Lower Back Pain Causes and Reasons | How to Treat Lumber Pain?

Know Causes of Lower Back Pain to Treat it

Lower Back Pain Causes and Reasons | How to Treat Lumber Pain?
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There are many reasons behind lower back pain. Main causes include poor posture, injury, excess strain and lack of calcium in the body. It is more common in women and office going people and increases with age. There are many treatment options available for lower back pain. Once you know the cause of back pain, it becomes easy to treat it. You can treat lower back pain at home. Below we have given reasons behind lumber pain and how to treat lower back pain at home naturally.

Nowadays many women are getting caught up it the grip of nagging lower back pain .The lower back pain is the stabbing or shooting pain in the lower part of your spine. Lower back pain is accompanied by aching , stiffness or inability to move your body properly, weakness, numbness in the affected area . It can be both continuous or intermittent .The main reasons are growing age ,skimping on a healthy food ,lack of inadequate sleep ,long working hours, erratic lifestyle ,etc .All these take a heavy toll on your body that give birth to lower back pain .Your erratic lifestyle is the biggest offender that leads to put excess strain on your muscles .Excessive strain leads to depletion of calcium or other minerals in your body .Back bone aches because of some injuries also .The women affected with slip disc or muscles injury are also the big victims of back pain. Sedentary lifestyle, deficiency of vital nutrients in you body , prolonged illness ,etc also contribute to lower back pain .Lets us know the main reasons and treatments of back pain in detail.

Causes of Back Pain

Given below are few most common causes behind lumber pain. 

a) Back pain can occur due to serious injury also. An injury can cause your muscles to tear resulting in excruciating back pain.

b) Deficiency of vital nutrients in your diet leads to improper blood circulation in the body .It causes excessive strain on the muscles of backbone resulting in back pain.

c) Those working women who work a lot and do not have adequate sleep, fall prey to back pain.

d) Lazy and inactive woman who moves her body less often is also the victim of lumber back pain.

e) The woman indulging in too much sex and not having a healthy food suffers from back pain.

f) Women who stay up for long at night and work all day long also suffer from lower back pain.

g) Your wrong posture of sitting ,walking, standing also aggravates your back pain.

h) The women who work on computer all day long are also affected by back pain.

i) Back pain is very common during pregnancy due to sudden weight gain.

j) Women working more than their physical ability can easily get caught up in the grip of lumbar back pain.

Treatment for Lower Back Pain

You can use ice on the affected area when back pain strikes you all of a sudden. You can use ice for 48-72 hours .You can try fomentation on your back also.

Take exercise to allay your back pain .You can try yoga and some exercises especially designed to ease off back pain. You can try walking, swimming ,cycling or yoga to fight lumber back pain .But you must avoid golf, football, weight lifting , straight leg-sit ups. Strengthening and stretching are good for allaying lower back pain .But is necessary to remember all exercises can help to minimize the recurrence of lower back pain .It is not advised to take exercise while you are attacked by back pain.

If your work entails working on computer ,do not work continuously .Change your sitting position quite often to avoid the attack of back pain.

While sleeping try lying down in curled up(fetal position)keeping pillow between both legs .If you feel comfortable in sleeping on your back, then keep a pillow or towel under your knees to minimize strain.

You can get your lower back massaged by someone else to lessen your pain.

You need to up your calcium intake to make your bone stronger to build up immunity against lower back pain.

Beware of tottering around in high heels to avoid back pain .High heels put excessive strain on your muscles causing them to ache .So use soft and flat sandals to avoid back pain.
Bladder infections and appendicitis cause severe back pain .So it is a must to treat underlying disease to stave off lower back pain.

Try to shed your extra kilos from your body as excess weight can trigger joint pain and
lower back pain .Remember our back supports most of our body weight .So it is advisable to keep your weight in control to ward off back pain.

Try to take adequate sleep at night to relax your mind and body .Adequate rest goes a long way in upping the hormone level in the body.


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