Ponds BB Cream Review | White Beauty BB Cream

Ponds BB Cream Review by Nutankumarisinha

Ponds BB Cream Review | White Beauty BB Cream
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This is my review of Ponds White Beauty BB+ Cream that I often use while going out or getting ready for some special occasion. Not only would I review Ponds BB Cream, but would also discuss with you why I bought this white beauty cream and what are the pros and cons of using this White Beauty BB cream from Ponds. Scroll down to read my review of Ponds White Beauty BB Cream.

BB cream stands for Blemish Balm which is like tinted moisturiser and is very popular these days. It is for those who do not want the heavy layering of foundation but still want sheer coverage and get fair skin complexion. BB cream is best for those who want flawless, no make up yet bright look without slathering their face with loads of make up.

Ponds White Beauty BB Cream Review

Why I Bought Ponds BB Cream? 

Actually I have naturally flawless skin so I never use any foundation on face because I feel it hides the natural radiance of my skin. I often use home made face packs to get glowing skin but at the same time, I am very fond of clicking pictures and posting my pictures on social media which needed my face to look photo-ready and bright all the time without making me look cakey. So I decided to buy ponds BB cream, which was easily available in market. Small tube of ponds BB cream costed 69 rupees to me and 18 gram of ponds BB cream costs 125 rupees.


It comes in pink and silver small carton inside which there is white tube which is very  convenient to carry when you are on a go.

What Ponds BB Cream Claims

  • It gives instant fairer and radiant look
  • It evens out skin tone
  • Non- pore clogging
  • Lightens skin from the epidermis level
  • Loaded with SPF PA plus plus which  protects your skin from harmful UV rays
  • It lightens dark spots on continuous usage of this cream
  • Its genwhite formula is rich with vitamin B3, vitamin E and Allantoin and advanced sun protection.

Texture of Ponds White Beauty BB Cream

The texture of ponds BB cream is thick and creamy that only a small amount of it will cover your entire face.

Take a pea size of ponds BB cream and blend it evenly to get a even toned skin which will not give your skin a plastered look. It does not give heavy coverage like foundation but it can cover minor blemishes or acne marks on face effectively with its medium coverage. This is non-greasy in texture which will not make your skin oily. It is good for oily and combination skin. Women with dry skin should use moisturiser prior to using this cream. 

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My Experience With Ponds BB Cream

I used ponds BB cream to give my skin a polished and bright look which really works for me. My skin looks much brighter, fairer and more spotless after using this ponds BB cream. It does not give me plastered look and does not camouflage the real skin beneath the cream. The most amazing thing is that it looks so natural in pictures that makes you feel that you are wearing no make up at all.

What I Like About Ponds White Beauty BB Cream

  • It moisturises my skin ( Read recipes to make homemade natural moisturizer for face)
  • It has elongated nozzle which makes it easy for cream to come out
  • It makes my skin look naturally bright and fairer instantly
  • It gives me feel of no make up look
  • It is good for photos because it does not give cakey or plastered look
  • It evens out skin tone without clogging my skin pores
  • It is packed with SPF 30 which gives me ample sun protection
  • It is non oily in texture which is great for all seasons.
  • It comes in a compact plastic tube which makes it travel friendly
  • It is really economical that 18 gram tube can last up to 3 months if used on a daily basis.
  • It gives medium and semi matte coverage that can cover minor facial imperfections.
  • Easily available at local outlets and online websites.

What I Do Not Like About Ponds White Beauty BB Cream

  • It comes in only one shade it may not be suitable for dark-complexion beauties.
  • It is not for those wishing to cover pigmentation marks and other prominent blemishes.

My Final Verdict About Ponds BB Cream 

It served the purpose I had bought it for. It definitely covers minor flaws and imperfections of skin to give my face a brighter and natural look. But it did not lighten the skin tone which is claimed by the product. 

Although it is thick in texture but good to use for daily basis. It is the only make up product I am totally in love with. It does not give acne break out to my skin and does not make dry after keeping this on for 4-5 hours. It gives me an instant bright and fairer and make my face photo-ready too. But I think there should be a shade for dusky skin too as the only one shade is light for dark skin and it can give unnatural look to their face.

Would I Recommend Ponds BB Cream to Others?

Of course, yes. I will recommend this to every girl who loves minimal but polished look on a daily basis because foundation can be heavy for daily use. It is a foundation, moisturiser, sunscreen and skin brightening cream all rolled into one. It is must have beauty product for every woman.

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