50 Foods Rich in Vitamin C - List of Foods That Are High Source of Vitamin C

List of Vitamin C Foods (Including Fruits and Vegetables that are rich source of vitamin C)

50 Foods Rich in Vitamin C - List of Foods That Are High Source of Vitamin C
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From curing cold, allergies to evening out your skin, Vitamin C rich foods can do a lot for you. Also known as Ascorbic acid, it is found in citrus fruits, leafy green vegetables, some herbs and other foods. Fruits such as lemon and oranges are excellent source of Vitamin C, but there are many other foods that are loaded with richness of ascorbic acid. Below we have presented a list of 50 foods rich in vitamin C that are excellent source of it and must be included in your diet list. These foods are important for body as body need vitamin C for many functions. So let us see list of vitamin c rich foods and try to include those foods in our diet.

List of Vitamin C Rich Foods

As we have learnt in previous article that taking vitamin C rich foods has numerous benefits for health and skin. Let us find out top food sources of vitamin C in this article. Have a look into high vitamin C Foods list.

Start with List of Fruits Rich in Vitamin C 

So we shall start with a list of fruits that are extremely high source of vitamin C:

 1. Acerola cherry

This fruit is such a high source of vitamin C that health specialists advise against drinking this juice if you take vitamin  C supplements. If this is not available in fresh form, you can take this in powdered form. 100 grams of this fruit can give as much as 1677.6 mg of vitamin C.


Gooseberry ( amla ) is one of the highest sources of vitamin C

It is an exotic fruit from India which is very high in vitamin C. 100 grams of amla is fortified with 600 to 1800 mg of vitamin C. Gooseberry is well known for boosting immunity. Drinking amla juice improves your skin clarity and cures premature graying of hair.

3. Rose Hip 

It is an vitamin C fruit from the rose plant which is used to make jam, jelly, wine, marmalade. One 100 grams of rose hip fruit contains 428 grams of vitamin C.

4. Guava is enriched with high Vitamin C compared to Oranges

Guava is very high source of vitamin C. Only one guava contains 250 mg of vitamin C which is around 2 times the daily requirement of vitamin C. Rich in fiber, this vitamin C food keeps your bowel clean. Loaded with iron, it can cure anaemia and potassium in guava normalizes the blood pressure and keeps the function of heart smooth.

5. Black currant 

Just like grapes black currant too is a vitamin C fruit.  100 grams of this fruit has 180 mg of  vitamin C .It also has iron, potassium, photochemicals that benefit your health immensely.

6. Kiwi 

This amazing fruit which traces its origin from New Zealand has more vitamin C than oranges. This high vitamin C rich food has as much potassium as in banana. Rich in flavonoids, this fruit can strengthen your respiratory tract. Also eating 2 kiwi daily protects your skin from harmful free radicals and defies fine line and wrinkles. 100 grams of kiwi contains 92.7 mg of vitamin C. It also contains serotonin which improves the quality of sleep.

7. Lychee 

This succulent fruit is a vitamin C rich food. 100 grams of grams of lychee has 71.5 mg of vitamin C and one lychee has 6.8 mg of vitamin C. Rich in healthy fats and potassium, it is very beneficial for health.

8. Oranges are full of Vitamin C

When we think of vitamin c rich foods, immediately oranges come to our mind. This vitamin C rich food is extremely good for boosting immunity and skin's health. Only one orange is packed with 100 mg of vitamin C which can fulfill your daily need of vitamin C up to 130 percent.


Grapes is also a  citrus fruit which  is also a rich source of vitamin C. One and half cup of grapes can fulfill almost 25 percent of daily vitamin C needs. Eating this vitamin C rich food helps to keep your gum and teeth healthy, it also facilitates the easy healing of wound.

10. Papaya is also rich in Vitamin C

Papaya is a miracle vitamin C fruit in which one serving of this fruit can replenish 100 percent of your daily needs of vitamin C. It is also rich in vitamin A and papain  which beautify your skin also. One serving of medium size papaya contains 188 mg of vitamin C.  Also, munching on papaya will lead to losing fat faster.

11. Strawberry 

So how much vitamin C strawberries amounts to? One cup of strawberries contains 85 mg of vitamin C which is good for controlling blood pressure and cholesterol. Eating strawberries; considered as vitamin C rich food; makes your immune system stronger and makes your skin whiter and flawless.

12. Lemons 

100 grams of lemon has 58 mg of vitamin C which is around 88 percent of daily requirement of vitamin.  And one cup of fresh lemon juice provides 187 percent of daily requirement of vitamin C. One lemon provides  31 mg of vitamin C which is 51 percent of daily need. Drinking lemon juice helps you lose weight and improves the condition of your health by flushing out toxins from your body.

13. Clementine 

It is a type of orange in which only 100 grams of clementine contains 48.8 grams of vitamin C. Drinking this juice daily can improve your complexion.

14. Pineapple 

One cup of pineapple contains 79 mg of vitamin C. Significant amount of bromelain in pineapple helps to digest protein easily and bromelain is also a helpful factor in losing weight fast.

15. Musk melon 

It is also a food that contains vitamin C. One cup of musk lemon contain 57 mg of vitamin C. Muskmelons help in boosting the immunity of body. It helps in formation of white blood cells and killing the bacteria. Eating muskmelon daily prevents premature aging too. High quality of vitamin C present in musk lemons helps treat ulcer perfectly.

16. Mango is an excellent source of Vitamin C

King of all fruits, this is another rich source of ascorbic acid. Mango contains 122 mg of vitamin C on an average. It is also rich in zeaxanthin antioxidant that keeps your eyes healthy by filtering out blue rays which cause mucular degeneration.

17. Cantaloupe 

It is  highly nutritious fruit which contains lot of  vitamin A, calcium, and vitamin C. 100 grams of this vitamin C fruit has 36.7 mg of vitamin C.

18. Raspberry

This berry is very rich in fiber, folate, photochemicals and lot of vitamin C. 100 grams of raspberry has 26.2 grams of vitamin C. Rich in anti-oxidants, it protects your skin against skin cancer and sun rays.

19. Blackberry

It is another vitamin C rich food in which only 100 grams of blackberry has 21 mg of vitamin C which is almost 35 percent of daily requirement. It has only 43 grams of calories in 100 grams. So it is great for weight watchers.

20. Apricots 

Apricot is a skin friendly fruit which has lots of vitamin A, fiber and  protein. Eating strawberry aids in formation of collagen which keeps your skin young and glowing.

21. Cherry 

7 mg of vitamin C IS found in 100 grams of cherries. This bright colored fruit is rich in iron, potassium, calcium and vitamin A also. 

22. Watermelon  

Watermelon is a vitamin C rich food that only 100 grams of watermelon has 8 grams of vitamin C. Watermelon keeps you hydrated for whole day. It also controls  mucular degeneration and muscles soreness . It may also lower the chance of heart disease. So have one serving of watermelon to have 112 percent of your daily vitamin C requirement.


Herbs; Another Rich Source of Vitamin C

Though fruits and vegetables are considered among vitamin c rich foods, there is a good list of herbs that are also excellent source of ascorbic acid. Let's look at those herbs that are high in Vitamin C:-

23. Parsley 

Parsley is a herb which is used for garnishing a dish. 100 grams of parsley has 130 mg of vitamin C. One spoon of parsley can make for 9 percent of daily need of vitamin C. It is also rich in anti-oxidants that prevent inflammation in joints and arthritis.

24. Saffron

Saffron is  most precious spice in the world in which 100 grams of saffron has 70.8 grams of vitamin C. It helps in curing respiratory ailments and warms up your body and keeps cough and cold away. It is also a boon for skin.

25. Garlic

100 mg of garlic contains 32 mg of vitamin C. It is highly nutritious herb. It drives away cough and cold if taken raw.  Eating raw garlic lowers cholesterol and reduces the risk of heart attack.

26. Coriander leaves 

100 grams of coriander leaves contain 27 mg of vitamin C. High Level of vitamin C helps in lowering the cholesterol level in body. Vitamin C present with iron strengthens your immune system.

27. Dried Basil

Basil helps in curing stress and hypertension. It also cures infections. It also prevents cancer and inflammation. 100 grams of basil has 18 grams of vitamin C. Just have 2 spoons of  basil powder along with lukewarm water to keep allergies at bay..

28. Cumin seeds

One 100 grams of cumin has 7.7 mg of vitamin C. It also aids In losing weight, improving digestion and immunity. It also improves skin condition.

29. Cloves

Clove is a spice which is used in many dishes in Asian countries. One tea spoon of clove powder has 1.6 mg of vitamin C. Use this powder as a mouth freshener to  perk up your health and mood.

Vegetables Rich in Vitamin C

Apart from fruits, there are many vegetables as well that are rich source of vitamin C. Here are they:

30. Kale

Kale is a leafy vegetable like spinach. 100 grams of kale is fortified with 120 mg of vitamin C. Just Add them to your burger to  have its benefits.

31. Green chilli  

It is a good news for those who love green chilli. One green chilli has 109 grams of vitamin C which is much more than an oranges provides.

32. Broccoli is one of the most vitamin C rich foods

100 grams of broccoli has 89.2 grams of vitamin C. It is a cruciferous vegetable which has only 30 calories per serving. So it is a best detox food for weight loss.

33. Brussels sprouts 

This vitamin C food is a low calorie diet in which 100 grams of Brussels sprout gives 89 mg of of vitamin C and  42 calories. Also it is rich in vitamin K, folate, fiber.

34. Bell pepper 

 A cup of chopped bell pepper has 3 times more vitamin C than oranges. 100 grams of bell pepper contain 80.4 mg of vitamin C. This vegetable is beneficial in preventing stokes, blood clotting and cataract.

35. Lambsquarter 

It is called a goose weed or bacon weed which is grown in wheat field, in a pot or anywhere wildly. 100 grams of this vitamin C rich vegetable has 80 grams of vitamin C.

36.Mustard greens

100 grams of mustard green has 70 grams of vitamin C. They also have lot of vitamin A, K, calcium magnesium and fiber and potassium.


37. Kohlarabi

It is  a green turnip in which 100 grams of this vitamin c food has 65 mg of vitamin C. It is also rich in calcium, phosphorus and vitamin A.

38. Cauliflower

This vegetables is very rich source of vitamin K , folate and dietary fiber. Consume one cup of boiled cauliflower daily. to have 46 mg of vitamin C.

39.Chinese cabbage

100 grams of cabbage has 36.6 grams of vitamin C. It is also rich in vitamin K, A and B6, fiber, folate and copper.

40. Watercrass

It is an aquatic  plant which is very much rich in  vitamin C that 100 grams of this vitamin rich food has 43 mg of vitamin C. It also has calcium, potassium ,vitamin A, K and zero cholesterol.


100 grams of cabbage has 36.6 grams of vitamin C. It is also rich in vitamin K, A and B6, fiber, folate and copper.

42.Collard greens

It is a leafy green vegetable like spinach. 100 grams of collard green has 35.3 mg of vitamin C. It  also has vitamin A, K, fiber, calcium and potassium.

43.Swiss chard

This green and leafy vegetables has 30 mg of vitamin C. It is abundant in vitamin A, K , potassium,  fiber and no cholesterol.


Well known for curing anaemia, 100 grams of spinach has 28.1 mg  of vitamin C .  It is rich source of  calcium, potassium, magnesium and fiber.


Potato is the most common vegetable found in our households  100 grams  of potato contains 19.7 mg of vitamin C. It also has carotenoid, fiber and flavonoids. Potato is also a carb rich food which gives you a lot of energy.


100 grams of pea contains 14.2 grams of vitamin C. Pea is also rich  in protein, iron. It helps in preventing depression, high cholesterol, cancer and mucular degeneration.

47. Tomato 

This red vegetable is extremely healthy vitamin C rich food. 100 grams of of tomato has 12.4 grams of vitamin C. So consume tomatoes daily for having your daily dose of vitamin C.

48. Turnip

100 grams of turnip has 11.7 mg of vitamin C. It also has phosphorus, potassium, carbohydrates and dietary fiber which give it healing power.


Other foods that contain high amount of Vitamin C 

49. Bran cereals 

Due to rich content of vitamin c, it helps in preventing cardiovascular diseases.100 grams of this has 237.7 mg of vitamin C. It aids in improving bone health  and it also helps in weight loss.

So by now, you must have come to know about list of 50 highly rich vitamin C foods. I know you were wondering whether there could be such a big list of these foods, but yes, it is there. From fruits, vegetables, herbs and other food items, there are hundreds of foods that are good source of vitamin C.

50. Banana pepper 

100 grams of banana pepper has 102. 5 mg of vitamin C. This helps in curing cough , cold and boosting immunity.

and worth including in your diet. 

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