10 Ways to Relax Your Mind, Body and Muscles Naturally at Home

How to Relax Your Mind, Body and Muscles

10 Ways to Relax Your Mind, Body and Muscles Naturally at Home
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Looking for ways to relax your mind and muscles naturally! These days modern work culture has made our life very hectic. Our body feel tired and stressed due to excessive work load. It becomes equally important to relax your body in order to maintain good health and lead stress free life. Relaxation can rejuvenate our body muscles and mind and give us strength to go further. In order to feel relaxed, try below given natural ways to relax at home and start feeling rejuvenated after hectic schedule.

The world around us is often called the field of action where we all are doing something to please our soul and to feel satisfaction. But sometimes I see that some people are, though working, always nervous, tensed and even agitated, on the other hand some people, in spite of doing so much of hard work for the whole day are enjoying their work, not at all tensed and worried, they are totally stress free. How is this possible? 

This difference we noticed because those who followed a regular relaxation regime are more mentally balanced, working efficiently and enjoying their work too. Do you also want to enjoy your work? Follow the below given techniques to relax your mind, body and muscles:

Ways to Relax Mind and Muscles from Stress


Meditation is the unique process to get control over our mind. If our mind is balanced, we can overcome any situation.

Meditation slows down all the body functions for some time and there by enables us to eliminate or overcome all the worries that are previously aroused. Every day we should meditate for some time to feel relaxed. 


Along with brain and mind, our muscles also get stiff and tight due to excessive work or stress. If it is a busy day in your work place then in the evening you feel very lazy and completely exhausted. This happens due to muscle stiffness.

But regular free-hand exercise or stretching for sometime will keep you free from all this. Most of us are not very much willing to do regular exercises, they can do aerobic exercises because aerobic exercises need fast movements and that helps in releasing the energy in our muscles. Usually, you may have noticed that after morning walk we feel very happy and rejuvenated. This is because of those rapid movements we made. Aerobic exercises enhances the secretion of endorphins, a natural pain killer in our body which gives us the feeling of happiness and relaxation to our mind. 


It is very necessary to feel that our existence is dependent on breathing. Breathing is very much related to our body and our mental condition. With every up and down situation, our breathing gets affected first. So we have to do some breathing exercises every day that is: 

  1. Breathe slowly for sometime.
  2. Inhale air with one hole of nose and exhale with another, repeat this activity for at least 15 minutes.
  3. Lay flat on the ground and start breathing slowly from abdomen and not from chest. Your abdomen should go up and down during inhalation and exhalation.
  4. Deep breathing is also very much helpful in achieving relaxation. Deep breathing helps in restoring rhythmical respiration. 


Massage can easily relax our body by providing relaxation to our nerves. In whole body massage therapy, our muscles get loosened and nerves get energized and thereby leading to complete physical relaxation. By pressing various points in our hands, shoulder, back, legs and spine, we can relax body and mind to a great extent. Massage benefits face as well. It helps relax muscles of the face skin and impart more glow to your skin. 


When you are very much tired, take help of water as it has unique relaxant capacity to remove tension. Hot water is good for relaxing muscles where as cold is for nerves. Just swimming in water with a letting go attitude is enough to feel the hidden relaxation property of water. 


Nature has that soothing affect on us that minimizes or removes stress thus leading to relaxed mind and body. Whenever you feel tensed or tired, go and walk in the garden, park, riverside or in mountains. Watch the sky, tree, birds, cloud, animals, flowers etc. 


Music is another great way to relax our mind. Music which we consider as the medicine for brain and mind can have a great soothing affect when our mind is very distracted. You know even music therapy is used now a days for the patients who are going through mental trauma and the great news is that it is doing very well in treating such patients.So, for physical and mental relaxation you can listen to the kind of music you love to listen. Just take a rocking chair, sit and enjoy the music. This relaxation technique works a lot. 


Laughing is a good exercise that we all know about. But it also decongests our mind and brain. When we laugh out loud…notice that, our whole body moves or vibrates. This helps a lot in relaxing our muscles and laughing leaves us with a feeling of pleasure. Laughter is a great technique for mental relaxation. Every day spend some time with your loved ones and laugh with open mouth and mind for relaxation. 


Along with relaxation techniques, diet plays a vital role. If our diet is not proper then other practices will not give us the desired results. Some foods or beverages induce stress and are obstacles in attaining relaxation. We should avoid too much of tea, coffee, soft drinks etc and completely avoid alcohol and cigarette. Drink lots of water in a day and have a balanced diet full of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals for a healthy body and mind. 


In the weekend try to spare some time for your close friends. Sit together, talk with them, share with them, take their opinion and of course give your opinion too. That will boost up your nerves, senses and brain. You will feel confident and relaxed.

So these were the relaxation techniques you can easily follow to lead a healthy life.

Other than those you can maintain some attitude towards life to feel relaxed or out of stress always:

1. When you are doing any work, do it with dedication and concentration.

2. When the work is over completely, detach your mind from that. Don’t be suspicious about what you have done.

3. Before doing any work, plan your work properly. Execute it according to the plan.

4. Other than your duty or job, do some philanthropic work in your spare time for mental pleasure.

5. For every work you do, don’t expect gain always. Let it be decided by God.

In this world no one is perfect, but continuously we are trying to be so and continuous trial leads to success. Just have faith in yourself.

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