Vitamin C Benefits & Uses, 19 Best Benefits That Vitamin C Provides To Our Body

19 Best Benefits That Vitamin C Provides To Our Body

Vitamin C Benefits & Uses, 19 Best Benefits That Vitamin C Provides To Our Body
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Also known a ascorbic acid, Vitamin C benefits our body in multiple ways. It is a water soluble vitamin and a great anti-oxidant. Among Vitamin C health benefits are its uses in boosting immunity, repairing body tissues, preventing premature ageing, weight loss etc. In this article you will learn about the Vitamin C health benefits in detail. There are so many vitamin C uses in our daily life. Have a look. 

How Vitamin C Benefits Our Health? 

Vitamin C benefits our health by protecting cells and tissues. It helps in formation of collagen which maintains the health of  connecting tissues which is essential for the structure of organs and tissues as well as bones, skin and blood vessels. Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant which protects our body against the free radicals, toxic elements and environmental pollutants like cigarette smoke. These free radicals are harmful molecules that can lead to life threatening diseases like cancer, arthritis, skin problems and other health diseases.  

Intake of vitamin C can do away with all the symptoms associated with its deficiency. Vitamin C benefits you immensely if you are suffering from bone pain, lethargy, bleeding gums, joint pain. Lack of vitamin C deficiency may also reveal in form of your wound taking lot of time in healing or it may break open even after it has been completely healed.  

Vitamin C Benefits & Uses for Our Body Health


Prevention of common cold, cough and allergies 

You must have heard that taking vitamin C rich foods aid in prevention and treatment of common cough and cold. It helps in absorption of iron better so it minimizes the chance of infections and virus. It strengthens your body immune system to fight against all diseases including common cold and cough.

It has also been proved that vitamin C intake reduces the intake of histamine, a biochemical that causes allergies. Intake of vitamin C rich diet can also control autoimmune disease and other allergies related to it. Allergic rhinitis which is also known as hay fever, can also be controlled by vitamin C. 

2. Prevention of Cancer 

It has been proved by some studies that taking vitamin C rich fruits like kiwi, gooseberry and leafy vegetable help in prevention of several types of cancer. Vitamin C can slow down the the growth of cancer cells in liver, throat, colon, vocal chords, esophagus, mouth and prostrate. Ascorbate extracts can destroy cancer cells that has been proved by studies. It has been proved by Cornell university that vitamin C also can also reduce colorectal cancer. 

3. Good for your Vision and Eye Health 

It has been proved by some researches that vitamin C benefits in prevention and treatment of cataract. Decrease in the level of vitamin C is the main factor for causing cataract in human eyes. Taking vitamin C rich diet can slow down the risk of cataract by 20 percent. Taking vitamin C rich foods help in in enhancing the blood circulation to your ocular ares and improves the health of blood vessels in you eyes. It fights oxidative stress by driving away free radicals that cause macular damage to your lens tissue in eyes.

Also taking vitamin C along with other nutrients can prevent the age related macular degeneration and acuity loss. Moreover, it helps in regeneration of vitamin E in eyes further boosting your eye health. It also treats uveitis which means inflammation in middle layer of eyes. It also helps in proper functioning of retinal cells in human eyes. 

4. Vitamin C lowers the Blood Pressure of our body 

One of the main vitamin C health benefits is that it helps in controlling the escalating blood pressure. Taking foods rich vitamin C lowers the blood pressure. According to the reports by John Hapkin medicine that taking high dose of vitamin C lowers the blood pressure. Vitamin C also helps in controlling hypertension as people with high blood pressure is at the high risk of hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. Vitamin C is diuretic that facilitates you kidney to release more sodium and water leading to lowering blood pressure and relaxing the strain on blood vessel walls. Vitamin C also protects the supple of nitic oxide a molecule that relaxes the blood vessels. It has been also proven that taking vitamin  rich diet in pregnancy can cure blood pressure in pregnancy which is called preeclampsia. vitamin C benefits your health by reducing oxidizing stress which leads to preeclampsia. 

5. Helpful in Arthritis Pain

It has been proved by researches that taking diet rich in vitamin C rich foods can control osteoarthritis and inflammation in joints. Study shows that taking low level of vitamin C abets in developing arthritis and joint inflammation. But intake of vitamin C should not  exceed the daily recommendation of  75 milligrams of vitamin C for women and 90 milligrams of vitamin C for men. Exceeding more that this can worsen your painful condition even more. So getting right dose is of utmost importance to get maximum vitamin C health benefits. 

6. Vitamin C helps control Diabetes

Lack of ascorbic acid leads to spike in insulin level as it leads to  diabetes. Supplement of vitamin C as much as 1000 grams helps in processing of glucose and insulin in patients with type 2 diabetes. It can also control the diabetes related damage to your blood vessels. 

7. Prevention of stroke with Vitamin C 

Taking high dose of vitamin C prevents strokes which is a cardiovascular disease. A diet rich in leafy vegetable and citrus fruits replenishes the daily requirement of vitamin C in your body.If your diet includes more than 60 mg of vitamin C, then it can reduce the LDL a bad cholesterol and HDL a good cholesterol which in turn prevents cardiovascular disease including strokes. Vitamin C also destroys free radicals which causes strokes. What is more, vitamin C uses is to dilate the blood vessels and prevent vasodilation. 

8. Vitamin C benefits in Weight loss 

Various study reveals that taking vitamin C ups your metabolism and it helps in oxidizing of fat during your work our session. Vitamin c rich foods like gooseberry, oranges, grapes are very good for buzzing up your metabolism and aiding in burning kilos quickly. 

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9. Vitamin C prevents Cardiovascular Disease and improve heart health 

Regular intake of Vitamin C inhibits the formation of protein called endothelin 1 which is responsible for the constriction of blood vessels. As a result it triggers heart attack. It also lowers the hyper tension which is also a factor for health attack. Vitamin c supplement is also helpful in reducing cholesterol and blood pressure of your body which further boosts your heart heart's health. Vitamin C also benefits in dilating the arteries and facilitate the blood flow and its oxygen carrying abilities during stress. 

10. Vitamin C aids in treatment of lead toxicity 

Lead toxicity is common problem in people in urban areas. Abnormal behavior or difficulty in learning has been seen in some children affected by lead toxicity. It can also affect IQ in human beings. It can even effect the kidney adversely and shoot up your blood pressure. the toxicity in blood. Regular intake of vitamin C foods can reduce the lead level in the body of smokers. 

11. Vitamin C repairs wounds

Vitamin C heals the wound as it helps in growth of connecting tissues. The supplement of vitamin C can improve the quality of synthesis of collagen that leads to healing of wound quickly. So have lots of citrus fruits to enjoy the maximum vitamin C health benefits. 

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12. Vitamin C boosts Immunity

Taking vitamin C helps in boosting immunity of body. It helps in growth of white blood cells. Vitamin C supplements boost the immunity by strengthening the organism. In addition, taking vitamin C rich foods improve the conditions of heart. 

13. Vitamin C help prevent Gums disease

Deficiency in vitamin C lead to periodontal, severe gum disease. Also lack  of vitamin C also breaks downs the capillary and makes your connecting tissues weak. So make sure you have a lot of leafy vegetables like kale, chard, mustard greens, spinach and fruits like kiwi, strawberry, orange, guava,papaya, melons to gain maximum vitamin C health benefits. 

14. Vitamin C is helpful in prevention of scurvy

Scurvy is a disease which occurs due to lack of vitamin C which affects connecting tissues, bones and blood vessels . Early symptoms include fatigue, sore arms and legs, gum disease and bleeding. Lack of ascorbic acid leads to scurvy. Human beings or animal both need appropriate amount of vitamins C to make building block for collagen and vitamin C helps in the formation of collagen, protein which plays a protective role in binding the body together. 

15. Dry mouth treatment with vitamin C

Some sources suggest that taking vitamin C rich diet lead to treatment and prevention of dry mouth. 

16. Vitamin C treats viral infections

Some studies reveal that taking adequate amount of vitamin C can lead to treatment of various infections. In past it has been used to treat infections like measles, herpes, mumps and viral pneumonia Vitamin C is an anti-biotic that destroys free radicals that cause viral infections. Free radicals cause mononucleosis, which is the abnormal growth of white cells that lead to glandular fever. 

17. Taking vitamin C improves the mood of a person

Vitamin plays an important role in production of neurotransmitter that perks up your mood and  aids in proper functioning of brain. Vitamin C also benefits your healthy by restoring some emotional balance. A study proved that taking vitamin C improved the mood and libibo in human beings leading to more sexual activity. An important vitamin C use is that it can reduce the exam related stress and anxiety in students. 

18.Vitamin C controls urine tract infections

Researchers prove that that taking 100 mg of vitamin C has been helpful in inhibiting the bacteria that causes UTI ( urinary tract infections) in pregnant women. That is why doctors recommend citrus foods to acidify urine to prevent UTI which is very common and almost everybody faces this problem at least once in a life. 

19. Prevent skin ageing and makes your skin fairer

As we have learnt above that vitamin C helps in formation of collagen, protein that keeps your skin firm, supple and elastic. So biting into vitamin C rich foods helps in keeping your skin firm, taut and younger. Also, drinking juice of citrus fruit flushes out toxins from your body and makes your skin fairer and flawless.

As you can see vitamin C benetis our body to large extent. And it is very readily available vitamin. So you must incorporate foods containing vitamin C to gain its health benefits and to get rid of multiple health problems without going to doctor. 

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