Steps for a Quick Office Makeup to Get the Perfect Look!

Quick Office Makeup Steps

Steps for a Quick Office Makeup to Get the Perfect Look!
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You should have the apt look to make you look like a professional. You can't go to office with a shining red lipsticks that looks like you're up for a party or even a dull face like you just woke up from bed! The tips in this article would help you to strike the right balance to get that perfect look.

All you ladies out there, if you're a professional and wondering whether you should wear make-up to office or not, then this is the perfect article for you! Too much make up to office is certainly not accepted in the corporate world. But it doesn't mean that you go with a dull and pale face to office. To get just the look you would want, follow the tips below and look more stylish and feel more confident at work.


  1. Cleansing your face well- Make sure you wash and clean you face well with a face wash. If you do not want to use face wash, you can make face cleanser at home that helps keep your skin clean and fresh. 
  2. Use a BB cream- Next step is to apply BB cream. It is a good moisturiser and acts as a sunscreen too. The use of BB cream also acts as a foundation.

    Make sure you use the shade closest to your skin tone. Using a darker shade will make you look darker and a lighter shade would make the face look white. Spread the BB cream evenly all over your face with your fingers. This coat helps to give an even look to your skin and also covers the spots and marks on the face. Alternatively, you could use any Foundation too. For people who are not comfortable with BB cream or foundation, I would suggest try using L'Oreal Skin Perfect Cream in this case. It does the same job as BB cream. However, when using foundation or skin perfect cream, make sure you have moisturised your skin well before applying any of these, especially people with dry skin. These products tend to dry your skin a little.
  3. Blush up your cheeks- Use a blush closest to your skin tone again or a nude shade. It will just give you a bright look. Alternatively, a lightest pink shade can also be used.
  4. For the eyes- Apply kajal neatly on the lower lid. Make sure it is not very thick. Use a black kajal preferably. An eye-liner would also add a magic to your eyes. However, a winged eye liner is definitely a no-no for a professional look. Mascara is totally optional and is actually not necessary for office make up. Similarly, eye-shadows are not required at all.
  5. Lastly, the lips- Use a color as subtle as possible. Use a lip liner and fill in with lipstick neatly. Using a lip gloss is also a good option. 


  1. Keep the shades subtle for professional look.
  2. Use water-proof and long lasting products.
  3. Make sure you do not over-do anything.
  4. Avoid thick layers of BB cream/ foundation to prevent cracks in make-up.
  5. Drink lots of water for the natural glow. It also enhances the outcome of make-up.

Following the above steps wouldn't take more than 12-15 minutes and you're ready for a great day ahead at work!

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