Benefits of garlic for men

Why should men take raw garlic

Benefits of garlic for men
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We all know that garlic is so nutritious spice which has umpteen benefits for all and sundry. But it has more benefits of men if taken raw daily by them. From enhancing libido in men to preventing cardiovascular diseases in men, garlic has several benefits for men. This article is presenting the best benefits of eating garlic for men. Read on to know.

Garlic is a member of onion family which is taken as supplement or in raw form to reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol since thousand years. Garlic has a pungency and strong flavour due to sulfur compound allicin present in it. But garlic provides very impressive benefits for men.Garlic contains some super-powers which have some  miraculous benefits for men. Read on to know the benefits of garlic for men.

Best benefits of eating garlic for men

1 Garlic will boost your sex life 

One of the most important benefits of taking garlic is that it will increase the sex drive in men because garlic has aphrodisiac properties that stimulate blood circulation. As a result blood is circulated well into your sexual organs.  Proper blood circulation is necessary to maintain the erection in men. So eating garlic can cure erectile dysfunction in men which many  men feel embarrassed to share about.

So if a woman is looking for a vigorous and virile man, the she must feed her partner 3-4 cloves of garlic everyday. Result will be seen in only 3 days. So to infuse heat and intensity into your sex life, gobble 2-3 cloves of garlic every morning on empty stomach.  It has been proved by studies that men who took garlic regulalry smell more masculine and attracitve to women. Women found the body odour of men more attractive who took  garlic than who who do not take garlic.Taking garlic just before the love-making is a big no-no as it may be a big turn-off for your partner as the foul smell of garlic can distract her.

2 Garlic prevents prostate enlargement
Benign prostrate hyperplasia is the common problem in men when they age. Diet rich in garlic and onion can reduce the risk of BPH(benigh prostrate hyperplasia . Studies show that men who ate garlic had 28 percent lower risk of BPH. Onion is more powerful than garlic in preventing this prostrate enlargement.

3 Eating garlic is good for cardiovascular health

Garlic regulates the blood circulation and ensures  that blood flow is normalized throughout  the body. It reduces the blood clots and minimizes the risk of heart attack in men and women both. Eating garlic reduces cholesterol and high blood pressure which are main reasons for heart diseases. So eat raw garlic every morning to keep cardiovascular diseases at bay.

4  Garlic consumption helps in prevention of cancer cells
Garlic helps in prevention of some cancer cells which mainly affect men such as lungs, colon, stomach and rectum. Consumption of raw garlic helps in prevention of these cancer cells from developing. In 2002 November, in a study published by journal of  National Cancer Institute reveal that eating garlic lowers the risk of  prostrate cancer.Although results are almost promising but there are also some reseaches to be done to substantiate this claim.

5 Eating garlic daily boosts immunity

It is well known fact that eating garlic gives warmness to your body which results in preventing cough and cold in both men and men. Garlic contains allicin which has similar qualities such as anti-oxidants which fight free radicals. Allicin helps in eliminating toxins from your body which results in healthy liver and healthy immune system. Studies have shown that people who chew garlic cloves daily are less like to get sick. So all men who want to get rid of all ailments and boost their immunity also, make sure to chew garlic daily without fail.

6 Athlete foot treatment with garlic

Anti-oxidants and enzymes present in garlic fight fungus such as athlete foot. Crush two-four cloves of garlic and mix them with warm water and a little alchohal. Soak up your feet in this solution for 30 minutes and you will feel instant relief. You can even add olive oil with crushed garlic together and apply this preparation on affected area with cotton balls. Keep this preparation on affected areas overnight. Wash off in the morning. Repeat till your problem is completely gone.

What is the best way to take garlic?

Although there are many medications, tablets, pill of garlic are available but taking garlic in raw form or chewing this directly gives maximum benefits. 3-4 cloves a day is considered safe for daily consumption because taking garlic in excess can lead to gas and bloating in stomach. Also, it can tamper with seveal medications such as blood thinning medicine and anti-viral medicines. So it is better to consult a doctor before taking raw garlic or garlic supplements.

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