Garnier BB cream Vs Ponds BB cream Comparison

Which one is better between Garnier BB cream and Ponds BB cream?

Garnier BB cream Vs Ponds BB cream Comparison
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After writing the review of both Ponds BB cream and Garnier BB cream, it is time to put both BB creams against each other. Let us learn the few characteristics of both creams before getting down to their comparison and then find out which one is better as per usage on my skin.

We all know that bb cream is a new sensation which has  popular among women of all age groups nowadays. BB cream is a softer version of foundation which evens out like foundation, moisturizes like day cream, conceals like primer and protects like sunscreen. Ponds and Garnier are the two most popular brands which had come up their BB creams in the Indian market. Both bb creams are designed to work effectively to make your complexion silky, smooth and even toned without slathering your face with loads of make up. 

Ponds BB Cream 

Ponds White Beauty BB cream is a quality product from ponds which claims to give fairer, smoother, brighter and flawless skin. Its Zenwhite formula that is packed with the goodness of vitamin B3, vitamin E and allontoin and advanced sun protection. Loaded with SPF 30 PA ++, this bb cream protects your skin against harmful sun rays.

The product claims to whiten your skin tone and reduce dark spots on continuous usage of this cream. Ponds bb cream claims to be non-pore clogging and gives you natural looking skin. As Ponds claims this cream is designed to give you fairer, radiant and polished look without making your look heavy and caked up. It is best for those who want radiant, even toned face yet no make up look. 

Garnier BB Cream 

Garnier BB cream was launched before Ponds BB cream. It also makes your skin whiter, more even toned and well moisturized. Beauty benefit cream, as Garnier names it. It is a multitasking make-up product which multitasks to hide minor imperfections and blemishes to make your face look perfect and spotless. It is moisturizer, primer, foundation, day cream, sunscreen all make up products rolled into one. By using this bb cream, you can definitely shrink your make up bag by doing away with all the make products in favor of a single Garnier bb cream.

After learning about Garnier bb cream and Ponds bb cream it is time to see difference between both creams. 

Garnier BB Cream vs Ponds BB Cream


Ponds BB cream is very light on skin but it has thick and creamy texture which gets absorbed into your natural skin tone very effectively. It gives only sheer to medium coverage as it does cover minor flaws but it does not hide major imperfections of face. So the coverage it provides is not so buildable like foundation does. While Garnier bb cream provides quite buildable coverage and it can hide flaws like foundation. So when it comes to coverage, Garnier definitely wins the race. 

Staying power 

I have used both Garnier bb cream and Ponds bb cream and found the clear difference between the staying power of both the creams. Staying powder of Garnier bb cream is more than Ponds. Garnier can stay up to 4- 6 hours while ponds can stay only up to 3-4 hours. 

Skin care 

Ponds bb cream claims to whiten the skin tone and lighten dark spots with regular usage tone but I have been using it for long but i did not feel any change or improvement in my skin texture and complexion over time. But Garnier bb cream I am using it for less than 15 days so I can not say its effects on my skin's health. Also, Garnier bb cream does not promise to improve your tone and clarity but it is enriched with vitamin C and almond extracts which softens and brightens the skin instantly but it does not make any false claims to make your skin flawless and glowing on continues usage.  

Shade variation 

Both Garnier and Ponds bb cream come with only one shade which is suitable for medium to fair skin tone. Both BB creams are beige in color but Ponds is more towards natural skin tone and Garnier is near to white color. Sadly, both  these bb creams do not come for shade for dark skinned girls. 

Evening out the skin tone 

I have used Ponds bb cream so long and I have nearly flawless skin but it does not cover prominent marks and scars so it is good only for those having almost perfect skin. It needs a primer to conceal flaws to get perfect skin. I felt that Garnier bb cream hides imperfections better than Ponds as my dark circles are less prominent after I dabbed a little bit of Garnier bb cream over these areas. 


Ponds BB cream comes with SPF 30PA++ and Garnier comes with SPF 24. So there is not much difference between both creams in term of sun protect factor. Although both bb creams provide sun protection but better is that you slather sunscreen to protect your skin prior to applications of any of these bb creams. 

Garnier bb cream is good for making your skin velvety and dewy as it is rich in moisture so it is good for winter season and Ponds can be bit drying for people with dry skin as it is not as moisture rich as Garnier. Apply moisturizer underneath it to look natural and not cakey. And Garnier bb cream is not so much suitable for oily skin so you need to top it off with some compact to look matter and oil-free. 


Texture of Ponds bb cream has thick and cream like consistency but it blends like a magic for smooth and flawless finish. Garnier bb cream is a little runny like a liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer which takes little time to blend but it also give silky and smooth finish after blending evenly. 

Functions and uses 

While both creams have been designed to multitask as day cream, moisturizer, foundation sunscreen and primer. But Garnier works more like a foundation than a bb cream as it hides flaws more effectively and moisturizes better than Ponds but it can not be used as day cream as it is bit heavy for daily use. While Ponds bb cream is so light and it works as fairness cream and it has been designed to use daily.   

Improvement in complexion instantly after application of cream 

While both cream claims to make your complexion fairer within minutes of application but ponds just blends into your skin to give a natural looking fairer skin while Garnier makes you more whiter after application but it looks a little unnatural and leaves a white cast behind after application. 

How does it look in picture 

I am very fond of clicking picture and I found that Ponds bb cream looks so natural in pictures and Garnier bb cream looks a bit cakey in picture but if you take only tiny amount of Garnier BB cream, then it is not so cakey and unnatural in pictures . 

Natural looking skin 

Both promise to give you natural looking skin but after using both creams I can say Ponds bb cream has an edge over Garnier as it gives natural and no make up look like I am wearing no make up at all . It never makes my skin look plastered or caked up. And Garnier looks little unnatural on my skin so it does not provide the natural look I was looking for with a bb cream. It adapts to my natural skin after 1-2 hours of application but right after application, it leaves my face looking caked up and unnatural. 

Price and availability 

Ponds bb cream is priced at 69 for 9 grams and 18 gram tube costs 125 rupees. 18 grams of Garnier bb cream costs 104 and 30 grams of pack costed 169 rupees to me. Both are easily available online or in cosmetic counters near you. 


Both comes in plastic tubes so there is no chances of breakage and spillage in both of creams. Both come in  very travel-friendly pack. 

My final verdict 

Although Garnier bb scores better than Ponds bb cream in many factors but Ponds wins in terms of imparting natural looking skin. It so easily blends into your skin like it gives you feel of no make up while after application of Garnier BB cream, it looks little unnatural and cakey on my face. Although I have used it on friend's skin with pink under tone, it gives amazing results. You can try it on your skin and see result yourself because it is so economical and you need not spend hefty buck in buying a a small pack of Garnier bb cream. But for me Ponds bb cream is still my favorite and must have beauty product in my make- up kitty. 

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