16 Benefits of Coconut Water: How to Use Coconut Water for Skin and Hair Health

Benefits of Coconut Water for Skin and Hair

16 Benefits of Coconut Water: How to Use Coconut Water for Skin and Hair Health
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Apart from health benefits, coconut water has benefits for skin and hair too. Due to its high nutritional value, fresh coconut water is being used for treatment of many skin related problems. Apply coconut water on face to remove acne and get white skin. For your hair, coconut water benefits immensely in cleaning hair, thus removing frizz locks and itchiness from scalp. Read on to know all the benefits of coconut water for your face, skin and hair.

 As you know, coconut water is obtained by draining liquid from tender coconut.  Sure, you have sipped coconut water several times to have a soothing and cooling effects instantly in the sweltering heat of summer. But have you used it topically on your face?  If your answer is no, then read this article to know how coconut water has miraculous effects on your face and hair if used topically. Read on to know the best 16 beauty benefits of coconut water.  

 Benefits of Coconut Water for Skin

1. Coconut wtaer benefits in reversing the skin age. You can reverse the age-clock by incorporating coconut water into your day-to-day beauty routine.

Enriched with the goodness of anti-oxidants and cytokinin, which have age-defying properties, coconut water is very beneficial in warding off premature wrinkles and keeps your skin younger-looking for a very long time.

 2. Coconut water is a great aid in whitening your skin. You can prepare a skin-whitening face mask with coconut water, cucumber juice and raw milk and apply this preparation all over your face for 15 minutes. In the end wash off with cold water. Use this home remedy daily to get glowing skin.  It is also assumed that drinking coconut water during pregnancy  helps to improve the complexion of an unborn baby.

3. Coconut water is very helpful in clearing acne scars / pimples marks from your face. Just dab coconut water on affected areas at bed time and leave it overnight. This application fades away acne scars/pimple marks to a great extent.  Not only this, even chicken pox scars can be lightened, in initial stage, by using this home remedy.

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4. You can use coconut water to cleanse your skin. Just dip a cotton pad in coconut water and apply on your face daily to lift away deep-seated dirt, make up and impurities from your face right away. 

5. Make a face pack at home with red sandalwood powder, turmeric and coconut water. Apply this homemade facial mask on your face to cure facial blemishes naturally.

6. You can prepare an anti-tan face mask mixing multani mitti( fuller's earth) and coconut water. This homemade face mask aids  in curing tan and dark spots naturally. Apply this facial mask daily for optimal results.

7. Just wash your face with coconut water instead of plain water and see how it lightens your skin. Moreover, it moisturizes your skin giving a healthy glow to your dry and dull face.

8.  Mix one spoon of lentil (masoor daal) with one spoon of coconut water to make a skin-lightening exfoliating scrub for your face. This gentle scrub helps scrub out dead skin layer excellently to reveal a clear and fresh complexion on the outside.

9. Coconut water coupled with pineapple juice makes for a toner for your skin. To top it off, this amazing blend aids in getting rid of pesky and unwanted blackheads from the skin. Moreover, this recipe lends an amazing luster to your skin if used on a everyday basis.

10. Drinking coconut water helps in making your skin vibrant from the inside out. It helps to flush out the toxins from your body naturally. The results: younger, clear and vibrant skin. Additionally, coconut water is rich in nutrients that boost your  metabolism by providing more oxygen to your body. Thus, it is the best alternative to soft drinks and packaged fruits juice available in market.  So the next time when your mood strikes to guzzle down cola or sugar-laden packaged fruit juice,  opt for coconut water for its fast energizing action on your body and curing several stomach ailments too.

11. Dab coconut water and cucumber juice mix on your dark circles to lighten them. Try this beauty tip and you will see a visible reduction in under-eyes circles.

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12. Coconut water and lemon juice blended together makes for a skin-clarifying moisturizer. Just add few drops of lemon juice to coconut water and apply this preparation on your face as a homemade moisturizer. Just apply few drops of this blend on your face to give your skin a quick hydration boost.

Benefits of Coconut Water for Hair

13. Just like coconut oil is beneficial for hair, coconot water too is an elixir for hair. Massage your hair with coconut water to deal with frizzy and unruly hair. Powered  with moisturizing properties, it conditions your hair to make it gorgeously soft, silky and shiny the natural way.

14. Applying coconut water on your hair can cure itchy scalp and dandruff very effectively, thanks to anti-fungal and anti-bacterial qualities of coconut water.

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15. Rubing coconut water on your hair promotes blood circulation which strengthens the hair follicles resulting in  stronger and healthy hair. You can try this beauty tip if you are experiencing hair-loss and brittle hair.

16. You can make a homemade conditioner with cocoa butter and coconut water. Blend both ingredients well and rub on your well-shampooed hair and wash off after for 30 minutes. The end results would be shiny, silky and beautiful hair.

By now you are aware of the top 16 hair and skin benefits of coconut water. After learning how to use coconut water for skin and hair benefits, it is the time to follow them right now. Be all set to look beautiful the natural way.

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