning moisturizing) routine to get bright, fairer, pinkish complexion outside

4. Blend cucumber juice, lemon juice and rose water together and apply on your skin for 20 minutes. Wash out with cold water. This home remedy helps to lighten and brighten your skin tone. 

5. Make a face pack at home mixing calamine powder, poppy seeds, papaya pulp and almonds and blend them all to make an excellent skin-whitening facial scrub at home. Rub gently to scrub out the dead skin layer to exfoliate your skin. Use this homemade face pack twice a week to get fair and glowing skin.

6. Mix honey with lentil and a pinch of turmeric and apply this nourishing mix on your face, neck and body. Use it daily to see results in 15 days.

7. Dip a cotton pad in milk and apply all over your face and body. Milk, abundant in lactic acid, is helpful in whitening your skin significantly. Try this recipe for making your hands and legs fairer.

8. Whip up a face pack at home mixing rose water, glycerin and lemon juice;  apply it on your face and neck. Leave it overnight and you will get soft and charming complexion naturally.

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9. Mix together barley flour, egg yolk, curd and rose water. Smear this amazing skin-whitening fairness mask on your face for 20 minutes. Then wash off with cold water and see how complexions blooms like a rose if used regularly.

10. You can grind Bengal gram (chana daal) and masoor daal coarsely in mixer and add (fuller's earth) multani mitti to this mix. To this, add a pinch of turmeric and papaya pulp, then apply it on your face. Spread this mixture throughout your skin and let it stay for 20 minutes. Rub gently to remove this mask. This natural homemade fairness face pack brings amazing result in making your skin fair and glowing.

11. Apply potato juice on your face to make your complexion fair and flawless. Potato is rich in vitamin A, B1, B2, betacarotene, magnesium, phosphorus and other skin friendly vitamins to make your skin fairer and radiant.

12 . Urad daal (black gram) when mixed together with almond oil and rose water, makes for an excellent homemade facial mask to make your skin fair and glowing. Urad has protein and minerals that give glowing skin.

13. Mix lemon juice and honey in equal amount and apply on your face. Lemon is  natural bleaching agent which makes your skin fairer and spotless and honey is a natural moisturizer with anti-oxidants and anti-bacterial properties. First wash your face with lukewarm water and then pat dry  with towel. Then apply this honey and lemon fairness mask to lighten your skin tone.

14. Rustle up a fairness face pack at home using egg white, half a spoon of honey, half a spoon of carrot juice and half a spoon of kaolin powder. Apply this facial mask to your clean face and wash off with water and pat dry.

15. Apply aloe vera gel on your face to become fair naturally. Aloe vera is naturally rich in natural anti-oxidants that benefit your skin's health dramatically. Use fresh aloe vera gel extracted from aloe vera leaves to get best results. You can burst vitamin E capsules and add the content of capsules to aloe vera gel to enhance the efficacy of aloe vera gel.

16. Scrub tomato pulp or tomato juice on your face to get fair skin fast. This beauty tip is best suited to oily skin with open pores. Because tomato contains lycopene, which helps to remove tan and darkness from your skin and regular usage of tomato will remove dead cells from the skin gradually. The result:fair, spotless and oil-free complexion.

17. Honey helps to make your complexion fair and bright. Just apply pure honey all over your face and wash off after 20 minutes. The anti-bacterial properties of honey helps to soothe inflammation and shield your skin against germs and environmental pollutants. Application of honey opens and unclogs pores to let your skin breathe resulting in fairer and more radiant skin.  This recipe is best for dry skin.

18. Add honey to tomato juice and apply on your skin to make your skin fair and smooth.

19. Mix honey with curd and apply on skin. Let it stay for 20 minutes and wash off with cold water. This home remedy helps to make your complexion fair and glowing with regular use.

20. Mash a banana and mix it with raw milk and apply this nourishing mix on your face. This recipe brings instant glow to your lackluster face. Banana is rich in vitamin A, B complex, C, E and minerals like calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc. It even helps in building skin firming protein, collagen. Try this fairness treatment as a pre-party glow facial.

21. Add 2-3 strands of saffron/kesar to milk and apply to your face, neck and hands. Saffron is rich in vitamins and some pigments which heal discoloration of skin and dark patches. Saffron attacks the melanin content of skin layer to make it lighter. This recipe is good for boys too as it takes less time and effort.

22. Milk cream, saffron and a pinch of turmeric makes a good skin-lightening face mask for getting fair and soft. Saffron is a skin lightening spice which can cure pigmentation marks and dark spots. Milk cream is rich in several vitamins and minerals. Not only this, milk cream is natural moisturizer with fat and protein in it which helps in formation of new cells. And turmeric is effective in removing tan from your skin. All these ingredients mixed together make for a potent homemade fairness mask for you.

23. Blend lemon juice, honey and turmeric together to make a skin-whitening mask quickly at home.

24. Soak up few almonds in raw milk overnight and grind them in the morning. Almonds are highly saturated with skin friendly vitamin, E and some potential anti-oxidants that help to nourish and even out your skin. This home remedy helps to make your skin fairer, supple and youthful fast.  This recipe is best for dry skin..

25. You can prepare a face mask at home which your can use regularly. Add curd to gram flour and a pinch of turmeric and use it daily. This hassle free recipe can be tried by teenager girls. Good for normal and combination skin.

26. Massage your face with olive oil or almond oil and add few strands of saffron to any of these oil.  Both oils are nice emollients that nourish and pamper your skin excellently. This home remedy is best for small babies for making their complexion fairer. Give it a shot.

27. Boil cumin-seeds in water and rinse your face with this water to lighten your skin tone. This recipe can be tried by men also as it takes very less time. Vitamin B complex, C and E present in cumin seeds, all work in unison to make your skin bright and fair.

28. Grind mango peels with milk and apply on your face to get brilliant skin-whitening results. Mango contains photonutrients and antioxidants that benefit your skin to make it whiter and spotless.

29. Blend egg white and corn flour to make a natural skin-lightening fairness pack.

30. Take 2 spoons  orange juice and one spoon of milk and mix them to apply on your face.

31. Take orange peels and have them dried in the sun. Afterwards, blend orange peel powder with curd. Apply this mixture to exfoliate your face that results in making your skin clear and fair. You can use this facial mask daily.

32. Grind half a teaspoon of cinnamon and two spoon of honey together to prepare a homemade fairness facial mask at home. Cinnamon has anti-microbial properties that purify your blood to give you clear complexion and honey is natural humectant which hydrates and nurtures your skin.

33. Mix papaya, honey and milk in equal amount and apply on your face daily to get fair skin all over. Additionally this face mask gives instantly glowing skin.

34. Add 3 spoons of sugar to 2 spoons of baby oil and massage it on your skin till sugar melts completely. Use this natural remedy if you have dark elbow and knee. Use this recipe if you want to flaunt fair body. Sugar acts as an exfoliatig scrub to remove dead skin cells and baby oil moisturizes your skin.

35. Grind bread crumbs with malai and rub this mixture all over your face. You can try this recipe on small babies also to improve their complexion and skin texture.

36. Try the mixture of honey and milk on your face to lighten your skin-tone significantly. This tip works best for dry skin.

37. The mixture of curd, turmeric and lemon juice is great for making your skin fairer.

38. Apply corn flour with cucumber juice on the face to make it fair and glowing. Corn flour is rich in protein that boosts collagen formation and vitamin A in corn flour  corrects discoloration of skin and cucumber juice is a natural skin whitening agent that lighens and evens out skin.

39. Mix oatmeal powder with corn flour to apply on your face. Grainy texture of oatmeal scrubs away dark and dull skin whereas vitamin A in cornflour cures brown spots, sun spots and dark patches. Both natural ingrediets work togheter to lighen your skin tone.

40. Boil cabbage in water and wash your face with this water to whiten and brighten your face.

41 Prepare a face mask mixing potato, banana, honey and Bergamot essential oil and apply on your face. It helps to remove pigmentation marks from the face and lightens your skin as well.

42. Steam your face mixing mint leaves, lavender, peppermint or chamomile in 2 cups of water. It clears all the dirt deposits caked up on the skin and its pores..

43. Potato and lemon juice mix is a great aid in making your skin fair and flawless. Both are excellent agent in removing dicoloration fo skin.

44. Cucumber juice and lemon juice mix is good home remedy to make your skin fair and glowing.

45. Those with oily skin can benefits immensely from the recipe of tomato juice and lemon juice mix. Men can try this recipe post shaving for best results.

46. Try this natural  and herbal fairness treatment - mix milk, cucumber juice, coconut oil together to apply on your face.Your skin will get a new bliss of life after using this fairness treatment.

47. Add 250 gm of milk powder and half a cup of almond oil to your bath water. Soak your body in the  nourishing and enriching bath of fairness treatment. You will feel fresh and clean post taking shower. This recipe helps you become fair.

48. Apply sandalwood powder on skin mixing with milk to cure suntan and make your skin fair.

49. Add a pinch of turmeric to orange juice to dab on your face. This home remedy works well to cure sun burn and makes skin fair.

50.  Add milk cream to walnut powder and lemon and honey. Rich source of good fats, protein and anti-oxidants, walnut mixed with other skin lightening ingredients works wonders. Use this concoction to exfoliate your face,  thus, bringing out a truly fresh and radiant skin on the outside.

51. You must try this natural fairness treatment you can do at home- take raw milk, almond powder, barley flour, honey and a pinch of turmeric. Whip all ingredients well to prepare a mask of thickconsistency. Apply this skin-lightening face pack all over your face and neck evenly for 20 minutes. Then wash out with water. This home remedy can do wonders for your skin and gives a parlor like effects on your skin.

52. Mix one spoon of carrot juice, 2 almonds, and one spoon of orange juice and apply on the face. This homemade fairness face mask helps to clear all types of facial blemishes apart from making your skin fair and beautiful.

53. Mix coconut milk and honey together and apply this potent mix on the skin to improve your complexion. Coconut milk is a rich source of vitamin C, B1, B3 and B5 and vitamin E to benefit your skin.

54. Apply the left-over dosa batter on your face to make it fair. Rice in dosa batter tightens the skin and pulse in the batter exfoliates your skin to make it fairer and sparkling.

55. Blend one medium size carrot and mash it completely. Then add pulp of an avocado, one spoon of milk cream, one spoon of honey and one egg. Mix all ingredients well and apply on your face for 15 minutes. Then wash off with cold water.

56. Crush few basil leaves and mix this with one spoon of sandalwood powder and lemon juice and apply this on face. Wash off after one hour.  Ursolic acid in basil tones your skin and clears the excess oil from skin resulting into fairer and more radiant skin.

57. Blend lemon juice with honey and walnut powder and apply on your face. This homemade fairness pack exfoliates your skin to bring out fresh and fair skin on the outer surface.

58. You can boil orange peels in water and use this water to tone your skin. Orange peels toner works excellent to make your skin fairer and fresher. Working women can try this easy to follow home remedy.

59. Applying egg white on the face also improves your complexion. Vitamin A in egg smoothens out wrinkles and fine lines to reveal fair and youthful skin.

60. Mix barley flour with milk and apply on your face. Barley contains photonutrients and anti-oxidants that protect your skin against harmful free radicals and milk is a natural skin whitener.

61 Combine  fuller's earth with orange peel powder and milk cream together; use this fairness mask on your face to get beautiful skin instantly. Use this natural fairness face pack thrice a week and see visible results in just 2 weeks. Multani mitti has lime, alumina, iron peroxide that lighten your skin tone naturally and vitamin C rich orange peels whiten your skin and milk is a natural bleach.

62. Mix two spoons of barley flour, 2 spoons of almond powder, 2 spoon of carrot juice and rose water, then apply this on your skin to see magical fairness just in 15 days.

63. The potent blend of multani mitti with rose water and sandalwood powder, if used on your face regularly,  gives fair skin and flawless skin naturally.

64. Try cucumber juice and honey mix for making your skin fairer and radiant. This beauty tip is good for dry skin.

65.  Use lemon and mint juice mix for getting fair and clear complexion. Furthermore, this natural remedy helps you get rid of  persistent acne and all sorts of fungal  infections as well.

66. You can apply the mixture of cucumber and lemon juice for making your oily skin fair and charming.

67. Apply pine apple juice on the face. Try this! It helps in making your skin youthful and fair. Pineapple is packedwith  anti-inflammatory enzyme, bromelain that boosts the power of vitamin C that whitens your skin.

68. Washing your face with coconut water improve your complexion. Boys can try this easy to follow recipe. Moreover, this natural remedy helps remove acne marks and chicken-pox scars too. Not only this coconut water is rich cytokinin and natural antioxidants that keep wrinkles away.

69. Mix olive oil with sugar and rub on your skin till sugar granules melt completely. This recipe helps clear deep-seated grime and dead cells from the skin to reveal fairer and clearer skin.

70. Cucumber pulp and curd mix helps whiten your skin tone as well as giving a brilliant shine to your skin.

71. Apply papaya pulp  on your face to get fairness and glow like never before. Papain, an engyme preneset in papaya whites your skin. Raw papaya also works wonders on pigmented skin.

72. Drink milk with a pinch of saffron add to it, it improves complexion. It is considered that pregnant women should drink milk with a pinch of saffron add to it. It is assumed that it can make your unborn baby fair.

73. Liquorice mixed with honey is a good home remedy for getting fair and glowing skin.

74. Mix lentil powder with rice powder and apply on your face. Try to rub gently while removing the mask. This natural remedy is very good for teenager girls.

75. The amazing blend of watermelon and papaya is good for oil skin. Try this home remedy for getting fair skin naturally at home. Watermelon is a natural skin tonic with 90 percent of water and full of anti-oxidants and natural sugar to boost skin's health and color. Papaya is a well-known skin lightening agent.

76. Sparing rose water on the face enhances your complexion.  Rose water keeps the natural PH balance of skin in control. Try this rosy beauty tip any time of the day.

77. Massage coconut oil on your face to make the skin fair and glowing. This recipe is good for dry skin because coconut oil is loaded with good fats that hydrate your skin and it has ability to penetrate deep into inner layer of skin.

78. Mix rose water, sugar, and sunflower oil together and exfoliate your face with this fairness scrub. Sunflower oil locks moisture into your skin and makes it youthful. Sugar scrubs out dead and dark skin cells and rose water purifies your skin.

79. Mix cabbage juice, 1/4 spoon of barley flour, honey together and apply on your clean face. Cabbage contains photo-chemicals, anti-oxidants and vitamin C to  lubricate and lighten your skin. Barley flour and honey enhance the efficacy of cabbage when mixed together.

80. Mix 2 spoons of of lemon juice with sugar and rub it on your body to clear the deep-seated dirt accumulated on your knee, elbow, neck, legs, hands and your whole body.

81. Soak up chirongi (sunflower seeds) in milk and grind them in the morning with saffron. Then apply it on your face and leave it on for 20 minutes. This  tip is a great aid in making a dark person fairer if you use it religiously. Chirongi provides natural oils to skin, thereby, improving the condition of your skin and milk whitens your skin naturally So use this home remedy daily to lighten the dark skin.

82. Mix banana, honey, margarine, lemon juice together to make a fairness mask at home. Margarine is a type of butter which contains fatty compounds to hydrate your skin. Apart from margarine, all ingredients are amazing skin lightening agents that work together to make your skin fair.

83. Rubbing avocado on the face work well to make your skin soft and fair. Avocado is rich in fatty acids and vitamin A that nourish and brighten your skin naturally. It helps in formation of collagen too that makes your skin look younger and tighter.

84. You can dab tea brewed in liquorice root, liquorice tea on your face as a face toner daily to improve your complexion.

85. Add one spoon of tamarind pulp to half a spoon of turmeric and smear this concoction on your skin. This potent home remedy is a natural bleach for your skin, which gives immediate results in making your fairer.

86. Grate white radish and extract its juice to apply on your face. White radish is rich source of vitamin A and C and lot of anti-oxidants that prevent the melanin formation  and dark pigmentation marks.

87. Boil tamarind and and extract its pulp and mix it with honey, lemon juice, then  apply it on your face and let it stay for 15 minutes. This facial mask is a natural bleach for your skin which helps in removing facial pigmentation marks as well as making your skin fair. Tamarind is rich in vitamin A, C, carotene and magnesium that make it a natural bleach and detanning agent.

88. Combine tomato juice with carrot juice and apply on your face to get fair face naturally.

89. Apply ripe strawberry or strawberry puree on the face to lighten your skin tone. Strawberry contains rich amount of vitamin C, polyphenol and alpha hydroxy acids that whiten your skin.

90. Mix together yogurt, lemon or honey and apply this mix on your face to lighten your skin tone. Try this easy to use recipe to get fairness at home.

91. You can make a ubtan (herbal face pack made using natural ingredients) at home mixing one spoon of almonds nuts, one spoon of cashew nuts, one spoons of pistachio nuts,one spoon of malai and one spoon of wheat germ oil, one spoon of rose water, 1/4 cup of red lentil and, one spoon of chickpea powder. Grind all nuts and red gram in a blender and add the remaining ingredients to it, then apply this wonderful prepration on your face. Let it dry off for 20 minutes. Massage the ubtan in upward motion and wash off with cold water. Try this home remedy to get fairer and softer skin naturally.

92. Make a carrot puree by boiling and thereafter mashing them. Combine it with one spoon of lemon juice, few drops of extra virgin olive oil and one spoon of honey for a nourishing fairness treatment. Let the skin-whitening mixture on your face for 20 minutes and then wash off with fresh water.

93. Apply vitamin E and castor oil mix oil on your skin to lighten the dark skin. This natural recipe removes pigmentation marks from the face too.

94. Blend apple cider vinegar with water in equal amount and rinse your face with this solution to make your skin fair. it contains glycol that clear your skin and eliminate all impurities of skin.

95. Onion juice, when applied on the face, helps get fair skin. Not only this, onion juice purifies and tones the skin to impart natural glow

96. Scrub grapes on the face daily to make skin fair. In addition to this, drinking grapes juice aids in making your skin fair and glowing naturally.

97. Mix manjishta (Indian Madder) with turmeric and honey and apply it on your face. This home remedy is very beneficial for making your skin fair and clear. Manjistha has been recommended by by Ayurvedic physicians to for its skin healing and blood purifying properties, since, centuries. Turmeric is itself an anti-bacterial spice and honeyheals your skin furthermore.

98. Grind oatmeal powder and rose petals together and  add curd to this mixture. Try this recipe for sloughing off the dead skin cells and making your complexion fairer.

99. Try this age-old and very powerful home remedy mixing turmeric and sandalwood powder. Keep it on for 15 minutes and then wash off thoroughly. Do not use this remedy everyday, use it on alternate days for optimal results.

100. Pluck out lotus petals and grind them. And to this mixture, add almond powder and milk. Apply this wonderful preparation on your face to get amazing fairness. Lotus contains linoleic acid and rare minerals that heal your skin. So try this flower face to see your an amazing sheen on your face.

By now, you know about the best 100 fairness tips for making your complexion fair and glowing. What are you waiting for? Just try any of these above-mentioned home remedies for making your skin fair! And bask in the admiration of your fair and beautiful skin.

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