25 Exciting Benefits of Fruits, How Eating Fruits Benefits Skin, Hair and Health

25 Amazing Benefits of Fruits for Skin, Hair and Health

 25 Exciting Benefits of Fruits, How Eating Fruits Benefits Skin, Hair and Health
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There are many benefits of eating fruits that simply can not be ignored. Fruits benefits our skin, body and hair. Because fruits contains vital vitamins and minerals, you must eat fruits to obtain nutritional benefits. Health benefits of fruits are endless but not every fruit is good for health. Below we have compiled a list of 25 exciting benefits of fruits which also includes benefits of eating fruits for skin and hair health. Read on to know how fruits benefits skin, hair and overall health.

We all know that eating fruits everyday is a boon to our health. Consuming fruits daily aids in maintaining your all round health and imparting a healthy sheen to your skin and hair. In this article we will talk about various benefits of fruits. We will also learn how eating fruits can benefit skin and hair. Before getting down to health benefits of fruits, let us delve deep into the some amazing nutrient facts of fruits.

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Nutrients Facts of Fruits

  • Fruits are naturally rich in nutrients like potassium, calcium, folate  and dietary fiber.
  • Fruits are low in calories, sodium and fat. Fruits are always low on cholesterol.
  • Fruits rich in fiber aids in lowering cholesterol and fiber helps to regulate the bowel movement and gets you rid of constipation and other stomach disorders.
  • Fruits like peaches, banana, apricots, prunes, oranges, cantaloupe and honeydew melons are rich in potassium that help in maintaining healthy blood pressure.
  • Vitamin C in fruits helps repair skin cells and help in formation of skin firming protein, collagen apart from healing wounds.

    It keeps teeth and gums healthy too.
  • Folate obtained from fruits help in formation of red blood cells. Women of child bearing age must consume folate rich fruits to reduce the risk of anaemia. More so, it can minimise the risk of  neutral tube defects, spina befida, anencephaly during the phase of fetal development.

So you can see fruits have very high nutritional value. Now it is time to discuss benefits of eating fruits. Let's start with skin benefits of fruits. 

Fruits Benefits for Skin

Fruits have multitude of vitamins which benefits your skin immensely when eaten daily. Here is presenting the few benefits of fruits for skin.

1. Eating Fruits Maintains Overall Skin Health - Vitamin A is a skin refining vitamin, we know. For Instancepapaya and apricot are rich in vitamin A which helps in maintaining the health of skin.

2. Fruits Benefits in Making Skin Glowing - Vitamin C, folate, iodine, phosphorous, zinc present in mango, watermelon helps to build up collagen, a protein that helps to firm up the skin and makes your skin look younger for long. Orange is a skin lightening fruit which helps in tightening your skin when taken orally on your diet.  

3. Fruits Benefits in Repairing Damaged Skin - Fruits are also rich in anti-oxidants and they fight skin damaging free radicals. Beta-carotene found in cantaloupe and guava help in fighting the skin-defying effects of UV rays. So incorporate these fruits in your diet to defy wrinkles for long time.

4. Eat Fruits to Get Skin Nourishment - Rich in papain, papaya is an natural skin softener, papaya nourishes your skin deep down. Papaya is beauty food which nourishes your skin when taken internally and applied topically. Papaya contains vitamin A, C, E and plenty of carotene which keep your skin flawless and glowing naturally. Eating papaya keeps your bowel clean and keeps your digestive system in good condition which means no acne and pimple, just glowing skin.

5. Heal Wounds and Scars by Eating Fruits - Pomegranates are rich in punicic acid, elagic acid and antioxidants. In addition, pomegranates are rich in omega-3 fatty acids which help in cell regeneration and helps in healing scars and wounds. Moreover, consumption of this fruit helps to increase the red blood corpuscles resulting in fair and glowing complexion. Not only this, it is power-packed with the supplements of vitamin A ,B, C and plentiful of minerals like potassium, phosphorus, iron, niacin folic acid, thiamin and riboflavin in it. Pomegranate extents fibroblasts which helps to form skin tightening protein collagen. So eating fruits such as pomegranates keeps your skin glowing and keeps wrinkles at bay.

6. Fruits Benefits in Sun Damaged Skin - Likewise water melon is rich in water which hydrates your skin which contains 92 percent of water and 8 percent of sugar. It reduces the risk of UV generated free radicals, which causes sun burn and freckles. [Also Read: Home Remedies to Cure Sunburn Skin]

7. Eat Fruits to Get Firm Skin - Eating an apple a day keeps doctor away is an age old adage which still holds true. Apple is high in mallic acid which is very gently on skin. It is gentler than sallyclic acid or glycolic acid and it promotes glowing and firmer skin. Fiber in apples cleans the colon and keep the bowel clean and it imparts a glow to your skin.

8. Eat Fruits to Get Spotless Skin - Whereas fruits like banana is rich in potassium which hydrates and moisturises your skin. It nourishes your skin to look fuller and younger. Vitamin A, E and D in banana promotes spotless skin and prevents dark spots. So eating banana in your daily diet replenishes all essential nutrients for keeping your skin in good health.

9. Fruits Benefits Vitamin C Deficient People -Take kiwi in your diet for replenishing the deficiency of vitamin C. 100 gms of kiwi has 84 mg of vitamin C as compared to 54 kg of vitamin C in orange. Vitamin C is responsible for refining your skin clarity and ensuring a spotless complexion. So bite into few kiwis daily to keep skin free from any blemishes and make your skin fairer.

Benefits of Fruits for Hair

Just like skin, your hair is reflection of your inner well-being. Fruits are high in vitamins and minerals and it is an open secret that fruits aids in maintaining the health and texture of hair. There are few fruits that helps you get rid of baldness, hair breakage and aids in regrowth of new hair. Here are some benefits of eating fruits for hair.

10. Eat Fruits to Get Healthy Shiny Hair - Eat oranges to have a shiny and healthy hair as oranges are rich in Vitamin C, flavonoids and magnesium that promote healthy hair.

11.  Prevent Hair Loss by Eating Fruits Like Apple - Apple is a boon to our health and skin likewise it is good for health of hair too. It has soluble fiber, vitamins, and oxidants which work in preventing hair baldness. Phenolic compound and biotin in apple strengthen the roots and help in growth of hair.

12. Fruits Benefits in Hair Nourishment - Banana are rich in pectin, fiber, magnesium which ensure that every strand of hair is nourished and strengthened. Rich in vitamin A, banana aids in sebum prediction in scalp, resulting in healthy hair and eating banana ensures shiny and beautiful hair naturally.

13. Fruits also benefits in making hair silky. Just like banana, avocado too is a super fruit for hair as it is rich in beta carotene, vitamin B and E which ensures the supply of oxygen to capillary walls resulting in proper blood circulation in scalp. The result: healthy and silky tresses.

14. Fruits Benefits in Hair Regrowth - Strawberries are rich in silica which stimulates hair follicles that curb hair loss and helps in growth of new hair.

15. Grapes are rich in minerals and vitamins which help in strengthening the hair and preventing hair loss. Grapeseed oil is an elixir for hair, applying grapeseed oil prevents hair loss and results in soft and beautiful hair naturally minus any chemicals.

Health Benefits of Eating fruits

Fruits are always high on nutritious side which can satiate your appetite whenever your mood strikes to eat something in between meals. Let us learn in details the benefits of fruits for our health.

16. Fruits rich in fiber keep your stomach fuller for long and induce you to eat less thereby helping reduce weight. According to USDA, both men and women should eat 2 cups of fruits everyday to remain healthy. And munching on whole fruits is always better than gulping a glass of fruit juice because you can get the minerals and vitamins from juice but you miss out on fiber, so whole fruits benefits more comparitvely for weight watchers.

Moreover, fibrous fruits prevent heart disease by reducing hyperlipidemia and hypertension, mellitus and obesity. Fiber-rich fruits also possess anti-carcinogenic properties which prevent colon cancer and other bowel disorders.

17. Eating fruits low in calories such as papaya, pineapple also aid in weight loss and aid maintaining your ideal weight.

18. Eating fruits high in potassium helps in lowering blood pressure and also help to reduce the risk of kidney stones and bone loss.

19. Fruits benefits by maintaining ideal health due to high level of petrochemicals present in them and according to Harvard Gazette, eating fruits help to reduce the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes also.

20. Fruits are high in energy which give you boost of instant energy that is why sportspersons eat fruits whenever they need a burst of instant energy.

21. Fruits provide health benefits as they are rich in anti-oxidants, minerals, vitamins, flavonoids and umpteen micro nutrients. Daily consumption of fruits lower the risk of cancer,  high blood pressure, anxiety and buzz up your body's immunity.

22. Apple is an ideal fruit for eating daily as eating apples aids in strengthening bones, digestion and curing asthma. It also helps in controlling cholesterol and help in losing weight.

23. Another fruit you can eat to reap maximum health benefits is grapes. Grapes are responsible in curing kidney disorder, fatigue, eye-related problems. This tiny fruit also is also rich in calcium, vitamins, potassium, selenium, iron and magnesium which are needed for proper functioning of your body.

24. You can eat pears for getting the beneficial power of vitamin C, E, B2, copper in its natural way rather than taking multivitamins tables. Also rich in pectin, pears lowers cholesterol. It is hypoallergenic food which is safe for young children too.

25. Fruits like berries are also good for health. You can incorporate berries like blueberries, cherries and blackberries to fight cancer and protect your heart. Cherries can cure pain resulting from arthritis, gout and joint inflammation. Berries have magical powder to treat arthritis naturally. Blueberry has silicon in high amount which helps in smooth functioning of pancreases and diabetes control. Blackberry can control  diarrhoea and help build red blood cells. So have a plentiful of berries in your diet to ensure proper functioning of your body.


After reading about these amazing heath benefits of fruits and also you know how much eating fruits can influence the health of your skin and hair. So from now on, make sure to incorporate fruits in your daily diet to remain healthy and possess healthy hair and more radiant skin.

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