71 tips for treating dark circles using home remedies: How to remove dark circles, puffiness, under-eyes bags naturally

Skin-discoloration or dark blemishes under-eyes are termed as dark circles.There are several factor leading to dark circles such as lack of proper sleep, working a lot on computer, not taking healthy diet, pregnancy, water retention,hereditary, childbirth, aging, menopause , chronic illness, etc. A healthy diet and adequate sleep are the most important to fade dark circles. Apart from this, you can rely on some home remedies for getting rid of those unsightly and ugly dark circles. Mentioned below are the best 71 tips for treating dark circles naturally.

 You can treat dark circles with some ingredients available in your kitchen cabinet. Just read on to know how to cure dark circles naturally at home.

 Home remedies for curing dark circles at home the natural way

1.Rub a slice of potato on your under -eyes area or just apply potato juice on your under-eyes areas to lighten them. You can make poultice of raw potato and place on your dark circles to treat them brilliantly.

2. You can mix cucumber juice with lemon juice and apply on your under-eyes areas to cure dark circles.

3. Grind mint leaves and extract the juice out of this and smear on your dark circles  remove them naturally.

4. You can mix cucumber juice and potato juice and apply on your under-eyes dark circles to treat them naturally.


Tomato and lemon juice mix is a great aid in removing dark circles.

6. Apply banana pulp on your under-eyes to reduce those ugly dark circles and eye-wrinkles.

7. Massaging your under-eyes areas with castor oil helps to fade away dark circles. Very effective natural remedy for dark circles treatment. Castor oil can be used on your eyebrows and eye-lid to get thick, black and beautiful eye-brows.

8. Apply almond oil on your dark circles areas to cure them fast. This beauty tip reduces eye-wrinkles too.

9. You can massage your under-eye area with coconut oil and almond oil mix. This recipe works best for lightening dark circles naturally. This beauty tip is best suited to teenagers and college going students.

10. Mix orange juice and few drops of glycerin and apply on your dark circles.

11. Crush some parijat(night jasmine) flower and add some curd to it and apply on your dark circles to cure them.

12. Massaging avocado pulp on your dark circles helps to diminish dark circles naturally.

13. Milk cream and lemon juice is great aid in curing dark circles naturally. Very effective recipe for banishing dark circles.

14. Grind nutmeg in milk and apply on our dark circles. in addition, this home remedy is very helpful in reducing under-eye bags and, puffy eyes and eye-wrinkles naturally.

15. Mix honey with pinch of saffron and apply on your dark circles.

16. Blend of honey and almond oil is a great cure for dark circles eye-bags and puffiness of eyes. Women in their 40s can immensely benefit from this natural remedy.

17.Mix corn flour with curd and apply on under-eyes circles.

18. Crush some fresh rose petals and mix with raw milk and apply on  your dark circles.

19. Apply papaya juice on dark circles. Rubbing frozen papapa cube helps to reduce puffiness of eyes.

20 Massaging your under-eyes areas with peanut oil helps.

21. Apply retinol on your dark circles, animal forms of vitamin A, it helps in lightening dark circles naturally.

22. Milk cream mixed with castor oil when applied on under-eye areas helps to cure dark circles.

23. Apply green tea mask on your under-eye areas to ged rid of dark circles and puffy eyes. Opt for men and women in their 30s.

24. Put rose water or cucumber juice in freezer and put these juicy ice cubes on your tired and puffy eyes. Good tip for working women.

25. Boil black tea in water and wash your eyes with this mixture to cure eye-puffiness and redness.

26. Dab carrot juice on dark circles get rid of dark circles quickly. Drinking carrot juice is immensely helpful in keeping eyes healthy and improving vision.

27. Apply orange juice on under-eye circles. This home remedy can be used by boys also.

28. The mixture of nutmeg and sandalwood is a great cure for dark circles treatment.

29. Blend almond oil and milk together and apply on your under-eyes areas.

30. Put q tips in freezer after soaking up its both ends in water and roll these q tips around your eyes.

31. Mix together cucumber juice, lemon juice and lanolin cream and apply on dark circles to lighten them naturally.

32. Place a slice of tomato on your under-eye area or just apply tomato juice on the affected area.

33. Mix cucumber juice and rose water and apply on dark circles. This eye-pack helps reduce puffiness and bagginess of eyes.

34. Apply mashed peach on your under-eye areas.

35. Massaging your under-eye area with sesame oil helps.

36. Turmeric and lemon juice face mask is really helpful in lightening dark circles.

37. Scoop out the pulp from papaya and then add honey, saffron and apply on your  dark circles. Regular usage of this homemade eye-pack treats puffy eyes.

38. Use the mixture of egg white, vitamin E oil and honey on your dark circles. An excellent beauty tip for warding off eye-wrinkles, crow feet and frowns lines.

39.  The skin-nurturing mixture of sandalwood powder and rose water makes for a home remedy for dark circles treatment.

40.  Add a pinch of cinnamon to honey to treat those panda eyes. Very good recipe for dark cirlces cure.

41. Milk  when mixed with lemon juice when used  topically on under-eyes areas is a great cure for dark circles treatment.

42.  The potent blend of gram flour and lemon juice makes for a very effective dark circles treatment at home.

43. You can add orange juice to glycerin to dab on your dark circles.

44. Strawberry is rich in vitamin C which helps in curing dark circles. Apply its pulp on your dark circles to lighten them naturally.

45. Multani mitti(fuller's earth) and rose water makes for a great natural remedy for treating dark circles.

46. Mix basil juice and lemon juice in equal amount and apply on under-eye areas. Try this recipe for fast results.

47. Tomato juice and potato juice blend is very effective for removing dark circles quickly.

48. Tomato juice and mint juice  mixture is an ideal home remedy to fade dark circles.

49. Mix jojoba oil and olive oil together and massage on your under-eye areas.

50. Add almond oil to milk and then add a loaf of bread into it. Next dip bread crumbs into milk and almond oil mixture and put this bread in the fridge. Thereafter place this frozen breadcrumb on your under-eye area. A perfect way to get rid of dark circles, baggy eyes and puffiness of eyes.

51. Massage your under-eye circles with chamomile and almond oil mix.

52. Mix 2 spoons of buttermilk with half spoon of turmeric and apply on dark circles.

53. Almond powder mixed with milk is great cure dark circles.

54, Dip a cotton pad in milk and place this under your dark circles. Using raw milk as cold compress relieves eye tiredness and bagginess of eyes instantly.

55. You can make an eye mask orange juice, lemon juice, lentil and tomato puree and apply on your under-eye areas.

56. Keep used tea-bags on under-eyes areas to reduce eye-puffiness and tiredness of eyes. Tea bag contain caffeine the main ingredient for under-eye creams.

57. Apply coconut oil on dark circles to lighten them fast.

58. Make under-eyes pack with almonds paste, 5-6 drops of lemon juice and slather on dark circles to cure them in 15 days.

59. Apply cod liver oil on dark circles to cure them naturally. Moreover, cod liver oil helps to lessen eye-wrinkles too.

60. Add 2 drops of vitamin E oil to one spoon of almond oil and dab on dark circles to cure them at home.

61. There are several essential oil like macadamia, grape seeds oil, sandalwood essential oil which helps you get rid of dark circles. All these oils can  be added to olive oil/almond oil/ coconut oil. Else they can be used alone too.

62. Sandalwood and nutmeg mixture gives satisfying results in fading dark circles naturally at home.

63. Extract the juice out of aloe vera plant and dab on dark circles. Best beauty tip for treatment for dark circles, puffy eyes and eye-wrinkles too.

64. Add a pinch of turmeric to pineapple juice and dab on dark circles to remove them permanently.

65. Mustard seeds and rose petals mixture gives very good results in treating dark circles and eye-puffiness naturally.

66. Grind massor daal with orange peel powder and smear on under-eye area to reduce its darkness.

67. Apply coconut milk over  the dark circles.

68. You can apply the mixture of lemon juice and curd on dark circles.

69. Blend cucumber juice with aloe-vera gel and apply on dark circles.

70. Dry up lemon peels in the sun and once dry completely, grind them to fine powder and add milk to it. Apply the resultant preparation on dark circles.

71. Orange juice and cucumber juice mix is a great under-eyes circles treatment you can do at home.

Other important measures for prevention of dark circles

You can try practicing yogic posture of sarvangasana , a yogic posture which is time tested and very helpful in removing dark circles and improving vision. Avoid reading in dim light and avoid reading while you lie down. You can sprinkles cold water over eyes in the morning.  Practicing pranayama everyday keeps dark circles at bay. You can try practicing acupressure by pressing the mount of your palm's index finger for good vision. Do not work on computer or study at a stretch, instead take a break of 5 minutes in between. Go for under-eye creams which are loaded with vitamin A,E and seaweed extracts, which are very helpful in banishing dark circles from the inside out.


 No home remedy will ever work if your are not taking  a healthy diet to remove dark cirles. Dark circles are normally caused by calcium deficiency and anaemia.  Vitamin k deficiency also triggers off dark circles. You should load up on milk, dairy products, spinach, fruit juice, sprouted grain, pulse, fish, buttermilk, cabbage, carrots, tomato, etc. You can drink cranberry juice daily for 2 weeks and you will notice visible reduction in dark circles. If  the problem still persists, you can take calcium sandoz supplements to up your calcium level. Not to forget, drink a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated. Needless to say, lead a happy and stress-free to enjoy every moment to the fullest. Unless and until you are happy from deep within, you can not look fresh and vibrant on the outside.

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