The Difference : BB vs CC Cream

The Difference Between BB and CC Cream. Which one is the best?

The Difference : BB vs CC Cream
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We are going to do BB vs CC cream comparison and look at the major differences between BB and CC cream. Apart from the difference in name, there are many other differences between two. To clear your confusion and make it easier for you to chose between BB or CC cream, we have summed up all the differences between the BB and CC cream below. Let us look at BB vs CC cream and find out which one is the best among two.

Nowadays market is bursted with tons of BB and CC creams which is bit confusing for all you ladies to choose from. Lots of ladies really want to know the difference between BB and CC cream before chosing the one. Before getting down to know the difference between two cream types, it is necessary to know exactly what BB and CC creams are and what benefits they provide for skin. You can read everything about BB cream here. So we will jump straight on to explaining CC cream. 

What is CC cream?

CC cream stands for color corrector cream. CC cream is an advanced form of BB cream, which provides more coverage than the later. It has more SPF than BB cream in its ingredients.

It has heavier consistency and provides a matte and oil-free look. CC cream has more powerful action on age spots, wrinkles and blemishes. This cream is very much helpful in evening out dull and lacklustre complexion. It works both like a foundation and color corrector, which camouflages facial imperfections like age spots and dark spots effectively like a foundation does. CC cream is usually meant for covering redness or sallowness of face with light particles present in them. It is an improved version of BB cream which has a light, fluffy and whipped feeling like foundation. It is helpful in covering up pigmentation marks and wrinkles too. CC cream is not just a make up base, it is more like a skin protector and skin tone corrector which does all the job of primer, BB cream and foundation.

Market is full of CC creams that comes with anti-ageing and anti-redness qualities. Go to your nearest beauty outlet and choose the one which suits your skin's needs.

After looking at what cc cream and bb cream actually is, it is the time to move on to BB vs CC cream comparison. Let's look at the differences between two creams: 

Difference: BB Cream vs CC Cream

Almost all women get confused over how to choose from the wide array of BB and CC creams available in the market and whether these creams are apt for their skin. To clear this confusion, we have done a comparison of BB cream vs CC cream below that will help you know the similarities and differences between BB and CC cream and help you chose the best fit for your face. So let's begin:

1) BB cream stands for blemish balm which is a primer, foundation, moisturizer, SPF all rolled into one with some skin whitening and skin nourishing properties. It is best buy for those who want natural yet flawless and bright looking skin. It gives your no-make up and photo-ready face instantly. 

While CC cream is color correcting cream which has qualities of skin whitening, primer, moisturizer, light touch of foundation. Not only this, some CC creams are loaded with anti-ageing properties and collagen boosting properties too. CC creams are heavier than BB creams in consistency which work more effectively on uneven skin tone, wrinkles and age spots.

2) BB cream is heavy with moisture so it is better for dry and dull skin as it provides much needed hydration and moisture to your moisture-starved skin. BB cream lays emphasis on protection and maintenance more than providing coverage. Whereas, CC cream is lighter in moisture which focuses more on hiding imperfections and wrinkles and provides decent coverage too.

3) BB cream is dense in moisture so women with normal skin or oily skin can even skip moisturizer before using this. Garnier BB cream is moisture-rich so you can do without moisturizer underneath this. Whereas, CC cream can be a bit drying for skin so it is must to apply moisturizer before applying this. I have used Lakme CC cream which gives best result if moisturizer is used prior to applying this. 

4) BB cream never leaves white cast on skin due to its light texture but CC cream is heavy in texture that can leave white cast behind it. I use Ponds BB cream which never leaves white cast behind it but Lakme CC cream can leave white cast behind it.

5) Another difference between bb and cc cream is regarding shades they come in. Usually BB cream comes in one shade for all skin tones like Ponds BB cream and Garnier BB cream have one shade for all skin tones but CC cream usually comes with 2-3 shades like Lakme CC cream has two shades bronze and beige for dark and fair skin respectively.

6) Although there are multi-fold benefits of BB cream because of the multitasks they serve but they do not provide the flawless effects of foundation and they cover only minor flaws whereas CC cream is perfect to cover some prominent marks, so CC cream is best to even out your complexion.

7) Next difference is the purpose two are built for. CC cream does all the job of BB cream like a primer, a softer version of foundation and evening out of your skin tone. It does provide the benefits of foundation too like color correction and giving sheer coverage. CC cream benefits your skin by enhancing skin elasticity and radiance. CC cream is supposed to be rich in vitamin C and some anti-ageing qualities. While BB cream does not do all the job of a CC cream and foundation.

8) CC cream can definitely be used in place of foundation as it gives all the benefits of foundation like brightening, mattifying and skin polishing. Although it has more than these qualities like anti-ageing and anti-dullness which can hide redness and sallowness of face. While BB cream is light in texture that can give brightness to skin but cannot replace foundation at all. If you want sheer and buildable coverage and spotless look, then CC cream is right choice for you.

9) CC cream is more like a color correcting primer which can give a sheer coverage while  BB cream is used to give natural finish so if you prefer no make up look then BB cream is right choice for you.

10) BB cream has been designed to give a flawless and matte look to your skin while doing away with multiple skin care products at a time. It can provide your skin the much needed care it needs. You can bid farewell to foundation and compact if you have almost good skin. You can get simply gorgeous and photo ready skin with just one application of BB cream. While CC cream is rich in ascorbic acid which helps to lighten dark spots and pigmentation marks too. It all depends upon your preference and what your skin needs.

11) Naturally looking skin can be achieved with both BB cream and CC cream but no make-up look is best attained by using BB cream as it adapts to your natural skin tone.

So these were the major differences between BB and CC cream. Chosing right cream will ensure that your skin looks flawless. Now it is upto you to choose best cream as per your skin type. 

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