Health Benefits of Ginger Tea; How Drinking Ginger Tea Benefits Skin, Hair and Overall Health

Health Benefits of Ginger Tea | How Ginger Tea Benefits for Skin, Hair and Overall Health

Health Benefits of Ginger Tea; How Drinking Ginger Tea Benefits Skin, Hair and Overall Health
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There are numerous benefits of ginger tea for health. In previous article we have learnt about the various recipes to make ginger tea for weight loss. But apart from weight loss, ginger tea benefits in many other cases as well. Cough, cold, joints pain, cramps, stomach disorders etc all can be cured by drinking ginger tea. Not only body, ginger benefits our skin and hair as well. It improves blood circulation that imparts extra glow and helps cure dandruff. We have summarized all important health benefits of ginger tea below. Just have a look into the 16 best benefits of ginger tea for hair, skin and overall health.

Nothing is as effective to beat cold and flu as piping hot and delicious ginger tea. Ginger is a fresh spice which has very pungent taste and hot flavor thanks to the substance called gingerol present in it.  Rich in vitamin C and magnesium ginger tea gives many benefits for health. It is called adrak ki chai in hindi which is very popular household name in almost all Indian households. It is very easy to prepare ginger tea for gaining its multiple benefits.  All you need to add 2 spoons of  grated ginger in boiling water and let this water steep for 5 minutes to absorb the goodness of ginger root in it.

Once made into tea, you can add honey, lemon juice or peppermint to enhance the taste of this nutritious and tasty beverage. Let us learn in detail the benefits of ginger tea for health, skin and hair. 

Benefits of Ginger Tea for Health

1. Drink Ginger Tea to Treat Morning Sickness or Motion Sickness 

Ginger tea is really beneficial in curing morning sickness, nausea, sea sickness, vomiting, headache and migraine. It can also cure jet- lag after long trip. If you suffer from motion sickness and tummy discomfort during travel, then taking ginger tea before travelling can prevent nausea and vomiting associated with travelling. 

2. Ginger Tea Helps Curing Stomach Disorder 

Ginger tea benefits during multiple stomach problems. It helps to cure stomach discomfort and indigestion. It can also cure bloating after eating too much. It also does away with unwanted belching. It eases the stomach bloating by emitting out gastric acids and increases your appetite by increasing absorption of food. 

3. Cure Inflammation of Joints 

If you have any kind of joint pain, you can benefit by drinking ginger tea. This tea is recommended for people down with joint pain and rheumatoid. It can also treat tiredness, soreness and stiffness of joints and muscles. Ginger tea is advised to be taken in the case of athlete foot to cure swelling, itching and burning sensation. You can take ginger tea to soothe inflamed joints and you can even soak your foot in ginger tea for benefit in joints pain. 

4. Ginger Tea Can Cure Asthma

Another very important benefit of ginger tea is in treatment of asthma. It helps to loosen the phlegm and enlarges the lungs which in turn helps to recover from difficult breathing. Taking ginger tea also cures sneezing and coughing caused by allergies. Moreover, taking ginger tea warms up your body in winter so it keeps the problem of cough and cold at bay. 

5. Improves Blood Circulation 

Drinking ginger tea enhances blood circulation as well as prevents cold, cough, fever, chill and excess sweating. Ginger contains active compounds like minerals and amino acids which facilitate smooth flow of blood to whole body which in turn  prevents many cardiovascular diseases. Ginger tea can also prevent the accumulation of fat deposits in your arteries which counteracts the chances of health attacks and strokes. So you must develop a habit of drinking ginger tea to benefit in heart related problems. 

5. Ginger Tea Can Help Relieve Menstrual Pain 

Dysmenorrhea is the pain or cramps women feel during their monthly period. Reap benefits of green tea in alleviating pain and discomfort women feel during menstrual cycle. You can place hot towel dipped in ginger tea over your uterine area to relieve the pain you feel during menstrual cycles. It helps to soothe the nerves and relax your muscles. 

6. Boost Immunity

Another exciting health benefit of ginger tea is in boosting immunity. Drinking ginger tea daily will boost your immune system and prevent many diseases, thanks to the huge amount of anti-oxidants present in it. Taking ginger tea daily will reduce the risk of strokes and health attacks as it reduces cholesterol of your body and keeps many ailments at bay. 

7. Ginger Tea Benefits During Stress 

Alluring taste of ginger tea reduces your stress and buzzes up your mood. Drinking ginger tea helps to stay refreshed and calm. Ginger tea can really benefit during tension and keep your mental state in sound condition. 

8. Drinking Ginger Tea Increases Sex Drive and Fertility 

Ginger immensely benefits in increasing sex drive and arouse desire as it is full of aphrodisiac qualities. It is also beneficial in improving the sperm quality and men fertility. It also helps in curing the erectile dysfunctions in males. So drink ginger tea twice a day to keep your sex life active everyday. 

9. Helps Prevent Cancer 

Ginger tea is well known for curing ovarian cancer by removing cancer cells. So take ginger tea daily for prevention of life-threatening disease like cancer. 

10. Use Ginger Tea to Cure Cough and Cold

Needless to say that taking ginger tea keeps your body warm and relaxed. Reap benefit of ginger tea during common cold and cough by regular drinking. It releases the phlegm and relaxes the respiratory system. It also cures tonsillitis and shiver you feel during cold day. Here is how you can make ginger tea to beat cold and cough- Mix 2 spoons of grated ginger with 12 leaves of tulsi leaves, 2 spoons of honey and half spoon of black pepper in a glass of hot water. Steep this water for 5 minutes and strain this mixture to get your ginger tea. Ginger tea benefits more during cold and cough when taken during bed time. 

11. Regular Intake of Ginger Tea Helps Prevent Alzheimer Disease

Have the ginger and lemon tea to improve your memory and function of brain. In a study, it was found that taking ginger tea improves the memory and cognitive function of middle aged women.

It is proved that ginger tea help prevent damage to brain and Alzheimer disease. Drinking ginger tea reduces the loss of brains cells and prevents these cells from erosion. 

12. Ginger Tea Benefits in Losing Weight 

Ginger tea benefits for weight loss are already well know. It buzzes up your metabolism and makes your stomach for fuller, therefore, it prevents you from over- eating. All you need to add 2 spoons of grated ginger to boiling water, 1 spoon of honey and 2 spoons of lemon juice and steep these ingredients with water for  5 minutes. Strain this mixture and you weight loss ginger tea is ready to drink! Sip this weight -loss beverage daily to see weight loss results quickly. 

Benefits of Ginger Tea for Skin 

Apart from numerous health benefits of ginger tea, it is a storehouse of beauty benefits too. Mentioned below are the best benefits of ginger tea for your skin. Have a look:-

13. Drink Ginger Tea to get Flawless, Youthful and Beautiful Skin 

Rich in vitamins, anti-oxidants and minerals, ginger tea benefits your skin's overall health. Ginger has anti-bacterial properties that kill germs and bacteria that help in clearing up your skin. Ginger tea fights skin damaging free radicals, which  your body produces through sun exposure, ageing of skin, pollution, wind and own metabolism of body too. These free radicals can give birth to many skin problems like pigmentation of skin, wrinkles, sagging skin and uneven skin tone. Taking ginger tea helps in attacking these free radicals and keeps your skin glowing and wrinkle-free. Moreover, dab ginger tea on your face to enhance the blood circulation and flush out the toxins from your body. It drenches your skin in skin-friendly nutrients. Ginger tea application makes your skin tight and firm by removing saggy skin and fine lines. So make ginger tea as an integral part of your daily routine to slow down ageing process and get soft-supple skin. 

14. Ginger Tea Help Remove Acne and Acne Scars 

If you have acne or pimple, ginger tea can benefit straight away. Ginger tea helps in removing acne and its ugly scars right away. Just jab cold ginger tea on your pimple continuously for 7 days and your pimples will disappear. According to the study of Maryland study center, that ginger has been used since centuries to treat inflammation. Gingerrroot contains anti-inflammatory compounds such as shogaol and gingerol which fight inflammatory conditions such as acne and psoriasis. According to a study published in 2014 in focus on alternative and complementary therapy that people who took ginger daily reported reduction in acne lesions. 

Benefits of Ginger Tea for Hair 

15. Promotes Hair Growth 

Taking ginger tea orally facilitates the supply of vitamins, minerals to your scalp leading to healthy and beautiful hair. Apply ginger tea on your hair to reduce hair fall and stimulate hair follicles to promote hair growth.  

16. Cures Dandruff 

Ginger-lemon tea has tons of anti-oxidants and anti-fungal properties which fight dandruff effectively. Just massage lemon- ginger tea on your scalp for 10 minutes and leave it on for 30 minutes. Then wash off  with normal water. You can use ginger tea as last rinse after your shampoo your hair for prevention of dandruff.

So these are the benefits of ginger tea for health, skin and hair. As you can see, ginger tea is a boon for our body, so you must develop a habit of drinking ginger tea to gain maximum benefits it provides. 

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