Face clean up benefits : How to do facial clean up at home step by step

What is Face Clean Up and how is it different from facial

Face clean up benefits : How to do facial clean up at home step by step
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When dirt, pollution, grime and smoke come in contact with sun rays, they generate free radicals which rob your skin of natural radiance and make your skin wrinkled, dull and lifeless. In order to protect your skin from these external factors which assault your skin, it is mandatory to do proper cleansing of skin to clean out skin's pores and bring out the inner glow. This articles brings you the step by step guide on how to do facial clean up at home. Have a look.


When you go to a beauty parlour, your beautician asks what do you have to do facial or face clean up ? You find yourselves in a dilemma and you feel that face clean up will not grant the desired luminous glow to your face. You decide to get a facial as you do not have enough information about the facial clean up. To put an end to all your queries, this article will enlighten you about how clean up works magic on all skin types.Yes it is good to get a facial once a month, but when clean up is enough for your skin then there is no need to get a facial every time. In this article I will tell you which treatments you should get in the beauty parlour according to your age and skin type.Let us get started.

 What  is  face clean up 

Face clean up is an intensive cleansing your skin which  gets your skin rid of dirt, pollutants, dead skin cells, debris and excess oil from your skin pores. Regular face clean up gives a healthy boost to your skin and make your skin smooth and flawless.

          Benefits of face clean up

  • Regular cleaning, toning and moisturizing impart a healthy glow to your face. It is very good for keeping blemishes, blackheads and minor imperfections of your skin at bay.
  • Those affected with pimples get rashes after having a facial ,can try face clean up in place of a facial.

    Face clean up is very necessary in this time when pollution is the biggest enemy for your skin.
  • Regular face clean up lifts off the dirt particles from your skin and makes your skin look squeaky clean. In the process of clean up, your skin is cleansed, exfoliated and moisturized. Clean up helps to keep harmful bacteria, dirt ,sweat ,pollution at bay. These get stuck to your face leading to break out .So face clean up is very beneficial for warding off acne and pimples also.
  • Apart from these, clean up provides proper blood circulation to your skin leading to a rosy and pink complexion.

     If you do not have a time for a full facial ,then face clean up is a good option for you a get glowing and luminous skin.


 What is the difference between facial and face clean up


When you clean your face with cleansing milk,  it looks clean and radiant.  But the glow does not linger for long. For looking your face clean and glowing at all times, it is advisable to do the clean up of your face twice a month. Facial and face clean up are different in only duration of massage ,cleaning products and cleansing packs. Facial is very good for mature skin but face clean up is suitable for woman of every age .Face clean up is very suitable for the women under the age of 25 and teenagers also. Facial is good for eradicating dead skin cells and revealing new skin underneath that grants glow to your skin. It tightens the skin and it is a boon to dull, lacklustre and mature skin. So it is good to get a facial with the help of an expert beautician only to get the maximum benefits,with a view to your age and skin type.

Face clean up

But if you have to slough off dead skin cells and deep seated dirt from your skin, then clean up is enough for your skin .Clean up is done for unclogging your pores and let your skin breathe. Facial is mostly done for eradicating dead skin and tightens your skin .Face clean up unclogs your pores and let your skin breathe.

Know which clean up suits you according to your skin type

Pimple prone skin

You should use anti-bacterial face wash,alcohol free skin toner with aloe vera and neem based face pack for doing cleaning up of your face. Follow with oil control lotion .You should not use face scrub when you have pimples as pimples can burst in the process of scrubbing your face.

Sun burnt skin

For sun tanned skin  you need to use turmeric and lemon based cleansing milk.And use anti aging scrub in circular motion to eradicate dead cells.You can mix curd in cucumber or papaya based facial cream for massaging your skin. Follow with anti-tanning pack after 20 minutes .Wash off with cold water. Pat dry after applying rose water.

Tired and lifeless skin
Apply cleansing milk which is full of the goodness of cucumber and milk. You should use walnut , fig and almond based face scrub for massaging your face for ten minutes in circular motion. Apply fruit, gold or clay pack after it and wash off with cold water.

Sensitive skin

If you have a sensitive skin that experiences eruptions after having a facial. Then clean your face with fresh fruit juice in place of cleansing milk.Take fresh fruits like tomato or papaya with milk and a pinch of turmeric for massaging your face . It is a natural bleach that  give you a fairer complexion. Effects of this clean up will last long.

 Learn how to do face clean up at home 

In our busy life where almost everyone is time-starved, it is not possible every month to take off even 30 minutes to go to salon to caress our skin. How nice it would be if we could do face clean up at the comfort of our home at no great cost! Yes, it is very much possible to do facial clean up at home with  some easy to follow DIY tips.

For doing clean up, ingredients you will need to stock up on

 Facial cleanser

 Facial steamer

 Exfoliating scrub

 Skin nourishing facial mask

 Face toner

 Skin hydrating moisturizer


 Cotton wool

Let us learn the step by step process of face clean up  using natural ingredients


Mix half  spoon of salt to 3 spoons of milk and rub on your skin gently as you do with your regular cleanser.  5 minutes later, wash off with  cold water and pat dry with a towel. Milk is an excellent facial cleanser which can lift away dirt, pollutants and all traces of make up without any hassles.


Post cleansing, the next step is streaming. Steam your face using a face streamer available in market or you can place your face few inches away from boiling water in which you added few drops of essential oil. Keep you head covered with towel for 5 minutes. Next, wipe off your face with cotton wool. This process cleanses the deep seated  dirt accumulated in your skin pores and let your skin breathe.


Mix 2 spoons of honey with one spoon of sugar and gently scrub your face with this concoction for 5 minutes and then rinse off with lukewarm water. This helps to eradicate dead skin cells and bring out newer cells on the outer surface of skin.

4.Face mask

After exfoliation, your skin is ready to soak up the goodness of any facial mask you apply on your face. Make a face mask with 2 spoons of fuller's earth and 2 spoons of orange peel powder with rose water or your can use sandalwood and rose water mask also on your skin. You can add one spoon of almond oil to mixture this if you have dry skin. Let this mask stay on face for 20 minutes and then rinse off with cold water. 


After using a skin pampering mask, it is mandatory to dab on toner to shrink enlarged pores and maintain the PH balance of your skin. Make toner by mixing rose water and cucumber juice in equal measure and keep this mix in refrigerator for 2 hours. Dab this amazing homemade toner on your face to hydrate and purify your skin from the inside out.


Finish off the facial clean up process by using a good quality and herbal moisturizer on your skin. Moisturizer gives a  health boost of nourishment to your skin making it dewy and smooth.

Face clean up with activated charcoal powder in 2  simple steps 

Another hassle free face clean up at home  is with activated charcoal powder which is a carbon -rich ingredient which deep cleanses the pores and imparts a cleansed and spotless skin by getting your skin rid of all harmful toxins.

You will need following ingredients for charcoal face clean up

3 spoons of  activated charcoal powder

1 spoon of rice powder

1 spoon of aloe vera gel

1 spoons of curd

1 spoon of honey

Step 1

Mix one spoon of rice powder and one spoon of  activated charcoal powder with aloe vera gel in bowl and blend all ingredients well with a help of spoon. Massage this mixture on face in  a circulation motion to exfoliate your skin and remove dirt and impurities completely which get piled up on skin. Wash off with lukewarm to open up pores and let the face mask penetrate well into your skin.

Step 2

Blend curd, 2 spoons of  activated charcoal powder with one spoon of honey and slather this mask on your perfectly cleansed skin. Apply a thick layer of this mask and keep this on for 30 minutes and then wash it off with normal water. This mask will unclog pores and remove excess oil from skin surface and it removes blackheads and whiteheads very gently.

Why activated charcoal is so beneficial for face clean up

Activated charcoal powder can drive away bacteria, dirt, chemicals build up, traces of make-up and other micro particles deeply seated into your skin's pores and it renders flawless and squeaky clean skin. It is easily available in tablet form or powder also. Use this face clean up mask twice a week. This mask is best for acne prone skin.


 After reading about benefits of face clean up and how you can do face clean up at home using natural ingredients, make sure to do facial clean up twice a month to have radiant and glowing skin everyday without spending a hefty amount.


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