Lachesis- Superb Remedy for Pharynx, Throat, Abdomen and Menstrual Problems

Lachesis Homeopathic Medicine for Pharynx, Throat, Abdomen and Menstrual Problems

Lachesis- Superb Remedy for Pharynx, Throat, Abdomen and Menstrual Problems
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Homoeopathic medicine Lachesis cures wide range of problems. It is an excellent remedy to cure pharynx, throat, abdominal, menstrual and menopausal complaints. Before using lachesis, knowledge of right dose and potency of medicine and gap between them is equally important.

Information and Uses of Lachesis Mutus Homeopathic Medicine

Paralysis of Pharynx

This is one of the problem that Lachesis patient has to face. Pharynx of Lachesis patient is so weak that it could not push the food swallowed further in abdominal canal. That is why, food keep on collecting in pharynx. When lot of food gets collected in pharynx, then patient tries hard to push it further. The result is lot of gagging, coughing and spasmodic action to carry on respiration. That means, first patient has problem of pushing food further from paralysed pharynx, when somehow patient come over it, then second problem of difficult forceful respiration start.

The second problem starts developing fear of swallowing food in patient. This type of problem occurs in diphtheria state. Pharynx also contains too much mucous that she needs to hawk in morning to clear it. 

Ulcerative sore throat with aggravation from warm drinks

Lachesis patients has a kind of sore throat in which they could not swallow warm drinks. This is because it aggravates. It causes nausea and suffocation. But, this aggravation from warm drinks occurs when sore throat is of acute origin. When sore throat is of chronic origin, there occurs aggravation from cold drinks.

One more thing, this aggravation from cold water occurs only on lying down, not on sitting. But, aggravation from hot and cold is not the only story. Lachesis patient has difficulty in swallowing food, but that becomes more when swallowing liquid for example, water or tea.

Sore throat of Lachesis patient has one more side of disease i.e is ulcerative. Ulceration occurs in mucous membrane of the throat. This ulceration is the reason behind difficult swallowing of the food. Swallowing of food is a big tension for Lachesis patient as it causes choking, gagging and coughing. This difficult swallowing as said above is due to ulceration and this ulceration occurs more in reccurring sore throat. With sore throat, there always occur pain in back of neck. Sore throat problem first occurs on left side and then extends to right side. 

Tympantic abdomen with enlarged liver can’t bear touch of clothing

Abdomen of Lachesis patient is too much distended. Not only this, skin around abdomen is sensitive to extent that slight touch of a cloth aggravates, especially around waist, hips and lower abdomen. It causes pain and uneasiness. Enlarged liver and bowels of Lachesis patient has inflammation. Lachesis patient feels annoying pain in liver region like some knife is cutting there.

Nothing in stomach is accepted, whatever he eats is vomited out. Because nothing stays in stomach for nutrition because of vomiting that results in  jaundice out of malnutrition. Lachesis patient also suffers from gallstones because of which he suffers from white stools.

Excellent remedy for menstrual and menopausal complaints

Lachesis is like boon in menstrual and menopausal complaints. Usually, the girls are happy when their weekly menstrual flow finish where as, it is opposite for Lachesis patient. She is free from most of her small complaints like headache, pain or nausea on starting of menstrual flow. When her menstrual flow stops, all these complaints like, nausea, vomiting, headache and pain start again. So, in short, Lachesis patient suffers from problems when her menstrual flow stops and that occurs before and after menses, during pregnancy and on menopause.

One more thing, menses of Lachesis patient are not continuous. She has intermittent days of menstrual flow; starting and stoppage. That is, one day with menstrual flow and the other day without menstrual flow. The day which is without menstrual flow is accompanied with pain and headache. In menopause, patient experiences cold and hot states alternately; flashes of heat at day time and feeling of chill at night time. 

One very important thing to note, whether it is menstrual flow or it is hemorrhage due to any other uterine disease, its color will always remain same i.e. black.

Which type of uterine complaints Lachesis patient suffers? Patient may suffer from inflammation, suppuration of ovaries that start on left side and with time extend to right side. Pain in pelvis, especially labor pain start and cease suddenly and extends to upwards that make patient clutch the throat.

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