10 Benefits of Drinking Tomato Juice

Benefits of drinking tomato juice for health

10 Benefits of Drinking Tomato Juice
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Tomato is an integral part of our cuisines for making vegetables, soups, gravies, sauces and much more. Apart from being tasty and versatile, tomato is a miracle fruit or vegetable which has many benefits for your health and skin. This article is delving deep into the best 10 benefits of drinking tomato juice

Tomato is a highly nutritious food which is rich in  some vital nutrients like vitamin A,  K, B1, B2, B3, B6 and minerals like magnesium , iron, phosphorus and other skin friendly anti-oxidants too. All these nutrients make it a  wonder foods that is really good for your health and skin. Drinking tomato juice will make you healthy and beautiful from the inside out. Here is presenting the best 10 benefits of drinking tomato juice. Have a look.

Benefits of drinking tomato juice

1.Improve your vision by drinking tomato juice

Tomatoes are rich in anti-oxidants like lutien, beta-carotene and lycopene that protect your eyes from neovascular age-related macular degeneration.  The age-related eye disease study concluded that intake of zeathanthin and lutein can result in 35 percent reduction in  age related muscular diseases. Lutein and zeathathin in lens remove the blue rays that damage tissues in the eyes.

Lycopene present in tomato neutralizes the free radicals in body. Free radicals contribute to several diseases of eyes. Sp make sure to drink one glass of tomato juice will ensure healthy eyes.

 2.Prevent high cholesterol by drinking Tomato juice

 Drinking tomato juice will control your LDL or bad cholesterol level in body due to fiber present in tomato.It also has vitamin B3 or niacin that is known for stabilizing cholesterol. Low cholsoetrol will minimise the chance of cardiovascular disease too.

3.Drinking tomato helps in weight loss

Tomato juice is high in fiber and low in sodium that does not let your body get hungry and weak. It gives your body the required amount of nutrients and calories so that your metabolism stays unaffected and strong.  Tomato is very low in calories as well as it helps in stimulating amino acids carnitine. Carnitine has been proved to speed up the fat burning capacity of body up to 30 percent. So drink tomato juice daily to lose weight fast and keep your weight in control.

4.Regulate bowel movement by drinking tomato juice

Rich in fiber, tomato juice aids in keeping your bowel clean by doing away with constipation and bloated stomach. Drinking tomato juice with get you rid of acidity and gas. Regular bowel movement will prevent your body from several diseases apart from giving your glowing skin and healthy hair.

 5.Detoxify your body by drinking tomato juice

High amount of chlorine and sulfur present  in tomato detoxify your body. Our liver and kidney are the two major organs of body that detoxify your body. So keeping these two body parts healthy are very much essential for proper functioning of body. Natural chlorine present in tomato helps in proper functioning of these body  parts and sulphur protects them from external infections. So take a glass of tomato juice daily to flush out toxins from your body thanks to huge concentration of sulfur and chlorine.

6. Drinking tomato juice is good for strong bones

Vitamin K is the key competent for bone structure which is found in abundance in tomato. Vitamin K helps in synthesis of ostoecalcin which is essential for bone building. Moreover  lycopene present in tomato juice will decrease oxidative stress and bone resorption. It means lycopene helps in prevention of brittle and thin bones. Drinking tomato juice daily will give you strong bones and healthy body.

7.  Drinking tomato juice will keep your blood pressure normal

Low in sodium and high in potassium, tomato juice will lower your blood pressure. Potassium stimulates the nitric oxide and helps keep the arteries open and counteracts the effects of sodium. Kidney plays an important role in stabilizing your blood pressure. The more fluid your body stores, the higher blood pressure will be. So when balance of potassium and sodium is perfect, then kidney releases proper amount of fluid from your body to keep your blood pressure normal. So drink one glasses of tomato juice daily to lower blood pressure and hypertention also

8. Drinking Tomato juice can prevent kidney juice

Very much high in potassium, tomato juice helps in prevention of kidney stones. High amount of potassium can lower calcium excretion, thereby, reducing the chance of formation of kidney stones. A study by health professional  follow up study  found that men who took 4500 mg of potassium daily has 50 percent less tendency to develop kidney stones than those who took only 2895 mg of potassium per day. So drinking tomato juice with minimize the chance of kidney stones.

9.Drinking tomato juice will give your glowing skin and fairer complexion

Tomato juice is really helpful in improving the level of hemoglobin so it cures anaemia and pale complexion. All you need to make a drink by mixing both tomato juice and spinach juice in equal measure and drink this in the morning to get glowing and fairer complexion. Moreover, lycopene present in tomato juice will  keep your skin spotless and fairer. In addition, vitamin C present in tomato juice will help in formation of collagen which gives your elastic and firm skin. Enriched with anti-oxidants, tomato juice will fight skin damaging free radicals which cause wrinkles, fines lines and pigmentation. So drinking tomato juice will keep your skin younger, flawless and radiant from the inside out.

10.Drinking tomato juice will give you healthy hair

Loaded with vitamin A,B, C and E which are really helpful in giving you soft and healthy hair. These vitamins are necessary to control hair fall and promote hair growth. Moreover it can help in treatment of dandruff and itchy scalp. Eating 4-5 tomatoes or drinking one glass of tomato juice will ensure healthy and beautiful hair. Moreover using tomato juice as conditioner will maintain the ideal PH balance of your scalp and acidic nature of tomato can inhibit the growth of fungus and bacteria on scalp.

By now you have learnt the best 10 benefits of drinking tomato juice. So from now on, make sure to drink one glasses of tomato juice tor reap its multiple benefits.  Get good health, beautiful skin and healthy hair just by gulping down a glass of  tomato juice.  

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