How to Use Honey and Lemon for Face Whitening?

Use Honey and Lemon Masks on Face to Get White Skin

How to Use Honey and Lemon for Face Whitening?
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A very budget friendly option for face whitening is to use honey and lemon face mask which can be used by women and men of all age groups. It gives you flawless, fair and youthful complexion. This article is delving deep into the benefits and uses of honey and lemon for face that help you attain white fair skin complexion that you desire for.

Women across the world swear by the honey and lemon face mask for making their skin fairer, glowing and spotless. Since both honey and lemon are skin whitening agents and both ingredients work in unison to whiten your skin very effectively.  This article is enlightening you about how lemon and honey face mask works for making your skin fairer.

Why honey is so beneficial for whitening your skin?

Honey has natural anti-oxidants which help in improving your skin color and delay ageing process. It also protects your skin from harmful sun rays and tanning. It has enzymes which aid in healthy cell rejuvenation and give you youthful skin. It has amazing moisturizing properties which can brighten and whiten your dull and dehydrated skin. (See all benefits of honey for skin)

Why lemon is so helpful in lightening your skin?

Lemon is rich in vitamin C which helps in lightening and brightening your complexion.

Also, alpha hydroxy acids present in lemon juice is a chemical exfoliatant which removes the layer of dead skin from skin and fades the discoloration of skin. As a result your skin becomes fairer and glowing. (15 Benefits of Lemon for Skin)

Let us learn how to start with

Before using any honey and lemon skin whitening mask it is necessary to take steam to open up the pores so that the facial mask can deep penetrate into skin. Mix few drops of essential oil to boiling water and  use this solution for steaming. Cover your face with a towel to take steam for ten minutes. Facial steams lets your skin breathe and removes all sorts of dirt and impurities deep seated within skin.

3 Ways to Use Honey and Lemon for Face Whitening

1. Lemon juice and honey facial mask

Mix 1 spoon of pure and unprocessed honey with 1 spoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice very well so that honey melts well together with lemon juice. Apply the resultant mix on your face and let it dry completely. 20 minutes later, wash off with cold water. This miracle home remedy will reduce oiliness from face apart from making it fairer and glowing. This facial mask can lighten your facial hair too if used daily. So lemon and honey facial mask is a mild bleach for your skin. Use it daily and you will get excellent results.

2. Lemon peels and honey skin bleaching facial mask

Dry up lemon peels in the sun for 2 days and then grind them in mixer grinder to get a fine powder. Mix 2 spoons of lemon peel powder with one and half spoon of honey. Smear this skin bleaching mask on face for 30 minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water. This facial mask can whiten your skin as lemon peels can give you 5-10 times more vitamin C than lemon juice which can do wonders for your skin. Lemon peels are better alternative to lemon juice when it come to skin lightening as it is more effective than lemon juice Try this ! You will get good results!

3. Cinnamon , lemon and honey skin clarifying facial mask

Grind cinnamon pods to fine powder and take 2 spoons of this powder. Mix this powder with one spoon of lemon juice and one spoon of honey. Next, apply this mask all over your face. Leave it on face for 20 minutes and then wash off. This mask will provide a pinkish glow to your face and improve skin's radiance and clarity. This mask will remove all sorts of facial blemishes, thereby, improving your complexion dramatically.


Do not go out in the sun after applcation of these masks for at least 2 hours. Since lemon is highly acidic in nature and it can lead to sun burn when it comes in contact of sunrays. So make sure you do not apply these masks before going outdoors.

By now,you have learnt how to use lemon and honey face masks for whitening your skin. It is time to follow these easy to follow home remedies at home without spending a hefty amount.  Use lemon + honey facial masks daily and get ready to shine naturally. Apart from using honey and lemon on face topically, you can drink one spoon of lemon and  one spoon of honey with one glass of lukewarm water in the morning to detoxify your system. It buzzes up your metabolism and aids in weight loss. It keeps your digestive system healthy resulting in glowing complexion naturally.

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