What is BB Cream? What is It Used for and What Does BB Cream Do?

What is BB Cream? What is BB Cream Used for? And What Does BB Cream Do?

What is BB Cream? What is It Used for and What Does BB Cream Do?
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BB Cream stands for Blemish Balm or Blemish Base Cream. In this article we are going to look at every aspect of bb cream such as what is bb cream actually, what is bb cream used for and what does bb cream do that makes skin stand apart among others. Scroll down to know everything about BB cream, a miraculous new age cream.

BB cream is a having a moment these days thanks to the numerous benefits it provides to the skin. Hardly new, yet BB cream is basking in new-found adulation because of the multiple role it serves. BB cream is a sunblock, tinted moisturizer, primer day cream, concealer ,foundation all rolled into one. Because of the exceptionally multi-tasking abilities, BB cream is the most sought after beauty product by beauty conscious people all over the world.

What Does BB Cream Stands For?

There are many full names for BB cream depending upon the region it is used in. BB cream stands for blemish balm or blemish base or beauty balm and even beblesh balm cream. 

What Is BB Cream?

BB cream is a blemish balm or blemish base which does cover minor spots or imperfections, it is more of a multi-tasking cream which is creamier than tinted moisturizer and lighter than your regular foundation. BB cream is for those who love minimal make up yet instant brightened up skin without any hassles.

In short, it is miracle cream which saves lots of counter space and money too. The idea of a BB cream is to use only one product only after you wash your face without slathering your face with loads of cosmetic products and  yet look naturally radiant.

How Did BB Cream Originated?

It was first invented in Germany by dermatologists as a miracle skin care product which can protect skin and provide coverage after session of laser treatment. It is most popular in Korea as it provides natural looking but vibrant complexion. It has become so popular in Asia too and its popularity has skyrocketed in 2012. In India, Garnier was the first brand to launch BB cream in India. After that, market was bombarded with a host of  BB creams like Clinique, Estee lauder, Ponds, Maybelline, Fair & Lovely and so on. If you girls have not got your favorite BB cream in your kitty, do buy them in your next visit to market, thanks to its multi tasking abilities.

What Is BB Cream Used For?

BB Cream has multi purpose job which moisturizes and hydrates like a day cream, gives coverage like tinted moisturizer and covers imperfections and redness like concealer, evens out complexion like a foundation and protect skin like a sunscreen do. There are some BB creams which provide anti-ageing and skin healing properties whereas some BB cream like Ponds BB cream promises to lighten your skin tone too with regular usage like a fairness cream. Ponds BB cream is apt for for those who want minimal make up yet polished look on everyday basis. It does not look so heavy or cakey like a foundation but it gives coverage like a tinted moisturizer which hydrates and evens out you skin in a jiffy.

What Does BB Cream Do?

If someone is looking for little wonder cream which is a time and money saver and can shrink your make up bag by providing all the benefits of sunscreen, serum, moisturizer, primer and foundation. It is a perfect bet for those who love natural looking and dewy complexion.

If one does not like heavy foundation for daily wear or office, then BB cream is more than enough to brighten up your dull and lackluster complexion within few minutes.

If your are looking for a miracle cream which offers light coverage with matte finish, then BB cream is right buy for you.

If you want a simple daily routine, then BB cream is the one-stop solution for all your make up process. You can say good bye to all your beauty products with BB cream in your kitty.

Can BB Cream Be Substitute For Foundation?

No. Foundation provides heavy coverage which can camouflage minor flaws of skin. Generally, there are shades galore in foundation when it comes to choosing it for your skin tone. BB creams usually come with very limited shades like medium, dark and fair skin tones. To know all difference between both, check BB Cream and Foundation Difference article. 

How To Apply BB Cream On Face?

 All you need to follow the same steps you follow before using foundation. Just take a pea size of BB cream in your palm and apply this in five equal dots on areas like 2 cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin and blend this in upward direction and you are ready to go in few minutes. You can use brush or sponge too to apply BB cream also. To know all the steps for applying BB cream, read our article about how to apply BB cream

What Is The Best BB Cream For Your Skin?

Although there are lots of BB creams available in market like Fair and Lovely, Maybelline, Garnier or L'Oreal Paris Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream, Ponds BB cream. I have used Ponds BB cream myself and I am very much satisfied with this product because it fulfills all the claims made by the product. It instantly makes my skin fairer, brighter and more flawless without giving my skin a plastered look. Apart from this, my sister uses L'Oreal Paris magic skin beautifier BB cream which is also too good which has skin hydrating anti-oxidant vitamin E for providing all day hydration with micro beads of color. While ponds BB cream has only one shade for all complexions but L'Oreal Paris magic skin beautifier BB cream has 4 shades fair, dark medium and deep. It gives your matte finish so it is a great choice for oily and combination skin types. While garnier BB cream gives instant burst of moisture to your skin so it is good for dry and mature skin.

Can We Apply BB Cream Daily?

While BB cream is a softer version for foundation with burst of moisturizer. It is not advisable to use it daily but you can  apply it while going out or before gong to party. Some BB creams like Garnier is infused with moisturizer so it can be used in place of daily cream daily and ponds BB cream is well suited to normal and oily skin. But make sure to remove BB cream before going to bed.

Should I Apply Compact After Using BB Cream?

BB cream performs best if used alone. If you have dry skin then, BB cream is enough for you. But if you have oily skin, then compact is necessary to adsorb extra oil, add extra coverage and  it makes your make up last longer.

Should I Use Foundation After or Before Using BB Cream?

While BB cream is just like a tinted moisturizer, so foundation can be used after bb creams. There are some BB creams like maybelline dream finish that gives light coverage and gives high moisture to your skin. You can top it off with foundation but let me make one thing clear, using foundation after BB cream will kill the very purpose of using BB cream at all. If you want the effect of foundation, then skip the process of applying BB cream on face. 

Is BB Cream Beneficial for Your Skin?

Of course yes. BB cream is better than foundation which never clogs your pores and never lets your skin down. Although you can not use it daily but it does good job of evening out your skin discoloration and providing little to medium coverage. You can not expect BB cream to make your skin's condition better but it can definitely give your skin a polished look. It is a must have product in every woman's kitty. Always buy a bb cream according to your skin type and skin tone at your nearest beauty counter and you are ready to shine naturally.

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