15 best beauty benefits of Rose water

Do you want to look beautiful the natural way without subjecting your skin to harmful chemical-laden preparations? Here is the answer to your all beauty ailments. This article reveals the hidden secrets of skin and beauty benefits of rose water. Read on to know how rose water can help you bloom like a rose. Mention below are the best 15 beauty applications of rose water in your beauty regimen.

In today's time, women are very much conscious of their looks that they are ready to shed hefty bucks in the beauty parlors to get beautiful and glowing skin. But let me tell you one thing these chemical treatments offer only short term fix. So what can women do? Well , there is a beauty nectar in mother nature's kitty that is rose water to beat your several daily beauty woes without burning hole in your pocket. Besides being feather-light on your wallet, all these beauty uses of rose water ensure that you get rose like radiance on your face. Read on to know the best 15 beauty benefits of rose water.

Beauty Benefits of Rose Water for Skin

1.Use rose water as  face cleanser

Dip a cotton pad in rose water and wipe clean your face and neck with this rosy cotton pad.  It will helps in clearing  the dirt deposits lurking inside the skin.

Moreover, it will leave your skin smelling fresh  and rosy all day long. So from now on,  skip  chemical-based facial cleansers in favor of rose water. Add to this, you can use rose water to remove your make up also. So always make it point to put a bottle of rose water in your purse to remind you to wipe clean your face several times a day when you  stay outdoors also.

2. Use rose water as face toner

Add a pinch of camphor to the bottle of rose water and wipe your face several times a day with this solution. This amazing facial toner is a boon to those suffering from acne and oily skin. It reduces the surface greasiness of the skin. Also, combine rose water with mint juice and dab on your acne-affected face. For best results leave this preparation overnight. If used regularly, it can ward off the vexing acne  and its marks too.  Mixture of rose water and honey  is a great skin toner too.

3.Treat acne using rose water

Make a face pack at home mixing sandalwood powder, lemon juice and  rose water;  dab on your pimples and pimple-marks. Thereafter, wash out with ice cold water. This process helps to lessen the persistent acne and its ugly scars. Additionally, rose water and fuller's earth mix is a good option for treating pimples and pimple marks. This face mask makes your skin fair too. You can try another very effective face mask at home with sandalwood oil, a pinch of camphor,  sandalwood powder , wild turmeric and rose water. This natural face mask is immensely beneficial in removing pimples and pimples marks from the face naturally  Not only this,  just dabbing on rose water  on the pimples,  skin irritations and rashes helps  to heal  them fast. You can put rose water in ice tray and rub  frozen rosy cubes very gently  on your pimples to vanish them fast. 

4. Rose water for treating blemishes naturally

 Combine rose water, cucumber juice, curd and sandal wood powder together and apply on your facial  blemishes.   Let the mask to set on your face for  an hour,  then wash off with water. This home remedy is a great aid in removing the nagging dark-spots, pigmentation  marks and acne scars on the face.

5. Use rose water  to get fresh and vibrant skin

Just splash rose water on your face and eyes to freshen yourself up instantly after you get up. It spruces up your morning with a burst of freshness. Stop using water in your face pack, use rose water instead to get rose like bloom on the face. Add rose water to your bath water  to lift your mood and it is de-stressing too, leaving  your body exude an alluring and pleasant aroma all day long.

6. Rose water for treating suntan

Blend rose water with tomato juice and dab on your skin and wash off after ten minutes. This recipe helps to cure suntan effectively. Crush some leaves of basil and add 200 ml of rose water to them and keep it in a fridge. Wipe your skin with this solution to treat suntan and keep your skin fresh and glowing.  Also, rose water mixed with mashed fig and mashed banana makes for an excellent face mask to treat sun burn effectively.

7. Get rosy lips

Make a lip-pack using rose water and beetroot juice together and apply on your lips to make them rosy and pink. This recipe can be tried  to lighten dark lips and get pink lips naturally.

8. Make homemade moisturizers

Mix glycerin with rose ware or combine olive oil or almond oil with rose water to make a good quality  moisturizer at home. Moreover,  these natural moisturizers make your skin fair and charming too. You can prepare a homemade moisturizing facial mask mixing sugar, banana and rose water together. Spread it all over your face and wash off after 20 minutes. Try this rosy home remedy and you will notice your face will bloom like a rose in a jiffy.

9. Cure dandruff using rose water

Grind fenugreek  seeds with rose water and glycerin and apply on your scalp. It helps to cure the itching and nagging dandruff from your hair. Rose  water is fortified with B3, C, D, E that cure the infection of the scalp effectively. Also,  rose water cures hair fall and  promotes  the growth of new hair.

10 Rose water conditioner

After shampoo, massage your hair with rose water or just mix it in your regular shampoo to get shiny and soft hair. You can mix rose water with jojoba oil and vitamin E oil to massage your hair post shampoo to get lustrous and shiny hair. When you return home after spending time outdoors in the scorching sun, your hair tends to feel dull and life-less. There is a  solution to this problem- You can add vitamin E oil and jojoba oil to rose water and massage your hair and scalp with  this potent homemade natural hair oil.  Leave it on for on hour, then wash off with water. This hair oil gives instant softness and shine to your locks as well as protecting  the hair from the harmful effects of hair dryers and chemical preparations you use on your hair.

11. Rose water for eyes

Just pour few drops of rose water into your eyes to clear all impurities from the eyes. Furthermore, it keeps the eyes sparkling and clear too. Just dabbing rose water on your dark circles reduces them significantly. Rose water is a great aid in reducing the puffiness of eyes too.

12 Rose water for removing wrinkles

Mix rose water with sandalwood powder and honey and apply on your face to ease off premature wrinkles and retain your youthful charm for long. You can also apply rose water mixed with egg white to reduce wrinkles and fine lines and sagging appearance of skin on the face.  In addition, you can apply rose water, peach pulp and milk cream mix to apply on your face. This homemade facial mask keeps your young and reduces the appearance of age spots. You can whip egg yolk with one spoon of almond oil, one spoon of rose water and camphor and apply on your skin to get rid of dry and aging skin.

13. Use rose water for getting fair skin

Rose water can be added to either gram flour or multani mitti or sandalwood powder to make a homemade fairness pack . Rose water is a great aid in lightening your skin tone that is why just spraying rose water on the face helps lightens your complexion significantly. Try rosy this beauty tip.

14. Use rose water to exfoliate your skin

Mix rose water with either walnut powder or rice powder or orange peel powder to scrub out the dead skin layer from your skin.  Also,  take rose water, lemon juice, glycerin and honey and make a face mask out of this. Apply on your face, hands, legs before your go to sleep. You will get up with silky and soft skin all over.  You can add rose water to potato juice or tomato juice or cucumber juice to get amazing skin-whitening results.

15. Use rose water as astringent

Rose water can be used as astringent that is why rose water is a must- have beauty ingredient which is used after facial or face clean up to close open pores. Dabbing rose water post-steaming your face helps to tight capillary and lessens the redness. Rose water  detoxifies and helps balance the PH level of your skin.

 By now , you are aware of the best 15 beauty benefits of rose water. It is the right time to use these rosy beauty tips  right now and get set to bloom like a rose all the way.

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