How to use Honey and Lemon Juice for Weight Loss?

Effective Weight Loss with Honey and Lemon Juice

How to use Honey and Lemon Juice for Weight Loss?
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Although it is not a magic which melts way ungainly fat fast but this drink helps in boosting the metabolic rate of body. The faster the metabolism runs, the more fat your body burns. So drinking lemon juice with honey with warm water in the morning is a great idea to lose weight. Read on to know why lemon juice and honey aids in weight loss.

Drinking warm water with honey and lemon juice is considered a boon to those who want to shed extra flab from body and become slim. Both honey and lemon have therapeutic properties when both mixed together become a powerful blend for your health. These ingredients are easily available in your kitchen which is very pocket friendly too. Both honey and lemons are superfoods which are helpful in keeping your stomach fuller for long and prevent you from overeating. This article is delving deep into why honey and lemon juice mix is helpful in weight loss. Have a look.

How honey helps in losing weight?

Honey is well-known for keeping your digestive system in order and removing waste from your body and keeps your bowel clean. Only taking a spoonful of honey at bedtime fuels your liver and speeds up metabolism and aids in weight loss.

Also, honey is a healthy alternative to sugar which satiates your sweet tooth and provides your essential nutrients. Honey is a natural laxative that helps in smooth excretion and prevents accumulation of unwanted elements in your bowel.  So honey is a healthy substitute for sugar minus unwanted calories. Sugar is the main culprit for adding kilos around your waistline. So skip sugar in favour of honey.

Why lemon juice is so good for weight loss?

We all know that lemon is a citric fruit which is very rich In vitamin C. Vitamin C has been proved as weight loss vitamin because vitamin C activates the chemicals reaction in body which helps to melt down fat fast. Lemon juice also increases the calcium absorption in body from the food we take. It speeds up the fat-burning capacity of body. Also acidic properties of lemon juice can lower the absorption of sugar in body, thereby, preventing accumulation of fat in body because of sugar.

How to prepare weight loss drink with lemon juice and honey:-

1. Honey, lemon juice and warm water

You need to boil water and let it cool down a bit. Add 1 spoon of lemon juice and one spoon of unprocessed raw honey in a glass of lukewarm water. Stir well to blend well and drink immediately after it is prepared. Drink this amazing beverage on empty stomach to get maximum benefits from this drink. It is low calorie drink which gives your instant boost of energy and keeps your energetic throughout the day. This miracle drink boosts your metabolism and helps in melting fat fast. It also has all the minerals, enzymes, amino acids and vitamins to benefit your body. It is very low in calorie as one spoon of honey has 7 gms of calorie and lemon juice has 1 calorie only. Mixing honey and lemon juice to warm water makes it delicious to drink it every day.

2. Honey, lemon juice, warm water and cinnamon powder drink for weight loss

You need one spoon of honey, one spoon of lemon juice, one spoon of cinnamon powder and one cup of warm water to prepare this drink. Mix all ingredients with warm water and blend well with spoon and drink this preparation immediately. Cinnamon has weight management properties that helps to lower your LDL in your body, a type of bad cholesterol in your body. It also helps to lower your blood sugar level and can control your untimely hunger pangs. This weight loss drink helps to burn fat and control weight gain. Drink this weight loss elixir everyday in the morning to reap its optimal benefits.

Does drinking lemon juice and honey with warm warm water really help

Both lemon juice and honey are very effective in melting away unwanted fat but both work wonderful in unison with warm water. Here are some benefits of lemon and honey with warm water.

It helps to increase the metabolic rate of your body leading to burning fat faster than normal.

It keeps your body hydrated all day long and minimizes the risk of dehydration.

It keeps you full and satiated for long preventing you from binging more often.

This miracle drink helps in  treating obesity without compromising on essential nutrients your body loses after weight loss.

It is an elixir for your body which has detoxifyng and cleansing actions which facilitates burning of fat faster. It removes build up of toxins from your body and these toxins can activate fat cells leading to weight gain.

It helps to keep your digestive system healthy and getting you rid of constipation. As a result your stomach does not look bloated and heavy.

It is really easy to prepare and is very healthy as it contains vitamin C and anti-oxidants which give your lot of energy.

It keeps your liver clean.

It boosts the immunity of your body.

This weight loss drink enhances the blood circulation that results in clear and flawless skin.


You have learnt how lemon juice and honey with warm water is so much beneficial for weight loss. Although it is not miracle drink which will give overnight results but incorporate this drink into your diet coupled with healthy diet and some forms of exercise. Drink this detox and digestive tonic on empty stomach every morning to reap the maximum benefits from this drink. This delicious drink will give your weight loss program a kick while boosting your metabolism.

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