BB Cream vs Foundation: Difference Between BB Cream and Foundation

Comparison of BB Cream vs Foundation and Difference Between BB Cream and Foundation

BB Cream vs Foundation: Difference Between BB Cream and Foundation
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It is time to compare BB cream vs Foundation after our BB cream vs CC cream difference comparison. While it is purely a personal choice to chose between two, BB cream is often better than foundation in many cases due to advantages it hold. Let us look at various differences between bb cream and foundation and find out what should be your ideal choice for beautiful skin.

Before getting down to BB cream vs Foundation comparison, it is important to know what is bb cream and foundation actually and what purpose they serves for our skin. We have already jolted down ample information about BB cream here that you can read, so we will go straight on foundation below. 

What is Foundation

It is an age old beauty product which finds place in almost every woman kitty. Foundation is used to provide a little color and even tone to your complexion. Foundation provides decent buildable coverage which lasts really long. If want to conceal some blemishes as well as blotchiness and want matte finish, then it is best for you to stick to foundation. Usually foundation comes with lot of  shades you can choose from.  But you still need to use sunscreen underneath foundation  to shield your skin from harmful UV rays.

After learning about BB creams' and foundations uses. it is time to learn the difference between Foundation and BB cream.

BB Cream vs Foundation

1) Coverage

BB cream is usually light in texture and it does not conceal the major flaws and imperfections but foundation covers prominent marks as well as scars and makes your complexion flawless so BB cream is best for those with minor blemishes and imperfections on their face as BB cream will not hide major spots and scars so those who want to conceal major scars, wrinkles and dark spots, they should go for foundation instead of BB cream.

2) Skin care

Some BB creams are formulated to give your skin proper nourishment, moisture, hydration and skin healing qualities too.

Some BB creams like Ponds BB cream comes with skin whitening quality of a fairness cream and Garnier BB cream gives an immediate burst of moisture to your skin but foundation can not provide the same benefits of a BB cream. 

3) Primer built in

Some people use primer prior to using foundation as that makeup lasts so but BB cream has primer built in them so no need to use primer prior to using BB cream.

4) Shade variations

Foundations comes in lots of shades for all skin tones like for fair, medium dark ,deep and so on. Some brands like Loreal Paris has ranges of foundation for different undertones too like pink and yellow undertones. While BB creams comes in only one shade because it is an advanced form of tinted moisturizer and they are designed to adapt to your original skin tone to give you natural finish.

5) Sunscreen

In most cases BB comes with ample sunscreen built in them with SPF 20 or 30 which can protect your skin while you are not using sunscreen underneath it. But most of the foundations are not enriched with SPF so it is mandatory to apply sunscreen before you apply foundation.

6) Foundation can be drying to skin

Some foundations can be drying to skin as it comes in matte and dewy finish that can make your skin dry too. But all BB creams have in-built moisturizer in them so they drench your skin in moisture and never let your skin dry.

7) Texture

While foundation can be too heavy for daily wear and it is loaded with high chemicals so using it daily on your skin can have nasty after-effects in the long run but BB cream is lighter form of foundation so you can use it daily but read the ingredients carefully before using it daily.

8) Multitasking

BB creams, the all in one tinted moisturizer does the role of multiple skin care products like serum, moisturizer, primer and sunscreen at at same time. It enables you to avoid the use of multiple layers of products at a time while foundation can not replace all the skin care products for you. While, multiple skin care products work in unison and improve the condition of your skin's health in the long run.

9) Functions and uses

Both BB creams and foundation do the same thing like evening out complexion and brightening your skin tone but BB cream is the lighter version of foundation. So if you want only light coverage and ample sun protection for your skin, then BB cream is right bet for you but if you want a light touch of color and some buildable coverage, the foundation is the right choice for you.

10) Forms of BB creams and foundations

Usually foundation comes in 4 forms like liquid, mousse, stick and powder foundation so you have a variety of options to choose for your skin types. While BB cream usually comes in cream or mousse forms.

11) Usage of BB creams and foundations for occasions and age groups

Teenager girls usually prefer BB cream over foundation due to its light texture and airbrushed looks it provides. It is good for everyday use for college going girls and office goers. While mature women with some flaws on thier face choose foundation over BB creams to camouflage major flaws. While Foundation is good for going out and party so it is advisable to not use foundation everyday.

Now you have learnt the difference between BB cream and foundation in detail so it is the right time to try your hands on these two cosmetic formations. All you have to experiment both BB creams and foundations and see the difference yourself. Do share your experience of using bb cream as well as foundation with us in comments sections given below.

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