How to Lose Weight in a Week at Home? One Week Weight Loss Plan | Reduce 4.5kg in 7 Days

Lose Weight in a Week or 7 Days with One Week Weight Loss Plan to Reduce upto 4.5kg or 10 pounds

How to Lose Weight in a Week at Home? One Week Weight Loss Plan | Reduce 4.5kg in 7 Days
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How to lose weight in a week at home? Does losing weight in one week seems impossible right ! Yes, it is true that it seems an uphill task to make changes in your weight in just a week but it is not impossible if you stick to a strict diet program and work out routine to get the desired results naturally at home. Although it is not long term solution to get chiseled and fit body by losing weight in a week, but this 7 day weight loss program definitely keeps you on right track to jumpstart your weight loss journey. Here is how you can lose weight in one week at home all naturally by following strict diet routine and simple exercises that help reduce weight in 7 days.

While it is not easy to lose so much of weight in a week as calorie deficit on daily basis will lead to shedding each pound of weight. But still you can manage to burn up to 10 pounds in one week. By following a strict regimen, not only will you reduce your tummy fat, you will be bound to lose excess water weight too. This 7 days weight loss plan aims to lower your insulin level. Lower level of insulin leads to attack the stored carb, which is responsible for water retention in body. 

It is estimated that our body stores almost 300-500 grams of carbs in form of glycogen and glycogen can hold up to 3 times of that weight in water leading to water retention and bloating in body.

Moreover, reduced insulin level will also enable your kidney to shed excess sodium that leads to decrease in water retention in your body.

You may also lose some pounds by minimizing intestinal wastage and taking fiber in diet. All these can really help in losing weight in one week just.

How to Lose Weight in a Week


Go easy on carb rich foods and eat more lean protein in your diet

It is very important to swap carb-rich foods for lean protein diet to see quick weight loss in 7 days. You may have noticed that people who jump on to the bandwagon of low carb diet see quick difference in thier weight because low carb foods lead to reduction in water weight and bloating within short span of time.

Moreover, diet rich in protein reduces your appetite and revs up your metabolism furthermore. 

You must banish starchy carbs and sugary food completely from your plate, try to replace them with eggs white, lean meat, skinless chicken, soya foods and fish. So starting your weight loss journey with low carb and high protein diet lead to fast weight loss in a period of just one week. 

2. Reducing your calorie intake is the key to lose weight quickly in a week 

The bottom line is for losing weight in week, it is must to take less calories than you burn, then you will be able to see some drastic changes in your weight. You can follow these simple rules: 

  • Keep a tab on how much your are eating using calorie controller tool. This tool enables you to keep track of calories and nutrients you are ingesting on a daily basis.
  • Kick the habit of binging in between meals as it leads to accumulation of fat quickly.
  • Munch on boiled vegetables.
  • You must cut down on oil and spices in cooking.
  • Take a bite of papaya or pineapple whenever your mood strikes to grab a snack.
  • Avoid drinking up so many calories in form of milk shake, packaged fruit juice or fizzy drinks as they are laden with hidden calories and fat which will stunt your dream of losing weight in a week.

3. Change your sedentary lifestyle

In spite of working out 45 minutes to 1 hour, it is necessary to be active throughout the day. Use stairs in place of lift, If your work entails prolonged sitting on desk, then try to take a brisk walk for 5 minutes in between your work at regular intervals. You can even do house cleaning, gardening to lose some weight quickly.

4. Intermittent fasting is key to quickly lose weight in one week 

Fasting forces you to have control on your taste buds and exercise restraint when it comes to eating. It forces you to eat only during limited period for time. Although it is not necessary to go for strict 24 hours fast. You can try fasting for 16 hours and then eating only during 8 hours period or you can try even eating during 4 hours and keeping fast during remaining 20 hours. It can drastically reduce your weight in just a week. But if you are taking some intensive work out, then this tip is not meant for you because you can not take strenous exercise on empty stomach.

5. Follow these simple steps to lose excess water weight from your body

There are some simple ways which you can follow to reduce the water retention in your body in order to lose weight in 7 days period: 

  • Take dandelion extract, a diet supplement to reduce water retention in your body.
  • Take coffee as a source of caffeine because caffeine plays an instrumental role in shedding water weight and bloating in your your body.
  • Avoid foods like gluten and lactose your body may be intolerant to. Foods like gluten and lactose are very much responsible for bloating in your body so better to avoid them.

6. Make sure to take cardio exercise more than half an hour daily

Cardio exercises let your heart thumping which leads to shedding pounds fast. My favorite cardio is to run on treadmill to lose weight in a week. I have tried this tip myself whenever I feel bloating in my body, then I make sure to run extra miles on treadmill to shed extra weight so easily. To lose weight in one week period, you need to run fast and aggressively to see quick results. A fast running will give multiple results when it comes to cutting kilos fast.

Apart from running, skipping ropes, cycling, kickboxing, boot camp work outs are also beneficial in burning fat quickly in one week. It is estimated that doing each of this cardio work out will burn 200 to 300 calories as well as tone your arms, muscles and cores to make them appear slimmer and tighter.

7. Take Adequate sleep to lose weight quickly

Taking adequate sleep buzzes up your metabolism and builds muscles while you are asleep. Also, taking less sleep will make you feel lethargic all day and you will get an excuse to skip your daily exercise. Lack of sleep also induces you to take your hands on quick-fix energy bars and sugar-laden energy drinks adding bulges to your waistline. So make sure you take enough sleep of 8 hours to speed up weight loss in a week time.

8. Drink a lot of water

Water helps to regulate your digestive system and keeps your bowel clean. Water helps to flush out toxins from your body and boosts your metabolism to aid in quick weight loss. Never substitute water with energy drinks or artificial beverages. These beverages are high in sodium and carbohydrates which may lead to water retention in body and bloating. If you feel drinking plain water boring, then you can add lemon wedges or mint leaves to water to jazz things up.

9. Practice squats and sit- up to tighten your muscles

You can definitely try this trick of bodybuilders to add definition to your muscles. Practice 3 sets of 12 of both squats and sit-ups to tighten and tone your butt, legs and abs.

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10. Take-anti gas pill to relieve gas and prevent your body from puffing out

Take gas relievable chewable tablets to emanate gas from your body. These tablets enable gas bubbles to break in your digestive system. It leads to flat and sleek tummy that you will notice in 7 days of commencing weight loss program. 

11. Do 36 pushes and lunges

These gym routines will help to sculpt out soon. Do 3 sets of 12 of each exercises to streamline your body shape. While push up keeps your upper body in shape while lunges keep your butt, hips and thighs in proper shape. Make sure you keep your back and legs in straight line while doing push-ups. It helps to improve your muscles. You can lose more weight while you hold weight in each hands while dong lunges. Make pushes and lunges part of your workout routine to lose weight in one week on a quick note. 

12.  Cut out one food from your diet to feel difference to weight

We all have our favorite food indulgence like taking chips with breakfast or eating chocolate dessert after lunch/dinner. All you need to sacrifice is your one food indulgence for losing weight in one week time. Cutting out one food from your meal can cut several calories from your diet leading to losing flab from your body.

13. Stand up right

Keep your spine rigid and shoulder back while sucking in your belly towards spine gives your shapely and defined middle.

14. Take flax seeds internally to help you burn calories

Flax seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and fiber which are helpful in dropping pounds quickly. Take 2-3 spoons of flax- seeds with water in the morning to activate your metabolism for the whole day. You can even sprinkle flax-seeds on your salad to the get the benefits of flax seeds.

15. Diet plan to lose weight in 7 days

Here is 7 day weight loss diet plan you can try to drop several pounds in one week.

  1. Start your day one diet plan with only pure fruits. You are allowed to eat all fruits except banana on day one of weight loss program. Watermelon cantaloupe, papaya, pineapple are the fruits you are advised to eat to lose weight. You can drink 12 glasses of water to hydrate yourself. Make sure you do not eat even raw vegetable or boiled foods during this day one. 
  2. Day 2 would be totally of boiled vegetables or cooked vegetables. Make sure you eat only boiled, raw and cooked vegetables on day two. Yo can munch on variety of cooked vegetables like carrots, cucumber, beans. Boiled potato can be eaten only in the morning so that carbohydrate can be burnt during the day. Try including ginger in your meals as ginger helps in weight loss as well. Your digestive system will go complete overhaul and you will likely to go to toilet more often than usual. 
  3. Day 3 will be combination of fruits and vegetables. Start your day with fruits in breakfast followed by boiled vegetables in lunch. Eat fruits in the evening and dinner comprises of all fruits except banana. It is advised to skip potato on day three of 7 days weight loss program. 
  4. Day 4 will be of 8-10 bananas and 3 glasses of milk. You will be thinking that this diet will make you hungry but this banana diet will keep you full and energized whole day. Start your day with few bananas and a glass of milk in the morning and take milk with banana in dinner. You can take banana in between when your feel hungry. 
  5. Day 5 will be of 6-7 tomatoes. Yes, you are allowed to eat one cup of rice in lunch and munch on  6-7 tomatoes throughout the day. Up your water intake from 12 glasses to 15 glasses to prevent lot of uric acid formation in your body. 
  6. Day 6 be full of vegetables and a cup of rice in lunch. You must drink 12 glasses of water thoroughout the day. On day six you must be feeling lighter as you must have lost lot of weight in these last 6 days. 
  7. Day 7 will be full fun for you as you will be allowed to eat any vegetable of your choice and you can flush out the toxin by drinking fruit juices on this last day of this 7 days weight loss challenge. You will see reduction in weight up to 4-5 kg and you can even lose up to 8 kgs of weight during this 7 day period.

Although losing weight in a week is not long term fix but these tips will bring you on right track of fitness and weigh-loss journey. Remember, weight can creep on your body if you stop following these tips. And people who go on crash diet tend to gain weight all over their body more quickly than before.

16. Control your portion

To reduce the amount of calorie you take during the day, it is necessary to control your portion. Like you are eating full plate of anything, make sure to divide it into 4 portions. It will induce you to eat less. When you go out to have dinner, make sure to eat in small portion to ingest fewer calories.

A study conducted in Pennsylvania state University reveals that there is a relation between obesity and large portions. But you can munch on low-fat foods in large portions and still lose weight in one week. 

17. Enjoy your food slowly

Never do the mistake of eating your food in haste as you may not realize how much food or calories you have taken unknowingly. A study conducted on 1700 young women in Japan reveals that slow eating makes you full sooner and consuming fewer calories. A study by North American study of obesity concludes that overweight women and men took in less calories when they reduced their eating speed. So enjoy and chew your ever morsel slowly to speed up 7 day weight loss challenge.

18. Do not eat in front of TV

It is the biggest sin we commit for our body. We gobble a large packet of chips or bowlful of popcorn while watching TV. We even do not realize whatever we have eaten. So kick this habit right away to avoid overeating and unhealthy binging.

19. Always have positive attitude

Maintaining a positive attitude make a whole lot of difference. Feeling good from inside can have dramatically positive effects on your health. Always tell yourself that you are getting healthy and fitter with each day of fitness program. It can give a boost to detemination to slim down.

20. Have soup regularly to reduce weight in a week time  

You may feel it weird, but is true that low fat soup is helpful in curbing your appetite and making you eat less. Having a soup before a meal can reduce your appetite and prevent you from eating more, which leads to quick weight loss without compromising on nutrients. A study by Pennyslyvania State University reveals that taking soup can dramatically reduce the appetite. You can go for vegetable soup, chicken soup without topping of cream.

21. Have whole grains regularly

Taking whole grains in diet takes time to digest and you may feel full for long hours. A study reveals that people who take whole grains are half as likely to gain weight as compared to those who do not eat whole grains. So incorporate whole grains in your diet to keep yourself slim and fit. A study found that eating wholegrain foods helps to lose weight from your abdomen also.

22 . Sip green tea

Green tea is your best friend if you are on a weight loss journey. Packed with anti-oxidants, green tea is a weight loss beverage which aids in cutting calories and regulate your metabolism. Catechin present in green tea can boost metabolism and helps you drop weight easily. So you can drink 5-6 cups of green tea to lose weight in one week. 

You can also take ginger tea for effective weight loss.  

23. Eliminate sugar from your diet for fast weight loss in one week

Sugar is the main culprit when it comes to adding kilos to your waistline. Taking drinks sweetened with sugar can be highly responsible for weight gain. A study by Harvard University of Heath concluded that beverage containing sugar is the main cause of weight gain in women. Another study by University of California, San Francisco reveals that sugar does more harm to your health than just adding unwanted fat to your body. So banish sugar right away from your diet to have long term benefits. You can satiate your sweet tooth by taking some fruits in between your meals.

24. Take vitamin C rich fruits

Vitamin C rich fruits such as oranges, lemon, kiwi, gooseberry, grapes are ideal for maintaining your overall health and stop you from binging. Vitamin C helps in burning calories fast which leads to quick weight loss in a week.

25. Eat frequent and small meals

Eating 6 small and frequent meals in place of 3 large meals is beneficial in losing weight in just 7 days. Taking heavy food at one go can make your belly to bulge fast and build types around it quickly.


Although it is not that easy to lose so much of weight in a week but following some tips mentioned above can really be helpful in your weight loss journey of 7 days. I myself have lost 4-5 kgs of weight in just a week by following aforementioned tips. Be positive! I have pulled it off this feat successfully. You can do it too!

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