How to Use Tomato on Face Overnight : 5 Ways to Apply Tomato on Face

5 ways to use tomato on face overnight

How to Use Tomato on Face Overnight : 5 Ways to Apply Tomato on Face
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Tomato face masks give best results when kept on skin overnight. Here is presenting the 5 ways to use tomato on face overnight to get desired results.

Tomato is very common vegetable in every household which is found throughout the year so it is very easily available vegetable. It is favorite among beauty conscious people around the world for its abilities to whiten your skin, even out your complexion, shrinking large pores  and making your face oil-free. Tomato can be used in various beauty applications as you have read in article written before. Tomato face masks give best results when they are used overnight. Overnight face mask will let the natural goodness of tomato get sealed ito your skin well. Let us learn the best 5 ways to use tomato overnight.

Although tomato can be used with several other ingredients to beautify your skin. Tomato honey face pack is most popular for making your skin fair and glowing but keeping this on your skin for long can be really messy so here I am telling you about best tomato face mask for overnight treatment.

How to Use Tomato on Face Overnight


Tomato and olive oil face mask for face whitening

Ingredients you will need

2 spoons of tomato juice

One spoon of extra virgin olive oil

How to use this mask?

Squeeze a big tomato to extract its juice along with seeds. To this, mix one spoon of extra virgin olive oil and then apply this on your face. Massage gently for 5 minutes to let the oil seep into your face well. Keep this face mask on face overnight. Regular usage of this recipe makes your complexion fairer and glowing.

Why this recipe works? 

Tomato has anti-oxidants and antityrosinase properties that lighten your skin and protect your skin from damage. Olive oil is rich in oleic acid and squaline that fight free radicals  that cause skin darkening and dark patches. So both ingredients work in combination to give your fairer-looking skin.

How often should you use this recipe?

Use this recipe every night for best results.

2. Tomato juice  and lemon juice for clear skin

Ingredients you will need

2 spoons of lemon juice

2 spoons of tomato juice

How to use this face mask

Squeeze the juice out of tomato and lemon. Blend lemon juice and tomato juice in equal measure and dab on your perfectly cleansed face. Use this face mask at bed time and keep this on face overnight. Wash off in the morning with cold water.

Why this face mask is so beneficial for skin

Tomato has lycopene that protects your skin from photo damage and UV rays that make tomato a natural sunscreen. And lemon is rich in ascorbic acid that lightens scars and blemishes naturally. So amazing blend of these two ingredients works to make your skin clear and flawless.

How often should you use this recipe

Use this recipe at bed time daily to get maximum results.

3. Tomato, cucumber and mint face mask for removing dark circles

Ingredients you will need

100 ml of tomato puree

30 ml cucumber juice

6-7 mint leaves

How to use this recipe

Soak up mint leaves in tomato puree and cucumber juice mixture for 30 minutes. Then apply this mixture over your dark circles with the help of cotton pad. Keep this mixture overnight for best results.

Why this recipe works in removal of dark circles

Tomato has lycopene that reduces the discoloration of skin under eyes, Moisturizing and regenerating properties of tomato help to fade away dark circles. Astringent properties of cucumber lighten dark circles whereas menthol in mint leaves improves the blood circulation to cure dark circles. All these three ingredients work in unison for removal for dark circles.

How often should you use this recipe

Use this recipe every night continuously to see noticeable results in 15 days.

4. Tomato, aloe vera and vitamin E oil for youthful skin

Ingredient you will need

1 spoon of tomato juice

1 spoon of aloe vera gel

Vitamin E oil extracted from one vitamin E capsule


Extract the pure aloe vera gel from aloe leaf and mix one spoon of aloe vera gel with one spoon of tomato juice. Next prick open a vitamin E capsule to extract vitamin E oil. And mix all ingredients together and apply on your whole face and keep this on your face overnight. Rinse off in the morning.

Why this face mask is so helpful in removal of wrinkles

Tomato is rich in vitamin C which helps in production of collagen which keeps your skin elastic and firm whereas natural anti-oxidants present in aloe vera protect your skin from premature ageing and fine lines and vitamin E oil keeps your skin hydrated and supple.

How often should you use this home remedy

Use this home remedy every night to get optimal results.

5. Tomato and potato mixture for skin bleaching

Ingredients you will need

One potato

One tomato


Squeeze a tomato to extract its juice and grate a potato to get the juice out of this. Mix  tomato juice and potato juice together and apply this on your face. Keep this mixture on face overnight.

Why this recipe works

Both tomato and potato has skin bleaching properties that work miraculously to bleach your skin. Moreover this amazing blend lightens dark spots and pigmetation marks on face.

How often should you use this recipe

Use this recipe everyday to get best results.

By now you are aware of the best 5 tomato face masks to be used at night. Use these masks overnight daily to see brightening effects on face. 

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