3 Effective Honey and Lemon Face Masks for Acne Scars

Reduce Acne Scars using highly effective Honey and Lemon Face Masks

3 Effective Honey and Lemon Face Masks for Acne Scars
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Acne scar may seem like a dent into your beauty which may affect your self esteem. But acne scars can be faded to a great extent with help of honey and lemon facial masks. Mentioned below are three effective recipes of honey and lemon face masks for acne scars.

Honey and lemon face masks are great for skin lightening as both are skin whitening agent which even out your skin by making it blemish free. Honey and lemon face mask can be of great help for acne-sufferer or people with acne-prone skin also. Acne scars are like pits or raised bumps on skin which are the direct result of acne on face which leaves behind unpleasant scars which may mar your physical appearance. Acne scars are triggered sometimes when acne is squeezed, pricked or scratched. At times, your genetics are also responsible for acne scars. Worry no more ! You can prepare some very effective facial masks using honey and lemon at home that help you reduce acne scars.

This article is presenting the best 3 homemade honey and lemon face masks for acne scars. Read on to know.

3 Best Honey and Lemon Face Masks for Acne Scars

1. Cinnamon, lemon juice and honey mask for fading pimple marks and acne scars

Grind few pods of cinnamon in a mixer grinder and prepare a fine powder. Mix 2 spoons of cinnamon powder, one spoon of lemon juice and one spoon of honey together and apply this on your perfectly cleansed face and  leave it on your face for 20 minutes. Wash it off with lukewarm water after 20 minutes. Since lemon has astringent properties which heal acne and its cars effectively. Rich in alpha hydroxy acids, lemon lightens acne scars and vitamin C which prevents acne and acne-scars.  While cinnamon has anti-bacterial properties which fight acne and pimples. Also, cinnamon smoothens out acne pits and lesions on skin.

Honey is a natural anti-septic which reduces the severity of acne (see honey face masks for acne) and acne scars. Also, anti-oxidants in honey help repair damaged skin tissues that help in improving the clarity of skin. Also rich in vitamins and minerals present in honey aids in keeping your skin scar-free. All three effective ingredients work wonders in removal of acne scars.

2. Lemon, honey and fuller's earth (multani mitti) face mask for removing acne scars

Here you can prepare a face mask consisting of one spoon of honey, one spoon of lemon juice, 2 spoons of fuller's earth. Prepare a thick paste and smear this paste on your acne and acne scars. Let this mixture dry up for 20 minutes before rinsing it off with cold water. Fuller's earth is really good for your skin. It is rich in magnesium chloride which prevents acne and break out. With rich content of minerals, multani mitti has minerals present in it which help in lightening acne scars and pigmentation marks. Honey contains an enzyme called glucose oxidase which when breaks down produces hydrogen peroxide, skin bleaching agent that lighten acne scars and lemon is rich in citric acid that lighten acne -scars.Use this face mask daily for best results.

3. Aloe vera, lemon juice and honey for removal of acne scars

This mask is highly beneficial in lightening acne scars. Mix 2 spoons of pure aloe vera gel extracted from aloe leaf and one spoon of lemon juice and one spoon of honey. Apply this mask on your skin for 20  minutes and then wash it off. This mask can be applied daily for best results. As we know honey and lemon whiten skin tone and scars and aloe vera is rich in nutrients like vitamin C, E and zinc which heal acne and scars. Also rich in anti-oxidants, aloe vera helps in new cell renewal process, thereby, healing acne bumps effectively.

After learning about 3 effective honey and lemon face masks foe acne scars, it is time to follow them right away and incorporate these face masks into your skin care regimen. Use these home remedies religiously and you will be all set to say good bye to acne and acne scars.

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