Top 7 Bad Habits to Break | List of 7 Bad Habits That You Must Stop Right Away

List of Top Bad Habits to Break Right Away

Top 7 Bad Habits to Break | List of 7 Bad Habits That You Must Stop Right Away
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Everyone of us is addicted to bad habits that should not be actually. It is not difficult to break away from bad habits. Some dedication and guidance is all what we need. Sooner we break from bad habits, better it would be for us. Here, we have made a list of top bad habits that one must break away right now. If not taken seriously, these bad habits could lead to serious addiction and may jeoparadize our health. Scroll down to read down the bad habits list.

List of Top Bad Habits to Break

So this is the list of top bad habits to get rid of at earliest. 

1) Use Of Mobile Phones/Tabs/Electronic Gadgets At Bed Time: This is a top bad habit which if not corrected leads to sleeping disorders, eye diseases and associated health issues.

2) Quick Eating of Foods: This is also among list of top bad habits especially found in youth. By eating in a hurry, we devour our foods only, without actually chewing. This usually results in indigestion subsequently leading to acidity, gastric ulcers to name a few.

3) Use of Ear Phones: Our ear contains many sensitive organs which can get damaged due to blatant use of these ear phones. This can lead to hearing impairment and other health issues

4) Addiction To Social Networking Sites: Spending time in Social networking sites is absolutely fine but the problem lies in the addiction to such sites which may result in health issues that are both physical and mental. Our younger generation spends hours in those sites but if these practices continue unabated then there is every possibility for their improper personality development and danger of them getting sucked into a virtual world far far away from reality besides serious mental stress and health disorders. The significance of above point can be easily emphasized from the fact that for good health, a sound body needs a sound mind!!

5) Overeating: Our food habits needs to be regulated with primary aim of achieving a healthy and stable body.

While eating fast food or in restaurants with friends, we usually consume more than our normal requirement which, in the long run leads to heart diseases, diabetes etc.

6) Sleeping Late And Also Waking Up Late: This is very bad actually. It creates complete disorder in our body which leads to stomach problem, joint pain, dizziness etc.

7) Children Playing Video Games For Hours: Physical activity is must for a growing child, but some parents allow their child to play video games for hours or otherwise the child will disturb them. This may cause weak eye sight, overweight, lack of sleep etc.

All the above points boils to one common saying "Excess of anything is bad". 

So, do enjoy a healthy life, taste everything, but be judicious in your approaches, habits and choices. Your body is ultimately a physiological machine which needs  to be efficiently run, cared and maintained for.

So my friends! let us all pledge that we give up bad habits, love our body, love ourselves and enjoy our life at its fullest. 

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All agreed to what was written in this article. In addition to number 4, many experts believe that a person should only spend using social networking sites up to a maximum time of two hours a day only. This is to prevent the user from acquiring both physical and emotional diseases. Thank you for sharing this. It's worth my reading. :)


At a lot of places, I have read that keeping awake until late and night and waking up late isn't a good habit. Also these days, thanks to mobile messaging apps, the amount of time spent on mobiles, especially during the night has increased.


I agree with your last point. The key to a healthy life is moderation. Anything that is done excessively never leads to anything good.