How to Make Ginger Tea For Weight Loss?

Ginger Tea for Weight Loss Recipe and Benefits

How to Make Ginger Tea For Weight Loss?
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How to make ginger tea for weight loss? There are multiple recipes to make ginger tea and it depends upon you which recipe to go with. You can consume it as a plain tea or add lemon, honey, sugar to make it more flovorful. Ginger is known for its weight loss properties and people looking to lose weight often rely on ginger tea to get into shape. Ginger tea helps you lose weight by speeding up your body metabolism and keeping you full for longer. Regular drinking will ensure that you gradually start losing weight and get into proper shape. Let's look at how ginger tea helps lose weight and various methods to make ginger tea for weight loss at home.

Ginger Tea for Weight Loss

We all like ginger tea for its soothing and calming affects on our body and this pleasing tasting tea not only relaxes our upset tummy and sore throat, it helps to lose weight too. In India ginger is known as Adrak and hence ginger tea as Adrak ki Chai. Recently health freaks have noticed that ginger has weight loss properties. A study conducted at Maastricht University, Netherland reveals that ginger root contains caffeine which helps to burn fat and reduce weight easily

You can take ginger tea for weight loss because it has been proven by researchers that ginger tea, named as edible amphetamine, speeds up metabolism and lowers the cholesterol level. Not only this, consuming ginger tea keeps your stomach fuller for long that prevents you to overeat. The most important of all, when your metabolism is in order, then your energy level is at peak, you stay active throughout the day.

You can make ginger weight loss tea at home easily and can lose up to 5 pounds of weight with this miracle drink. Let us find out how ginger tea helps in weight loss. 

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How Ginger Tea Helps Lose Weight?

1) Ginger tea aids in weight loss as it helps in better digestion and improving metabolism 

Ginger tea is helpful in streamlining your digestive system and it helps in regular movement of stomach and large and small intestines. When your food is processed easily then your body gets proper nutrition by getting rid of wastes in body. Indigestion is the very common problem in people which ginger tea cures by clearing the blockages in colon. When toxins and extra wastes from your bowel are flushed out properly, then you will shed weight easily without much hassles. Rich in chromium, magnesium, zinc etc ginger strengthens your immune system and boosts your energy level. The study by British journal of nutrition confirms that drinking ginger tea really improves digestion.

2) Thermogenic qualities present in ginger tea helps in weight loss 

Ginger is loaded with thermogenic qualities which help in raising the temperature of body and buzzing up the metabolism of body to speed up weight loss. Thermogenic properties in a food are very much helpful in cutting calories and losing weight. So take ginger tea for quick weight loss resultsdue to its thermogenic qualities. 

3) Ginger tea helps you feel fuller for long 

Very often we finish our food and go back to our normal routine. After some time we again start feeling the hunger pangs and that is when we gorge on foods whatever we get our hands on like something oily and fat-laden foods that add kilos to our waist and belly.  Ginger tea is a natural appetite suppressant that makes it an ideal weight loss drink. Make sure to take ginger tea after every meal to suppress your untimely craving to prevent you from eating more. Actually, if you feel fuller for long, then desire to eat in between meals dies down so your weight will not increase.

4) Ginger tea is full of anti-oxidants 

Ginger tea is very much helpful in removing toxins from your body given the anti-oxidants present in it. Anti-oxidants help in flushing out toxins which trigger diseases and inflammations in your body. When all organs of body work well, then it will result in burning extra fat and calories.

5) Ginger tea controls the cortisol 

Cortisol is stress causing hormone that is the main cause of belly fat. A study in biological and pharmaceutical bulletin in 2004 suggests that ginger has abilities to arrest the synthesis of cortisol. So gulp down this miraculous stress-buster drink to curb weight gain caused by stress hormone, cortisol.

So after getting conversant about how ginger tea helps in losing weight. It is time to learn how to make ginger tea for weight loss.

Let us learn the recipe to make ginger tea to lose weight. 

How to Make Ginger Tea for Weight Loss?

The simple and most effective ginger tea recipe for losing weight calls for mixing crushed ginger to water and heating it until it reduces to half and drink it hot after straining. However if you want to make some flavorful ginger weight loss tea, then see recipes given below:

a) Lemon and Ginger Weight Loss Tea


1 tea spoon of crushed ginger

1 tea spoon of lemon juice

1 cup water

1 tea spoon sugar (optional)


To water, add crushed ginger and sugar. Heat it on low flame till it reduces in volume. To this add lemon juice and sip hot. 

The added properties of lemon makes this ginger-lemon weight loss tea very effective option for those looking to lose weight naturally. 

b) Honey, Mint, Lemon and Ginger Weight Loss Tea


1 tea spoon of finely grated ginger

1 tea spoon of lemon juice

1/2 tea spoon of honey

1 cup boiling water

1 green tea bag


Add boiling water in a pot where you have mixed honey, mint, lemon, ginger already. Add a green tea bag too and steep for 5 minutes. And your weight loss ginger tea is ready to drink. So simple! it is so delicious! Try this! 

Remember you must use copper or clay pot instead of aluminium as this metal does not preserve the medicinal properties of some herbal plants. So better to avoid aluminium.

To top it off, this recipe of ginger tea has lemon which is also a detoxifying food which flushes out toxins from body. It helps to keep your weight in control. Moreover, green tea is the best friend for the people on a weight loss regime.

c) Sago Palm (Jaggery) and Ginger Powder Weight Loss Tea


1 tea spoon of dry ginger powder

250 ml or 1 cup of water

1 tea spoon jaggery or sago palm

Boil the water for few minutes and then add ginger powder and steep for 2 more minutes. Add honey or jaggery and serve hot. 

Drinking ginger tea will improve the condition of your hair, skin and health also. In addition, it will reduce the menstrual cramps and headache. Most important of all it is very beneficial in attacking the belly fat and tyres around your tummy. That is why ginger tea is recommended for mothers after childbirth as taking ginger root helps to melt away post delivery weight quickly. It is estimated that 250 ml of ginger tea has only 10 calories that keep your weight in control even if you take this tea many times in between meals.

What is the right time to take ginger tea?

Take 2 cup of ginger tea after dinner and lunch for 15 days and see a difference in your weight. Make sure you take low calorie diet and 30 minutes of regular exercise.

Who should not take this tea?

While ginger weight loss tea is good for people looking to reduce weight, it might produce some side effects in some people. Patients who have been prescribed for taking medicines for high blood pressure, gallstones, piles or diabetes should not consume this herbal tea. Along with this, pregnant women, breast feeding women and people on drugs for blood thinning medications should also avoid taking this ginger tea.


You must not consume more than 4 grams of ginger in a day for preparation of ginger tea. Consumption of ginger in excess can have many after-effects like upset tummy, heart burn and piles too.

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