32 Health Benefits of Strawberries for Skin, Hair and Health

Benefits of Eating Strawberries for Health, Skin, Hair

32 Health Benefits of Strawberries for Skin, Hair and Health
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Apart from being delicious, strawberries have numerous benefits for our health. It is packed with loads of nutrients that are good for our health. Among most widely known health benefits of strawberries are its use as a teeth whitener, immunity booster, curing skin problems and promote healthy hair. You should know that strawberry is very good for hair. But apart from these uses, there are host of other health benefits of eating strawberries. This article presents 32 best health benefits of strawberries. Scroll down to know all the top benefits of strawberries for skin, hair and overall health.

Why Strawberry is Good for our Health?

Strawberry benefits begins with the fact that it is considered as a super fruit which is rich in anti-oxidants and vitamin C, K, manganese, fiber and potassium. It is also rich in photo-nutrients and flavonoids that give them bright red colour. Since centuries, strawberries have been used to treat a host of ailments like digestive ailments, teeth whitening and curing skin problems too. Fiber and fructose may help regulate blood sugar level by slowing down digestion and keep your stomach fuller and satiated for long. Packed with so many benefits, strawberry makes a valuable part of our healthy and balanced diet. And ellagic acid and vitamin C present in strawberry helps in slowing down the aging process and early signs of aging.

You can munch on ripe strawberry or drink its juice to get healthy and fair looking skin as it contains omega-3 fatty acids which inhibit melanin synthesis to promote healthy, flawless and fair skin. Also, omega 3 fatty acids, copper and magnesium promote hair growth and prevent hair fall too.

Not only this, leaves of strawberries are also beneficial for health. You can make tea by steeping these leaves in water to obtain maximum benefits from them. Strawberry leaf tea benefits in providing relief from stomach ache, bloating and stomach cramps. It cures anemia too as strawberry leaves are loaded with iron in abundance. So enjoy this fruit to satiate your sweet tooth and reap numerous health benefits of strawberries for skin, hair and health. 

Strawberry Health Benefits and Uses 

1. Strawberry is Good for Eyes.  

All the problems in eyes develop mainly due to free-radicals resulted from deficiency of certain nutrients in our body. Lack of nutrients and growing age also give assistance in activation of free radicals to harm your eyes. Degeneration of optic nerves, dry eyes, macular degeneration, vision defects and more vulnerability to infections from environmental factors are experienced. Eating strawberries can prevent these conditions to a great extent given the antioxidants such as flavonoids, phenolic, photo-chemicals, and ellagic acid present in them. Also rich in potassium, strawberry benefits our eyes by curing the pressure within eyes. Any pressure within eyes is always harmful for your vision and eye health and it should be get rid of as soon as possible. 

2. Eating Strawberries Boosts Immunity.  

Strong immune system can protect your body against many ailments, infections, microbial actions. Vitamin C rich strawberry strengthens your immune system and shields your body against common cough and cold. Vitamin C is also an anti-oxidant which wards off free radicals. Free radicals are the harmful corollary of cellular metabolism which are regularly formed in our body. These free radicals can mutate the DNA of healthy cells into cancerous cells which can give birth to many life threatening diseases like cancer and many heart diseases. Daily serving of strawberry can fulfill 150 percent of daily requirement of vitamins. So munch on strawberries to keep serious diseases at bay. 

3. Strawberry Helps Treat Arthritis and Gout.  

Degeneration of muscles and tissues, drying of fluid between the joint, accumulation of toxic substances like uric acid are responsible for arthritis and gout. All these ailments are by products of free radicals. Strawberries are rich in anti-oxidants and detoxifies that help you get rid of these conditions. Eating strawberries will remove rust from joints and anti-inflammatory properties will treat inflamed joints and shooting pain in joints. Moreover, strawberries contain quercetin and intake of quercetin in combination with regular exercise can reduce atherosclerosis plaque formation. The university of Massachusetts concludes this. So you must include strawberries in your diet to gain benefits in case of joint pains. 

4. Biggest Benefit of Strawberry is in Preventing Cancer.  

Vitamin C, Folate, anthocyanin, quercetin, kampherol are some flavonoids in strawberries that have some amazing anti-oxidants and anti-carcinogenic properties. All in unison fight against cancer and growth of tumor. Daily consumption of ripe strawberries are helpful in reduction in metastasis of cancerous cells in human body.

5. It Boosts Brain Health.  

With growing age people lose control over memories and forget some important things. It happens due to erosion of nervous system and due to natural or premature ageing. Due to active free radicals, brain system degenerates and nerves become week. Strawberries benefits our body by preventing these conditions in life. Vitamin C and photo-chemicals neutralize the effects of free radicals. Moreover, rich in Iodine, strawberries helps in regulating the movement of brain and nervous system. Potassium which is abundantly present in strawberry improves cognitive vision by increasing the blood circulation in brain.  Some researches done on students reveal that taking potassium improved their reciting abilities and memories in test taking. So that is why banana and strawberries are considered brain foods and are good for students. 

6. Eat Strawberries to Reduce Hypertension.  

Strawberries are rich in potassium and magnesium; both are good aid in lowering high blood pressure due to sodium and other factors. Potassium is a vasodilator which reduces the rigidity of blood vessels and arteries, thereby, it lowers the blood pressure and normalizes the flow of blood to all parts of body. 

7. Strawberries Are Good For Heart Health.  

High fiber content, folate, no fats, high levels of anti-oxidants such as vitamin C and photo-chemicals, all in unison helps in controlling the cholesterol in vessels and arteries. Some members of Vitamin B family are also present in strawberry which strengthen the cardiac muscles and make the function of heart smoother. 

8. Strawberries Can Help You Lose Weight.  

Strawberry contains some nutrients that keep you fuller for longer and control your appetite. So munch on a strawberries to boost your metabolism and lose weight. Chronic inflammation is the main reason that blocks the hormones that make you lean. In addition, anthocyanins, the major anti-oxidants in strawberry increases the production of hormones like adiponectin. This hormone revs up your metabolism and control your appetite to prevent you from overeating. 

9. Prevents Birth Defects.  

High in folic acids, eating strawberries during pregnancy replenishes the need of iron and prevents any birth defects due to deficiency of iron. One cup of strawberry provides the 40 micro-grams of folate to your body which is ten percent of iron requirement in pregnancy. It prevents the neutral tube defects in babies as iron is necessary during pregnancy. It is good for mother's health too during pregnancy. 

10. Eating Strawberries Helps Cure Constipation.  

High in fiber, strawberry helps in clearing the blockage in bowel and it also keeps the other digestive issues such as gas, bloating and acidity at bay. 

11. Improves Bone Health.  

Vitamin K, Potassium and magnesium present in strawberry improves the bone heath as it makes your bones strong. 

12. Strawberries Benefits in Controlling Blood Sugar.

Strawberries also contain ellagic acid along with anti-oxidants which helps in slowing down the digestion of starchy foods. This also controls the rise in blood sugar post starchy meal. Strawberries are very low in glycemic index which means it will never let your level sugar spike. The fiber in strawberries can also control the sugar spike in blood. Eating strawberries is really helpful in controlling blood sugar in people down with type-2 diabetes. 

13. Strawberry Controls Cholesterol.  

Strawberry is rich in pectin which is a type of soluble fiber which lowers cholesterol in body. According to a New Orleans study that pectin is shown to lower the LDL level in body. A team of 23 volunteer ate 500 grams of strawberry for one month experienced reduction in cholesterol. The study by Spanish and Italian scientists concludes this. Another Canadian study showed the efficacy of strawberry in reducing oxidatve stress and cholesterol level.  

14. Strawberries Helps Regulate Blood Pressure.  

As told before strawberry contains anthocyanin that are powerful anti-oxidants that relax and open up the the lining of  blood vessels. As a result it aids in lowering the blood pressure.  

15. Eat Strawberries To Enhance Sex Life.  

Vitamin C increases the sperm count in men which is good for healthy sex. Strawberry enhances blood circulation in arteries and heart that results in healthy and active sex life. Zinc is found in strawberries and zinc is responsible for controlling testosterone that helps a woman to prepare for sex quickly. 

Strawberry Benefits for Skin  

Just like health, strawberry has umpteen benefits for enhancing the beauty of your skin. Rich in salicylic acid and flavonoids, strawberry is indeed a beauty fruit. Read on to know the best beauty benefits of strawberry.   

16. Strawberry Helps Delay Aging Process.  

Rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, strawberry helps to ward off the early signs of aging and premature wrinkles. Lycopene present in strawberry helps to fade fine lines, age spots and eye wrinkles. Eat 3-4 strawberries daily to ingest the natural goodness of strawberry. You can make a face pack by mashing 2-3 strawberries, one spoon of honey and 2 spoons of milk cream. Apply this mixture on your face. Ellagic acid in strawberry promotes youthful skin and removes wrinkles. Try this face mask twice a week to keep your youthful charm for long. 

According  to a  study by Hahnemaan University of medicine that alpha hydroxy acids in strawberry have been found to reverse the signs of aging. In a Japanese study, alpha acid agents were found to improve and heal the photo-damaged skin. 

17. Use Strawberry to Get Fair Complexion.  

Rich in vitamin C and ellagic acid, strawberry is a skin lightening fruit. Just scrub a slice of strawberry on face or mix the strawberry pulp with milk and apply on your face. Use this home remedy daily for best results.  

18. Strawberry is Good for Teeth Health.   

Strawberries contains malic acid which works like astringent that helps in clearing the discoloration in tooth. Just mix strawberry pulp with baking powder and rub on your teeth as you do with tooth paste. Vitamin C in strawberry also breaks out plaque responsible for making your teeth yellowish. 

19. Strawberry for Lightening Dark Lips.  

It contains anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals that help in removing the dead skin cells from the lips to bring out the fresh skin on the outside. Scrub a slice of strawberry on your lips and wash of with warm water. Either you can mix strawberry juice with petroleum jelly to massage on your lips. Use this homemade lip balm thrice a day to keep your lips rosy, moist and beautiful. 

20. Use Strawberry to Get Rid of Acne. 

Strawberry control excess sebum production so it helps in curing acne. Mix one spoon of sour curd with 3-4 mashed strawberry and apply this mix on your acne and let it stay on face for 30 minutes. Mint juice can also mixed with strawberry juice to make anti-acne face mask. Use this mask on face to dry up acne and fade acne marks fast. 

21. Use Strawberry as a Exfoliating Scrub. 

Mix well 2 spoons of sugar, 3-4 spoons of olive oil and 3-4  mashed strawberries . Rub this preparation on your hands, feet, face and neck. Salicylic acid and vitamin C help to eliminate toxins and dead skin from the skin to make it fresh and lively. 

22. Use Strawberry to Tighten Your Sagging Skin.  

Strawberry is helpful in tightening the sagging and loose skin. Make a face mask with 3 spoons of strawberry puree, 2 spoons of honey and 2 spoons of yogurt and apply this mixture all over your face and neck. Massage in upward motion to remove the mask. You can eat strawberries to boost collagen fiber production that keeps your skin moist and firm for long. 

23. Strawberries Helps Remove Dark Circles and Puffiness.  

Freeze a strawberry for one hour and keep this frozen fruit on your fatigued and tired eyes. Strawberry has natural compounds that lessen the puffiness instantly. You can mix strawberry juice with olive oil or almond oil and massage on your under-eye areas to lighten the dark circles. Astringent properties of strawberries help to cure swelling and eye bags effectively. 

24. Eating Strawberries Promotes Healthy Nails. 

Rich in biotin strawberry promotes healthy nails. Biotin improves the keratin structure, so it assists in growth of healthy nails. Eat plenty of strawberries in your diet to improve the health and luster of nails. 

25. Use Strawberry as a Facial Cleanser.  

Strawberry is rich in salicylic acid that makes it effective facial cleanser. It removes impurities from the skin and tightens the pores. Mix lemon juice, strawberry pulp and milk to make  a face cleanser to cleanse your face perfectly. 

26. Use Strawberry as a Face Toner.  

Mix Strawberry juice with rose water and put this solution in freeze and wipe your face with this face toner to get tight, flawless and wrinkle-free skin. 

27. Strawberry Can Be Used as a Natural Sunscreen.  

Strawberry is a natural sunscreen as it contains ellagic acid which protects your skin against harmful sun rays. Eating strawberry prevents synthesis of melanin that protects your skin from dark spots and pigmentation marks. 

28. Strawberry Foot Scrub Benefits. 

Mix 3-4 strawberries, 2 spoons of oatmeal and 2 spoons of  glycerin. Soak up your foot in warm water and massage this preparation on your feet after a warm foot soak to remove the accumulated dirt and dead skin cells from the feet. It removes the dirt and dead skin cells from your legs. It gives you a relaxing pedicure at home at no great cost. 

29. Use Strawberry to Fade Out Freckles.  

You can make a face mask with 2 spoons of strawberry pulp with 1 spoon of honey and spread this mask all over the affected area. This facial mask restores the moisture into skin and makes your skin flawless and beautiful. 

Benefits of Strawberries for Hair 

Eating strawberries or applying this topically on the hair makes your hair healthy, strong and silky. Read on to know. 

30. Use Strawberries to Get Silky and Healthy Hair.  

Strawberry is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, magnesium and cooper. All these nutrients help in making your hair healthy and silky. Grind 8-9 strawberries and mix one spoon of mayonnaise with this. Massage this concoction on your hair for ten minutes and then keep this on hair for 45 minutes before washing it off. You can add egg yolk in place of mayonnaise and then massage this solution to soften your dry hair. 

31. Eating Strawberries Helps Remove Dandruff. 

Mix 8-9 ground strawberries with tea tree oil or thyme oil and massage this mixture on your hair to cure the itching and flaking dandruff completely. 

32.  Eating Strawberry Can Prevent Hair Loss and Promote Hair Growth. 

As we have learnt earlier that strawberry contains vitamin C which helps in better absorption of iron and promotes hair growth. It has also been noticed that deficiency of iron leads to splits ends and dull hair.

It is also rich In silica which helps in curing curing baldness. You can make a strawberry hair mask with 2 spoons of strawberry paste, 1 spoon of extra virgin olive oil and 1 spoon of honey. Massage this concoction on your hair before your take bath and leave this on hair for 20 minutes and wash off with cold water. Magnesium in strawberry also inhibits growth of fungal infection.

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