10 Side Effects of Drinking Lemon Water

10 Side Effects of Lemon Water That You Do Not Know

10 Side Effects of Drinking Lemon Water
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Lemon water is very nutrient-dense beverage but taking this in excess can have some nasty side effects. All the side effects of lemon water are related to acidic content in lemons. So let's know what can be the side effects of drinking lemon water in excess.

10 Side Effects of Lemon Water

We all love to add lemon slices to water to add extra zing to plain water and we add lemon juice to plain water to make it more refreshing. Water enhances the taste of water and it  can lead to drinking more water. What is more, drinking one glass of water with juice of lemon aids in cutting calories that is why lemon water has become favorite beverage or people of all age groups. Lemon water can replenish the needs of vitamin C and fiber in body. But drinking this beverage in excess can be harmful. This article delves deep into the 10 major side effects of drinking lemon water in excess.

Have a look:-

1) Tooth erosion becasue of excess lemon water

Taking acidic foods like lemon can lead to accumulation of certain amount of acid over tooth enamel with time. That can lead to erosion of tooth enamel and can make your tooth sensitive to hot and cold.If you are sensitive to hot and cold,then drinking lemon water can lead to worsening your problem.  Use straw to drink lemon water to avoid this problem.

2) Lemon water can cause hearthburn

Drinking lemon juice with water can trigger heart burn. Heartburn is the reason of when esophageal sphincter does not function properly. and acids from your stomach go back into stomach leading to heartburn  which causes severe pain and discomfort in your chest. Highly acidic in nature, lemon juice activates  stomach enzyme called pepsin which plays an important role in breaking down protein. All those with heartburn problem should avoid drinking lemon juice in excess. 

3) Nausea, vomiting and upset stomach because of excess drinking of lemon water

Lemon is rich in vitamin C which is essential nutrient for healthy body but taking vitamin C in excess can cause some health hazards. For flushing out excess vitamin C from body, water flushes out into bowel resulting in nauseated feeling and upset stomach. Although moderate amount of vitamin C can not cause this problem but taking in surfeit can cause this problem.

4) Frequent urination is the result of lemon water

Too much of vitamin C can lead to too much formation of urine in your body leading to you going to loo several times and also can lead to dehydration. So it is necessary to  drink a lot of water to make up for the water loss due to frequent urination.

5) Lemon water can lead to more storage of iron

Consumption of lemon water can lead to more storage of iron in your body because of vitamin C present in it. Lemon water should be avoided if you are suffering from rare hemochromatosis  in which body stores more more iron than usual. Avoid taking lemon water in excess if are suffering from this disease.

6) Lemon water can aggravate your kapha dosha

Lemon water  is a kapha aggravating food which can cause kapha imbalance in body which can leads to poor digestion and lethargy So those down with kapha dosha should avoid taking lemon water in excess.

7) Migraine problem with lemon water

It has been proved by study that taking citrus fruits like lemon can  lead to worsening your iron problem. 11 percent of 490 people have reported that taking citrus fruits triggers migraine attack. Because citrus fruits have tyramine which aggravates migraine problem. So take only moderate amount of lemon juice if you are suffering from migraine.

8) It can worsen canker sore

Canker sore is a blister inside the mouth which causes pain and discomfort while eating. Lemon water had acid content which can worsen your problem and so it is better to stay away from acididic foods or drinks to curb this problem.

9) Taking lemon water in excess can make your skin dry

Although lemon juice is very good for skin for its skin bleaching and brightening properties but taking lemon water in excess can lead to frequesnt urination that leads to loss of water in body. As a result your skin loses moisture and hydration leading to dry and flaky skin. So if you have dry skin then it is better to avoid lemon water in excess as it can make your skin dry, dull and chapped.

10) Sometimes lemon wedges are hightly contaminated with pesticides

Nowadays it is common to use lemon wedges or entire lemon wedges in the water to prepare lemon drink. But let me tell me one thing that lemon wedges are often coated with wax to protect them from damage while shipping. These wax are very harmful toxins which when ingested can have adverse effects on body. So be careful before adding lemon wedges to water to avoid this situlation. The best way to add lemon wedges to wash them before using or squeeze the juice of entire lemon juice in one glass of water to enjoy its benefits.


As you have learnt above the side effects of drinking lemon water. It has more benefits than side effects. Side effects are experienced only when it is taken in excess. Anyone on medications like aspirin and warpharin should ask thier doctor before drinking lemon juice.

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