How to Apply Honey on Face Overnight?

Ways to Keep Honey Overnight on Face

How to Apply Honey on Face Overnight?
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Due to its sticky nature, it's always a bit clumsy to apply honey on face overnight. But as honey is very important ingredient from skin care point of view so one must know how to use it on face. There are many honey face masks that can be made at home and applied on face overnight to get the desired results. We are going to look into such face masks below.

How to Apply Honey on Face Overnight?

Honey is really a boon for your skin as honey helps to lighten your skin and moisture it to make it super soft. Honey is a natural humectant that seals in the moisture within skin to keep the skin youthful and free of wrinkles. Honey is a natural anti-biotic agent which helps in quick healing of acne and acne scars, but keeping honey on face  overnight seems very messy, right! Yes, keeping honey on face is really messy because of dripping hassles due to sticky nature of honey. But here are some face masks with honey which you can use on your face and keep it on face overnight. All you need to be careful about is that quantity of honey should not be more that half tea spoon and you must use other ingredients to dilute the consistency of honey. So simple! Right!  Thick layer of honey will not let your skin breathe overnight , so it it advised to apply a thin layer of honey on skin.

Overnight DIY Honey Facial Masks for Perfect Skin


Rose water, glycerin and honey face mask for fair and even toned skin

Ingredients you will need

- 2 spoons of rose water

- 1 spoon of glycerin

- half spoon of honey


Take all ingredients in bowl and blend together these ingredients well and apply this preparation on your perfectly cleansed face and massage for few minutes so that the face mask gets absorbed into face well and leave this mask on face overnight to seep into innermost layer to skin to hydrate and deep nourish your skin.

Why this recipe works

Honey has natural enzymes that work to whiten your skin and rose water maintains the PH balance of skin and keeps it oil-free and glowing and glycerin works magic on skin to make it soft and velvety

How often should you use this mask on face

Use this mask every night.

2. Honey, orange juice and camphor for acne-free and clear skin

Ingredients you will need

- Half spoon of honey

- 2 spoons of orange juice

- One pinch of camphor


Mix orange juice, camphor and honey together and dab on your face and let it dry. Leave this mask on face for whole night to give best results.

Why this recipe works

Orange has citric acid that bleaches the skin and resurrects the lackluster skin and camphor is natural anti-septic agent and with menthol present in it, it cures acne and pimple whereas honey hydrates your skin to make your skin velvety and lustrous.

How often should I try this recipe

Use this recipe everyday before going to sleep.

3. Lemon juice and honey facial mask for fair and glowing skin

Ingredients you will need

- 2 spoons of lemon juice

- half spoon of honey


Mix honey and lemon juice together and dab on your face. Massage gently to let the mask get soaked into your skin well and leave this mixture overnight. This facial mask will bleach your skin and remove all sorts of scars from face. Not only this, regular usage of this recipe will bleach your  facia hair too.

Why this facial mask works 

Lemon is rich in AHA, alpha hydrxy acids which whiten your skin and vitamin C present in lemon helps in formation of collagen. Amino acids present in honey gives amazing glow to skin.

How often should I use this recipe

Use this recipe everyday before bed time

4. Tomato juice and honey facial masks for fair and glowing skin never before

Ingredients you will need

- 2 spoons of tomato juice

- half spoon of honey


Squeeze the juice out of tomato and mix this with half spoon of honey. Apply this mask all over your face and neck. keep this on your face overnight. Use this mask after cleansing your face with cotton pad dipped in rose water.

Why this home remedy works

Tomato is rich in  lycopene, a photo-chemical that give redness to tomato that can protect your skin against ultra violet rays emanating from sun rays and honey is a natural skin lightening agent that whitens your skin like never before.

How often should you use this recipe

Use this recipe daily for best results.

5. Coconut oil and honey face mask for glowing and super-soft skin

Ingredient you will need

- One spoon of coconut oil

- 1/4 spoon of honey


Mix coconut oil and honey together and massage on your face daily before bed time. Leave it on face overnight.

Why this works

Coconut oil has essential fatty acids which penetrate into your skin better than other  oils and honey's  moisturizing property make  your skin smooth and irresistibly to touch.

How often can you use this natural remedy

Use this recipe everyday.

By now  you are aware of the best 5 honey masks to be used as overnight treatment. Incorporate these recipes into your day to day beauty regimen and revel in the glow of  naturally glowing and fairer skin at no great cost.

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