Garnier BB Cream Review - Does It Suit Oily Skin Type?

Garnier BB Cream Review by Nutankumarisinha

Garnier BB Cream Review - Does It Suit Oily Skin Type?
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After writing my review of Ponds BB cream, this time I am going to review Garnier BB cream which is very popular nowadays. It was launched in Indian market in 2012 after which many companies launched their bb creams. Garnier claims its beauty benefit cream perfect for getting fair skin instantly without any imperfections. Now how effective this bb cream is in covering imperfections and imparting fair glow, that I am going to discuss below through this review. Garnier bb cream claims 5 benefits. Let us see if Garnier bb cream can meet my expectations or not.

Garnier BB Cream Review

Beauty Benefit cream as company named it, Garnier BB cream is a single make-up BB cream which multitasks to conceal blemishes to get perfectly spotless and moisturized skin within minutes. I am a big fan of Ponds BB cream which I love but my sister-in law uses Garnier BB cream and it suits her skin tone so well. So I also thought to give it a try as well.

Reasons for Buying Garnier BB Cream 

I would like to tell you one thing that I am using Garnier BB cream from only last 15 days but I had tried this BB cream 5 years back after seeing the ad of Garnier BB cream and actress Deepika Padukone featuring in this advertisement. But it was a complete dampener as it did not fulfill the expectations I had from this before buying this bb cream. It was too oily and it made my skin look so greasy that it made my skin darker than my actual skin tone. But after such a long time seeing my sister in law using this bb cream I chanced upon to use it once and bought it again for myself. 

Garnier BB Cream Price and Availablity 

Small 18 grams pack of Garnier BB cream costs Rs 104 and 30 grams of BB cream costed Rs 169 to me. It is easily available in local beauty counters and online sites.

I bought it from my nearby beauty outlet and it was very easily available there. 


It comes in a beige tube with silver cap. This tube is quite opaque so you can not see how much cream is left. It is very travel friendly pack so you can carry this in your purse whenever you are on a move. 

What Garnier BB Cream Claims 

  • It is an all-in-one daily moisturiser that provides the benefits of multiple skin care products in just one cream.
  • It gives you fairer skin instantly.
  • It makes your skin even toned. 
  • It makes your complexion smooth. 
  • It gives 8 hour mositurisation to your skin.
  • It gives you the look of zero imperfections.
  • In just one application it brightens and smoothens your skin.
  • Specially designed for Indian skin tone. 

How Garnier BB Cream Works on Face?

This BB cream is enriched with vitamin C derivatives that is known to have anti-oxidants properties. Loaded with mineral pigments, it brightens and beautifies your skin instantly. It spreads instanty for a flawless and smooth finish. It has 8 hours moisturising formula with almond extracts. To top it off, it comes with SPF 24/PA+++ which shields your skin against harmful UV rays. 

Texture of Garnier BB Cream 

Texture of this BB cream is like a tinted moisturiser that looks like a liquid foundation which is a little runny too. Take only pea size amount of cream to cover your entire face. The coverage it gives is quite buildable and it really lasts longer up to 5-6 hours. It is very moisturising and it is good for people with normal to dry skin and people with oily skin also can try this but you need to top it off with a bit of compact or you can skip using moisturiser prior to using this BB cream. 

Shelf Life 

36 Months from the date of manufacture

My Experience of Using Garnier BB Cream 

Just I mentioned before I had used garnier BB cream before and I stopped it after using it for some time but this time it is much better than it was 5 years ago. It is less oily and more mattifying this time. I felt it is more like a foundation than a BB cream. It is thick liquid which takes a little time like foundation to blend properly but only small amount is needed for covering your entire face otherwise it will be a complete mess and you will end up looking so horrible. First time I used 3-4 drops of this cream and it was looking so heavy and unnatural on my face. It was looking all caked up and it really camouflaged the real skin of mine beneath the cream. But next time I tried only a pea size amount of this cream and results were much better. But still it did not give me the natural and no make up look i was looking for with a bb cream. It did make my face look fairer, brighter, oil- free and it also covered some minor imperfections like dark circles. But Garnier BB did not give me the natural and no make up look. I have fair skin with yellow undertone that is why result was not so satisfying for my skin but when I used this on friend's skin who has pink undertone, it worked brilliantly to give her natural-looking face. 

What I liked about Garnier BB Cream (Advantages)?

  • It makes my skin look fairer
  • It can hide some minor flaws in my skin
  • It is really long lasting
  • It gives some buidlable coverage 
  • It looks good on people with pink undertone 
  • It is very economical 
  • It is really moisturizing which is quickly absorbed into your skin 
  • It is easily available online and in local beauty counters 
  • It gives quite buildable coverage like foundation 
  • The fragrance of this cream is awesome 

What I do not like about this product (Disadvantages of Garnier BB Cream)?

  • It looks cakey and plastered on face
  • Not ideal for people having oily skin
  • It hides the real skin beneath the cream 
  • It leaves white cast behind
  • It looks unnatural 
  • It does not look so good in photos too.
  • It comes in only one shade which is not suited to dark skin beauties

My Final Verdict About Garnier BB Cream

Although it is an average product from Garnier and I found it much better than it was 5 years ago, actually I was looking for one-in-all make-up product which can give me picture perfect and natural photo ready skin in a jiffy. It did all jobs of a foundation but it did not give me natural look I was looking for with a BB cream. I still love ponds BB cream which looks so natural like I am wearing no make up at all. It may work for people with pink undertone. But for me it did not serve the purpose i had bought it for. Natural finish can not be achieved by using this BB cream so I am not going to buy Garnier BB cream in future.

Would I recommend this to others?

No. As far as natural look is concerned, it does not look so natural on my face but it can undoubtedly be a substitue for your foundation as it cover flaws very effectively than other bb creams do. If you are looking for a light textured foundation, then this BB cream is best bet for you. But you are in hunt for a BB cream which can give you bright, fair, dewy yet natural and no make up look then it is not good choice for you. But for people with pink undertone, it is worth a try once.

I hope you guys have liked my Garnier BB cream review and it is worth your time. Though it did not work for me as expected, it does not mean that it would not work for you either. If you feel this bb cream can work on your skin tone, then you should give it a try as small pack of Garnier BB is so economical to buy. Garnier BB cream can not be comfortably used by oily skin people though it could easily suit normal to dry skin type. Oily skin people can apply compact before using Garnier BB cream. But people with too much oily skin should not try this cream at all.

Only after few days usage you could come to know whether Garnier BB cream is perfect fit for your skin or not. 

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