5 Benefits of Drinking Cold Lemon Water for the Body

Benefits That Cold Lemon Water Provides for our Body

5 Benefits of Drinking Cold Lemon Water for the Body
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Drinking ice cold water with freshly squeezed lemon juice added to it is a refreshing treat and a delicious departure from your monotonous plain water. It is very low in calorie as it fills you up for long inducing you to eat less, thereby, assisting in weight loss. Let us look at the benefits drinking cold lemon water provides to our body.

Adding juice of lemon to plain cold water may add extra zing to your monotonous plain drink and your taste buds too. Lemon water keeps you hydrated and active throughout the day. It is a low calorie drink which is higly nutritious unlike fruit juice which is full of calories which may lead to weight gain also. It is a beverage which gives best results when taken on empty stomach in the morning and taking lemon water before bed time has also some benefits. 

Benefits of Drinking Cold Lemon Water

In short, drinking cold lemon water provides us with the following benefits:

  • Very low calorie drink
  • Helps you get beautiful and healthier looking skin
  • Release free radicals from the body
  • Boost up energy 
  • Boost up mood
  • Helps in weight loss

Let's look at each of those benefits in details below:

1) Very much low in calories 

Lemon water is very refreshing low-calorie drink which is a good for those willing to lose weight and stay fit. One cup of lemon water with one ounces of lemon juice has only 7 calories and all the calories come from 2 grams of natural carbohydrates and sugar. So if you want to lose as much as 10 pounds in a year, then you must swap your lemonade with lemon water.

Lemonade is really refreshing but it contains 99 calories which may sabotage all your weight loss goal.  So, cold lemon water is best beverage for people who want to remain slim.

2) Cold lemon water is good for skin

As we know lemon juice is a rich source of vitamin C which helps in formation of collagen, an enzyme that keeps your skin firm and youthful. Also vitamin C present in lemon juice helps to lighten your complexion and even out your facial skin too. What is more,  drinking cold lemon water keeps your skin moist and hydrated that keeps your skin dewy and healthy from the inside out. So drinking cold lemon water is good for keeping your skin in good condition.

3) Vitamin C present in lemon juice prevents free radicals

Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant that prevents free radicals that damages your body, skin and hair. It prevents the oxidization of compounds within cells as well as DNA , fat that is responsible for making up your cell membrane and  your cellular protein. Lemon water helps to metabolize cholesterol in body and minimizes the risk of heart diseases. Also, vitamin C improves the immune system of  your body and keeps several diseases at bay.

4) Boost energy level and mood just after drinking ice cold lemon water

Drinking cold lemon water with few cubes of ice will life your energizes and enhances your energy minus any caffeine. Your body gets energy from atoms and molecules in food and when negative ions found in lemon begins to enter your body, you get instant boost of energy. In addition, scent of lemon juice is known to life your mood and reduce your stress level. So sip cold lemon water whenever you are feeling low to lift up your sprits all over again.

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5) Drinking lemon juice aids in weight loss

Although lemon juice and honey, both added in equal amount, added to warm water gives best results when you are drinking this beverage for weight loss. But lemon water whether it is cold or hot, it increases your metabolic rate and helps in burning calories faster. Lemon water fulfills the requirements of vitamin C in body and vitamin C  further helps in melting away fat fast. Also drinking cold lemon water satisfies your tastes buds more than warm water and controls your craving for binging in between meals. It can also replace your favorite cold drinks which are full of calories. So this way you can keep a tab on your weight and calories. In the long run  It will help in losing weight and keeping extra fat off your body when your are silm.

By now you learnt the benefits of drinking cold lemon water for your your health and skin. Although nothing can beat the benefits of warm lemon water on empty stomach but drinking cold lemon water throughout the day can satiate you more than warm water. So drink cold lemon water whenever your mood strikes to sip something tangy and refreshing and enjoy its benefits too.

Note: There are few side effects of drinking lemon water as well that you must know. 

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