How to Build Pectoral Muscles with Different Types of Chest Exercises

Chest Exercises for Building Pectoral Muscles

How to Build Pectoral Muscles with Different Types of Chest Exercises
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Pectorals are large fan-shaped muscles that are developed with exercises for the lower chest and upper chest. This article provides a detailed perspective on how to build pectoral muscles with different types of chest exercises.

If you’re a fitness freak that exercises at a gym regularly you should be aware of exercise sets for different body parts. Individuals that get into muscle building often concentrate on exercise for certain body parts. Most individuals that work out in a gym are only concerned about bulging biceps and structured development of abs. Chest is an area that is often neglected by individuals during gym training sessions. Exercises that help develop pectoral muscles also strengthen specific back and shoulder muscles.

A complete set of upper body and lower body workouts are an absolute must for proportionate body structure. Several individuals do a combination of exercises for arms and stomach but avoid pectoral exercises.

It is of extreme importance to include chest exercises in your upper body workout. A proportionate and well balanced chest is only possible with a combination of exercises for the upper and lower area of the chest. Pectoral exercises help in body adduction, rotation, and flexion that are necessary for efficient shoulder function. Perfect pectoral muscles can only be developed with the right exercise and technique. The size and strength of pectoral muscles increase in accordance with the type of workout regime.

Individuals that are involved in professional and amateur bodybuilding make sure they work out rigorously to develop slab like muscles that cover the entire rib cage area. If you have just started with bodybuilding, it is necessary to perform pectoral exercises under the supervision of a certified weight trainer. There are different types of pectoral routines and workouts that ensure a muscular chest and strong shoulders.

Incorporating the Right Technique for Chest Exercises

You may spend many hours exercising, however, if the technique is not right, you will end up damaging muscle groups instead of strengthening them. The right technique is essential to ensure balance and symmetry of muscle groups. A pectoral workout should be such that muscle groups involved are proportionate and not dominant. A complete pectoral workout helps shape arms, traps, lats and delts. The angle and position of back on seated bench press, incline bench press, and decline bench press has to be precise to ensure exercise has the desired effect on chest, triceps and certain areas of the back.

A good grip on dumbbells and barbells is necessary during lifts. The distance of the hold on a barbell should be slightly wider than the width of your shoulder. The distribution of body weight on the bench press should be proportionate on either side. Find the central position of the press bench to lay your back. Individuals that don’t take the right position for their back on flat bench presses often find the right or left side of their body stiff or heavy. In such cases when pressure is exerted during lifts, there is every chance that you hurt your shoulder or back. Individuals that use barbells or dumbbells need to make sure that their elbow position is correct on the lifts. Similarly, when you bring down the lift the elbows have to be in a specific position depending on use of barbells or dumbbells.

Different types of Chest exercises to build and strengthen Pectoral Muscles

If you are at an advanced stage of gym training it is essential to perform various bench press exercises. The pectoralis major and the pectoralis minor, make up the core of muscle in chest area. The chest area has to be worked from different angles to ensure muscle stretch strengthens and stimulates muscle breakdown for growth of muscle. Four major exercise sets that help develop and build chest muscles immensely are inclined bench press, barbell inclined bench press, declined bench press, and parallel bar dips.

Inclined Bench Press

An exercise recommended by most certified weight trainers for building chest muscles is the inclined bench press. This workout ensures that the upper area of your chest is strengthened. This workout regime also helps triceps. Pectoral muscles remain undeveloped if the bench presses performed are done employing incorrect position on the barbell. The position of the hands during a bench press exercise should be precise to ensure the right exertion of pressure for upper chest exercises and lower chest exercises.

Barbell Inclined Bench Press

The barbell inclined bench press is an exercise that is recommended for muscle development in the upper chest area. When you take your position make sure your feet are comfortably placed on the floor. If you are using heavy weights make sure you use the assistance of a spotter to pick the barbell from the rack. The distance between your palm grip on the barbell and the position of your elbows needs to be precise before lifting the barbell. Breathing technique during lifting and lowering the barbell has to be correct.

Declined Bench Press

To work on the lower or outer regions of the chest several decline press exercises or cable crossover exercises can be done. These exercises strengthen the pectoral muscles, anterior deltoids and triceps. Declined bench press with dumbbells ensures that lower chest muscle along with different parts of the back are strengthened.

Parallel Bar Dips

Parallel bar dips are essential for bodybuilders to strengthen muscle groups in areas of the lower chest. Dips on parallel bars help strengthen muscle in the entire chest area. The parallel bar dips are often done to complete a workout or end a workout, however, there are no rules about when to incorporate parallel bar dips in your exercise routine. This workout routine gives the chest muscles structure and also tones areas around the chest.

To work on the lower or outer regions of the chest several decline press exercises or cable crossover exercises can be done. These exercises strengthen the pectoral muscles, anterior deltoids and triceps.

The aforementioned exercises can be combined with

  • Incline Bench Cable Fly
  • Incline Dumbbell Pullover
  • Pec-Dec Machine
  • Low-incline Barbell Bench Press
  • Seated Machine Chest Press
  • Machine Decline Press

Exercising with Pec Dec Flyes helps in toning and strengthening chest muscle. Make sure you perform different sets of bench press exercises at gym training sessions to improve pectoral muscles. Do not exert you body with too many exercise sets. Increase the number of exercise routines gradually to develop muscle in the upper and lower areas of the chest. Small breaks during chest exercise workouts are important.

Several individuals cause harm to their body by opting for extremely heavy weights. Do not start pectoral exercises with heavy weights straightaway. The transition from light weights to heavy weights gradually on different bench press exercises is essential for strengthening and developing chest muscle the right way.

Tips for Beginners

There have been several instances where individuals have caused damage to their back by trying to emulate videos of workouts for pectoral muscles. If you’re a beginner, make sure you follow the instructions of your weight trainer or gym trainer on different aspects of bench pressing.

  • If you feel tired or out of breath do not continue exercising, take a break and let the muscles of your body relax.
  • It is essential to use light weights initially on barbells before making a shift to heavier weights.
  • It is recommended that you avoid dips on parallel bars as you can end up damaging or tearing a ligament trying to lift your entire body weight.
  • Seated chest press machines are ideal for beginners to strengthen pectoral muscles.
  • The right breathing technique for different bench press exercises is very important.

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