10 Reasons to Drink Lemon Water Before Bed

Should You Drink Lemon Water Before Going to Bed?

10 Reasons to Drink Lemon Water Before Bed
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Drinking lemon water is beneficial in melting fat and losing weight but it has much more benefits when it is taken before bed time. Taking warm lemon water before going to bed can regulate your digestive system and keeps your bowel clean. Read on to know why you should drink lemon water before bed time everyday.

Lemon water is very beneficial for health as lemon is a citrus fruit which provides vital nutrients and vitamins to your body while giving your body energy minus any cholesterol and saturated fats and only little sodium. Lemon water is a rich source of folate and potassium also. The benefit of taking lemon water in the morning is that it stimulates your digestive system and buzzes up your metabolism to aid in weight loss. But taking lemon water before bed can detoxify your system and keeps you energized while you wake up in the morning. 

Nutrients facts of lemon water

For a serving size of 244 grams of lemon water, it contains 61 calories, 187 percent of vitamin C, 7 percent of carbohydrates, 4 percent of fiber, 2 percent of calcium and 1 percent of vitamin A and no fats and cholesterol. So main benefits of drinking lemon water is to ingest the goodness of abundance Of vitamin C from this beverage.

10 Reasons to Drink Lemon Water Before Bed Time

So these are the reasons you should drink lemon water at night before going to bed:

1) Sound sleep

Drinking lemon water provides essential nutrients to your body and replenishes minerals and vitamins what were lost during the day.It has capability to stabilize hormones and make your feel energetic all day long. Drinking lemon water at bedtime can repair joint and muscles and it promotes sound sleep.

As a resuls you wake up  feeling refreshed and energetic.

2) Boosts immunity of your body

As we have learnt from the nutrients facts of lemon water that lemon juice is very much rich in vitamin C, which is responsible for boosting immunity in body. Vitamin C is known as ascorbic acid which can fight the nucleic acid present in your body which may harm your body. Vitamin c also plays a key role in formation of white blood cells which helps in proper function of immune system.

3) Keeps your body hydrated while you sleep

Our body needs enough water to keep it energetic throughout the day as our body is made mostly for water. Drinking lemon water before bedtime can make up  for the lost fluid in body and keeps you hydrated all day long. Also keeping the body hydrated will enable the blood to pump thorough blood vessels to muscles. It results in your muscles working more efficiently.

4) Boosts your mood

Lemon water has zesty taste which refreshes your mood and makes you feel  rejuvenated. Negative ions found in  lemon act as mood booster. So if your are  not  feeling good, then gulp down a glass of lemon water before you go to sleep to perk up your mood.

5) Lemon water detoxifies your body

Lemon water acts as diuretic which helps to flush out toxins and harmful elements from your body. A glass of warm lemon water enables your body to detoxify throughout the night. But the side effects of lemon water is that it can lead to frequent urination at night.

6) Helps in strengthening digestive system

Lemon water before bedtime can  keep your bowel movements in order and keeps your digesting system healthy. It also helps in smooth excretion and getting you rid of constipation.It can also regulate and enzyme functions in body and keeps our liver healthy. Moreover, it helps in absorption of minerals in body which prevents your stomach from bloating.

7) Help in losing weight

Drinking warm lemon water is recommended to lose weight in a healthy way when lemon is taken on empty stomach. Lemon has fiber and water is a natural calorie burner which work well together to burn calorie if cold lemon water is taken at bed time. Cold water lets your body work harder to warm up leading to increase in the rate of metabolism that enables cutting down on calories fast. So you must drink lemon water which is an excellent weight loss drink. 

8) Gives you clear skin by increasing the sweating rate

Sweating is necessary for removing excess water and salt from your body and giving you clean and clear face. Lemon water helps to sweat it out, in turn it gives beautiful glow to your skin.

9) It helps to cure cough and cold

If you suffer from cough and cold frequently then drinking warm water before bedtime is the best idea to treat cold.Warm water with lemon juice will help to dissolve thick phlegm from body and give your relief. Lemon is rich in vitamin C which also helps in controlling cough and cold.

10) Drinking warm lemon water alleviates pain

Drinking warm lemon water at bed time helps to allay pain as it has soothing effects. It is really beneficial in easing off menstrual cramps in women. Drinking warm lemon water relaxes and soothes your body before sleeping. So drink lemon water before bed time to relax your body.


As you have learnt the best 10 benefits of drinking lemon water before bedtime. Although it is not good idea to drink too much of lemon water at night to avoid frequent urination. One glass of warm water with juice of a whole lemon added to it, is safe and very beneficial your  overall health.

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