5 Best Homemade Honey Face Masks for Acne

Best Homemade Honey Face Masks for Acne

5 Best Homemade Honey Face Masks for Acne
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Honey has anti-septic properties that break down the organism that supports the growth of bacteria in your skin pores that give birth to acne and pimple. Application of honey is really beneficial in treatment of acne and pimple. This article is presenting the best 5 homemade honey face masks for acne.

Since ages, people are using honey for treatment for acne,rashes, blemishes and all sorts of inflammations. Honey is an anti-biotic agent that is why honey is used to treat  acne and pimples. It was mentioned in history that honey was used to heal wounds and cuts in ancient Egyptian and Ayurvedic traditions. Although using raw honey on acne can heal acne effectively but you can also mix honey with other ingredients also to enhance its efficacy to cure acne very effectively. Let us learn some honey face mask for treating acne.

Best Homemade Honey Face Masks for Acne

1. Raw honey face mask

Ingredients you will need

2 spoons of raw honey

Luke warm water


First cleanse your face using medicated cleanser and pat dry gently and apply 2 spoons of raw honey on your acne affected face and leave it on your face for 20 minutes and then wash off with lukewarm water. 

Why this recipe works

Honey is an anti-fungal agent that dries up pimple and acne very effectively.

What is more, honey is a a natural humectant that prevents your skin from getting chapped and irritated.   Stickiness of honey can pull away dead skin cells, microbes from the pores and anti-bacterial properties prevent your skin from becoming infected. Rich in anti-oxidants, honey can fight free radicals that case break out of acne on face. So raw honey is a  boon to acne and pimple prone skin.

How often should you use this recipe to get rid of acne

You can use this recipe daily to get maximum results.

2. Cinnamon and honey face mask for quick removal of acne

Ingredients you will need

2 spoons of cinnamon powder

3 spoons of honey


Grind few pods of cinnamon in a mixer  grinder and prepare a fine powder. Mix 2 spoons of cinnamon powder with 3 spoons of honey and whip both ingredients well to prepare a paste of thick consistency. Dab this resultant mixture on your face and spread all over your face gently. After keeping this mask on for 30 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water. Do not use too much hot water as this can make your skin extremely dry post application of this mask.

Why this recipe works to clear acne

Cinnamon has highly anti-microbial properties that dry up acne. Also, cinnamon has astringent properties that absorb the extra oil and sebum production on face that triggers acne. Cinnamon is also helpful in shrinking the open and enlarged pores that results in even and more flawless skin. Whereas honey provides an acidic environment that does not allow the acne-causing bacteria to flourish.

How often should you use this recipe  to get maximum results

You can apply this mask on your acne as overnight spot treatment. But those with sensitive skin should not apply this mask more than twice a week because too much usage of cinnamon can be irritating for sensitive skin. People with normal skin should use this mask thrice a week for best results.

3. Honey, fuller's earth and camphor face mask

Ingredients you will need

2 spoons of honey

3 spoons of fuller's earth

2 pinches of camphor


Mix honey, fuller's earth and camphor together and prepare a a smooth paste and apply on your skin for 20 minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water. 

Why this recipe works for treatment of acne

Fuller's earth which is known as multani mitti  is very good for oily skin it absorbs the extra oil from the skin and makes your skin shine free and fresh all day long. And rich concentration of minerals in multani mitti removes dusts, grimes and bacteria from skin. It has exfoliating properties that unclog the pores and help in reduction of acne. Camphor is really good for drying up acne. Honey is helpful in diminishing the redness caused by acne and enzymes in honey produce hydrogen peroxide which kills bacteria.

How many times should I use this recipe

Use this recipe everyday to get fast results 

4. Baking powder and honey mixture for removing acne

Ingredients you will need

2 spoons of honey

1 spoon of baking powder


Mix baking powder in 2 spoons of honey and apply this mask on your face for 5 minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water.

Why this home remedy works

Baking soda helps in exfoliating your skin while eradicating the dead skin cells from your skin. Anti-bacterial properties help to minimizes acne and acne -scars as well. Honey is a natural moisturizer that maintains the ideal moisture level of your skin. It helps in wound healing and clearing infections from the skin as well.

How often should you use this recipe

You should not use this recipe everyday as exfoliating is not good for acne-prone skin every day.But you can use his recipe twice or thrice a week for best results if you have got normal skin.

5. Honey, apple cider vinegar and water face mask for acne-free skin

Ingredients you will need

2 spoons of honey

1 spoon of apple cider vinegar

1 spoon of warm water

1 cotton pad for application of face mask

How to use this natural remedy

Mix one spoon of apple cider vinegar with equal amount of water to dilute this as pure apple cider vinegar can irritate your skin. Mix diluted vinegar with honey and dip a cotton pad in this solution. Apply this solution with the help of cotton pad all over your face. After 30 minutes, wash off with lukewarm water.

The reason behind why this recipe works

Apple cider vinegar is acidic in nature which dries up acne and it also maintains the natural PH balance of your skin. And it has astringent properties that control extra oil and greasiness from face.And high sugar content in honey disinfects the skin and prevents the bacterial from multiplying.

How often should you use this beauty tip

Use this recipe every day after cleansing your face. Use this mask as face toner.

By now you are aware of the best 5 homemade honey facial masks for curing acne and getting acne-free skin. Incorporate these face packs into your day to day beauty routine to get rid of acne right away. What is more, these honey face masks will make your skin glowing, spotless and youthful like never before. 

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