How to Stay Fit Being a Professional

Lifestyle Hacks to Stay Fit Being a Professional

How to Stay Fit Being a Professional
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It is very hard to stay fit especially in the time when we have so many professional responsibilities on our hand. Amidst professional and personal obligations we usually tend to forget to take care of our health. Thus, here you have some simple hacks that will help you get fit in this age of digitization.

It’s Monday morning and your eyes fall on Delhi times where in Parineeti Chopra is posing in her new fit avatar. Seeing it you are reminded of your own fitness levels and how your professional responsibilities are not giving you ample time to work out. This makes you think I wish I could also improve my fitness levels. But, the long hours sitting at the desk, official parties and celebrations are some of the reasons that refrain you from getting fit. If that is the case, then you have reached the right place. Here, you will find lifestyle hacks that will keep you fit in the digital age:

Back yourself by a good routine

A good routine that involves ample time for exercising is the prerequisite for seeking great levels of fitness.

It is important to schedule minimum 150 minutes for exercise every week. The best thing that work professionals can do is get engage in their favourite sports on weekends. Alternatively, you can join weekend swimming, yoga or dance classes. With this approach, you can easily achieve your target of 120 minutes on weekends itself. Moreover, you can look for a gymn in your office space and put it to maximum use.    

Say yes to balanced diet

For being fit you need balanced diet and not crash dieting. As fitness expert Rujuta Diwekar rightly said “Crash dieting is like a fling with a bad boy (even when you are in it, you know it’s not going to work long term)”. Thus, it becomes important to stick to balanced diet. Keep healthy snacks or fruits to munch in between your meals. You can buy few packets of roasted chana and keep in your office drawer. Placing a quote on your work desk that reminds you to maintain your water intake will further help you to maintain your fitness level.  Also, make sure that you keep a check on your caffeine intake which is a very common thing to get addicted to in office places.

A constant motivation is all you need

Motivation is the key factor for maintaining fitness in the digital age. Thus, always keeps some motivating quotes around you that might inspire you to go for that run or yoga class. For instance, you can place wallpapers on your computer screens with inspiring fitness quotes such as “Someone who is busier than you is running right now” or “ Body is a temple let’s decorate it.” Such quotes floating around you all day long will definitely encourage you to go for the next run. This will help you in staying fit as a professional.

Try these simple tips to apply in your life because fitness plays a crucial role in a successful life. Also, do not forget to use the maximum option made avaialble at your offices. Use the gymn at your office and do participate in any sport or dance event organised at your work place. It is said that exercise is a great stress buster helping you unwind and perform efficiently. Thus, do take time for ensuring your overall health and fitness.

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