Best Exercises to Lose Weight and Burn Belly Fat Fast

Best Weight Loss Exercises That Burn Belly Fat Fast

Best Exercises to Lose Weight and Burn Belly Fat Fast
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There are hundreds of belly fat burning exercises but it is important to know about the best exercises to lose weight. It is must to know which exercise will help you lose belly fat by burning more calories and boost your metabolism. We all want an exercise routine that which gives quick results in less time. Here are the best weight loss exercises which will help you to torch calories and fat without much hassles in short span of time. It is important that you follow strict weight loss routine and do these belly fat burning exercises for efficient results.

Best Exercises to Lose Weight and Burn Belly Fat Fast

Given below are the best exercises to lose belly fat fast at home without any adverse side effect. Let us look at each of these belly fat burning exercises in detail.  See our lose weight in one week article to know ways to lose 10 pounds of belly fat in 7 days naturally. 

1. Cardio 

Cardio is the one of best exercise to lose weight. Cardiovascular exercises like running, cycling, jumping ropes, kick boxing, swimming, elliptical session and all work outs which let your heart pump help to torch calories more quickly.

  • Jumping ropes will let you lose 1070 calories per hour while Taekwondo will burn 937 calories per hour and vigorous swimming will burn upto 892 calories per hour. 
  • Kick- boxing will help you lose upto 769 calories per hour and high intensity aerobics will let you burn 664 calories per hour while jogging at normal speed will let you burn 555 calories per hour. 
  • Cycling burns 508 calories per hour and dancing burns upto 394 calories per hour.

All the cardio work outs enhance the fitness level and boost your metabolic rate as well as burn unwanted belly fat. All the cardiovascular exercises improve your respiratory system and build muscles too. Moreover, cardio exercise is great for your brain, immune system and physiological health and skin too.

American institute of sports medicine says that you can buzz up the metabolism rate of you body after 24 hours of work out.

All you got to do is to add a small twist to your cardio work out just by injecting few minutes of intensity to your regular work out routine to enhance the calorie burn. For example if you are running or cycling at normal speed, try to increase your running pace for 2-3 minutes and then go back to normal pace. It will let your heart thumping fast leading to fast weight loss. When you become fitter, you can enhance the pace of your work out to maximize the results. For quick metabolism boost, you can increase the interval time and reduce the time of normal running or walking. It will ensure you heart pumping hard and speed up weight loss.

2. Push ups

We all know that push-up is a form of exercise which helps to reduce tummy weight. What is more, push-up not only tones your upper body, it also tones your mid section.

It is the easiest form of exercise which targets almost all muscles of body. When you lower your body to perform push ups, all muscles of your body start executing to make burn out rate fast. It is the main benefit of doing push-up that it targets almost all muscles of your body.

Major muscles group like triceps, biceps, core muscles and lower body muscles are called upon to perform push-ups. And when you target multiple muscles groups at the same time, you heart too works hard to supply oxygen-rich blood to every muscle tissue. This results in healthy heart and melting of the stored fat around your body fast.

Apart from this, doing push-ups provides ample stretching to your back muscles and biceps. Your back muscles are full stretched when you lower your body and your biceps get full stretch when you return back to starting position.

Moreover, doing push ups properly improves your posture also. When you perform push ups, muscles supporting your postures are streamlined and fine-tuned. When you do push ups regularly, your body also leans towards proper posture. It is the one of the passive benefits of work outs. So you must do push ups exercise to lose weight and burn belly fat.  

3. Squats

Squat is a form of leg exercise but this exercise can target your whole-body. It helps you to burn belly fat easily by building more muscles. Some people complain of knee injury while performing squats but if done properly it can strengthen the connecting tissues and can improve knee stability. Squats target primarily your thighs, hips, buttocks, quadriceps, femoris muscles, hamstrings as well as it strengthens the bones and ligaments, insertion of tendons in your lower body part.

Squat helps a lot in burning more calories by building more muscles in less time. Building muscles means burning additional calories per day. If you gain 10 pounds of muscles, then you will lose 500-700 calories per day on a average as every pound of muscle you gain, your body will lose upto 50-70 calories per day.

Squats are great for toning your back side, buttocks, abs, legs. Moreover, the muscles squats build help in regulation of glucose, lipid metabolism and insulin sensitivity. This helps to protect your heart against cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes. It also helps to keep you bowel clean by clearing waste from your body.

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Let us learn how to perform squats to lose weight-

  1. You need to stand on your feet just over shoulder width apart.
  2. You need to keep your back in neutral position and knees should be centered over the feet. 
  3. Start lowering your knees, hips and ankles till your reach the 90 degree position. Then return to starting position.
  4. Try to control your breath such as breathe-in while you lower and breathe-out when you return to normal position.

4. Lunges

Lunges are very effective in burning fat form your body. There are many variations of lunges you can try but plain lunges are still the most effective of all to melt belly fat easily. It targets multiple muscles at a time like glutes, hamstring and quads. First, let us learn how to do lunges correctly to lose belly fat.

  1. Start with standing tall on your legs hip width apart.
  2. You can either place your hands on hips or you can place weight on your hands.
  3. Then move your right leg to make a step forward in controlled manner.
  4. Keep your spine tall with lowering your body till your left and right legs make 90 degree angle together.
  5. Pause  a little in this position for some time and then take your right leg to normal position.
  6. Then again start this process with left legs too.
  7. Repeat this exercise 10 times on each side. Do a set of 3 to gain maximum benefits.

5. Crunches

Crunches are the best exercise to target and strengthen your abdominal muscles. They are like sit-ups but in crunches you need to lift only your upper back instead of entire body. Crunches target only your belly area instead of working on your muscles in your hips. There are many variations of crunches like side crunches, twist crunches, reverse crunches, cables crunches but they can be performed only when learn to do the basic version of crunches.

Let us learn how to do crunches exercise to lose weight. 

  1. Lie on a mat and make sure it does not have too much cushioning or support to your back. 
  2. Now place your both hands on either side of head to keep the elbow in but do not lock your fingers behind your head. 
  3. Try to push some part of back to floor to target the abdominal muscles even better and try to roll the shoulder off the floor.
  4. Continue to push down your lower back as much as you can to constrict your abdominal muscles much better.
  5. Your shoulder must come off the floor up to 4 inches and keep your lower back seated on floor while performing crunches.
  6. To reap the maximum benefits, keep yourself in this position for some time and lay emphasis on slow and controlled movement.
  7. Come to original position and repeat this process again. 

You can add variation in crunches by using weight or performing this on exercise ball or declined bench to enhance the resistance. 

6. Strength Training

Apart from cardiovascular exercises, strength training is also helpful in losing weight and building lean muscles. When you do cardio exercises to lose weight, you do lose fat and muscles. But if you are not doing resistance training to support cardio work out, then you will not be able to build lean muscles and it will slow down metabolism. Resistance training is more helpful in building lean muscles in comparison to cardiovascular exercises. An exercise physiologists, Michaela, Devries Aboud, at Mcmaster University says that when you lift weights then you overload the muscles to make them adapt to lift more weights. Muscles of our body adapt this by increasing myofibrillar size, the contractile unit of the muscles. Resistance training enhances this growth leading to increase in muscles mass. More muscles mass increases your metabolism. The more lean muscles you make, the more calories you burn throughout the day. Do not be upset if you are not losing that much of weight because muscle is more compact than fat. You are building lean muscles as you are losing fat. You can feel the difference in the fitting of cloth you wear.

7. Sun Salutation/Surya Namaskar

Sun-salutation is a form of yoga pose which targets almost all muscles and every organ of your body. It entails to perform 12 yoga poses which comprises of total 288 yoga poses in time span of 12-15 minutes.

It is the best exercise routine of people who face time crunch as 12-15 minutes of Surya namaskar can give you fitter, healthier body. Usually, if Surya namaskar is performed at sunrise time, it gives maximum benefits. This helps to tone and sculpt your all body parts.

Start your morning by doing some warm-up exercises to ease the morning stiffness of body and then do a few rounds of surya namaskar to increase the flexibility of body. Not only for body, Surya namaskar has very good impact on your mind, health, liver, throat and legs from head to toe. It purifies your blood to reveal a flawless skin on the outside. If you have made enough strength in body, then you can increase the intensity of this yoga posture. One set of Surya namaskar can make your lose up to 13.90 calories and you can increase the number of Surya namaskar upto 108.  As a result,you will find the slimmer version of yourself . Let us learn the different poses of Surya namaskar:

Pose 1: Prananasana/ prayer pose

Stand at the end of mat and keep your both feet equally planted on ground. Open your chest and relax your shoulder. Breathe-in and lift your hands from the side. Exhale and bring your arms together in prayer pose.

Pose 2: Raised arm pose/ hastauttanasana

Breathe in and lift your arms up and back making sure your biceps are close to the ears. Make sure to stretch your whole body up beginning from heels to fingertips.

Pose 3: Hand to foot pose/Hastapadasana

Breathe out and bend forward from your waist and keep your spine tight. Exhale and bring your hands down to the floor besides your feet.

Pose 4:  Equestrian pose, ashwa sanchalanasana pose

Breathe-in and push you right leg back as much as possible while bringing your right knee to the floor while looking up.

Pose 5: Stick pose-dandasana

Breathe-in and take your left leg back while trying to keep your whole body in straight line and keep your arms erect to the floor.

Pose 6: Salute with 8 parts/astanaga namaskara

Try to bring your knee down to the floor when you inhale.

Take your hips back and slide forward, relax your chin and chest on the ground. Next, elevate your posterior a little bit. This pose targets 8 parts of your body like two feet, two knees, two hands, chest and chin that are touching the ground.

Pose 7: Cobra pose/bhujangasana

Slide forward and raise your chest up into cobra pose and keep your elbows bent and fixated in one place. Remember to keep your shoulder away from ears and look up.

Pose 8: Mountain pose or adhomukha svanasana

Lift your hips and tail bone up. Chest should be put downwards to create a downwards V pose. Keep your heels fixated on ground a s much as possible and make an controlled and moderate effort to lift up your tailbone.

Pose 9, 10, 11

Pose 9, 10, 11 will be same as  pose 4, pose 3, pose 2 respectively.

Pose 12: Standing mountain pose/tadasana

Exhale and straighten your body and bring your arms down and relax and feel sensation in this yoga pose. Your first set of Surya namaskar is performed.

288 yoga poses in 12 minutes

One round of sun salutation includes 12 yoga poses. One set includes two round of sun salutation , first starting with right side and then with left side, So when your are doing 12 sets of Surya namaskar, then you will be performing 12 X 2 X 12=288 yoga poses positions in just 12-15 minutes of time.

So these are some exercises to lose weight. When done in right manner and followed properly, these exercises can help you burn belly fat quickly by shedding more calories from your whole body. Though few of these exercises might look tough to do, but when you start doing them in routine, these will no longer be tough for you. You will only gain good benefits from these belly fat burning exercises. Include these exercises in your routine right now. 

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