How to Apply BB Cream on Face

How to Apply BB Cream on Face?

How to Apply BB Cream on Face
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Women uses BB cream to get light and flawless skin. Applying BB cream requires some sort of knowledge. I reviewed Ponds BB cream in last post, and now I am going to share with you the correct way of applying bb cream. You must know the right method of using bb cream and have to be careful when applying it. It is important to do face clean up before you apply BB cream on your face. Correct usage will ensure that you get light coverage and ample moisture for your skin. So here are the steps to apply bb cream in right way on your face.

How to Apply BB Cream

So these are the steps that you can follow to apply BB cream. While this is not a rocket science, right approach will ensure that BB cream gets properly spread every where on your face: 

Step 1. Clean your face using a facial cleanser

To start with, first clean your face using good quality facial cleanser to remove all traces of dirt, pollution and make up residues accumulated on your skin. Perfectly cleansed skin creates the best base of dabbing any sort of make up. Clear and squeaky clean skin enables the foundation or bb cream to absorb and set well. 

Step 2. Apply moisturiser

Applying moisturiser is the key to get perfectly dewy and smooth skin prior to applying BB cream or foundation. And it ensures that BB cream does not settle into dry skin and does not look cakey and unnatural.

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Step 3. Squeeze out the BB cream

Take out the the pea size amount of BB cream on your clean and washed hands and only pea size cream is enough for  covering your entire face. Taking the cream on your hands is necessary as the heat of the hand will let the cream melt easily and help to blend it quickly and evenly.

4. Take a pea size cream and apply five dots on face

Apply bb cream in five dots on five prominent areas like chin, forehead, cheeks and nose. One dot in the middle of forehead, one on the tip of nose, one dot on left cheek, one dot on right cheek and one dot on chin. Dab the cream onto your finger to apply bb cream on your face. Remember all dots should be equal in portion to let the cream spread evenly. Never apply bb cream in large splotches and streaks otherwise it will let your skin weighted down. You should use the cream sparsely and small amount of it will be enough for your entire face.

Step 5. Pat the cream onto your skin very gently with fingertips

Use your middle and index finger to pat the BB cream into your skin. You should use BB cream on your skin using circular motion. In place of keeping your skin in direct touch to fingers, keep your finger up and down while rubbing. Light and smooth pressure helps bb cream to spread gently. Start with forehead and work your way down towards both cheeks from the middle. Next, move on to your nose and chin. Again, finish off with cheeks to get the perfect and even look.

5a) Alternately, you can blend the cream using sponge

Using your fingertips for applying BB cream can invite extra oil to your skin so using sponge is best to blend the cream for people with oily skin. First, spritz the make up sponge with facial mist to let the cream spread on your face smoothly. Then apply BB cream in five dots as mentioned above. Only make up sponge is needed to smoothen the cream on your skin in place of hands. Use firm, even and outwards strokes with sponge to blend the cream into skin. Start with forehead and work your ways towards the side of forehead from the center. Next, it is time to concentrate on nose and chin. Then blend the cream gently into your both cheeks using outward strokes.

5b) You can apply BB cream with brush also

This technique is best for liquid foundation or BB cream and not for balmy and thick creams. People with dry skin should never use sponge as sponge can strip the natural moisture off skin furthermore.

Use firm and even outward brush to blend the bb cream perfectly. A stroke by brush is always a little softer than the stroke by hands. Apply five dots of BB cream to forehead, two cheeks, chin and nose in equal proportion. Start at the center of your forehead with little pressure and brush the cream out towards top and side. Next brush the BB cream on your nose up and down and on chin from side to side. Blend the cream in your cheeks till it meets all the areas of your skin you have used bb cream on.

6. Pat the cream under eyes

You should always use light pressure when you use BB cream under eye areas whether you are using the cream with hands, brush or sponge. Gentle press of cream under eyes prevents the cream from settling into fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes. Strokes motion can strain your eyes muscles which is very sensitive.

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Step 7. Apply extra layer of BB cream on problematic areas

Let the BB cream dry off a bit for few minutes and you may notice some imperfections which may be visible after some time. Use some extra amount of BB cream on your minor blemishes to conceal them and create an even toned skin.

Step 8. Finish off with loose powder

If you want your BB cream to last longer then you can definitely top it off with loose or translucent powder to create a perfect look that really lasts longer. People with oily skin can use loose powder to absorb the greasiness of cream or foundation to create a shine free and even toned skin. 

Tip: You can use Patanjali aloe vera gel on your face before using BB cream to get that extra effect. 

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