What is Meditation? How to Meditate at Home without any Problem?

How to do meditation at home effectively?

What is Meditation? How to Meditate at Home without any Problem?
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What is Meditation? Is it feeling good? Is it somehting that gives joy and happiness? Well it is more than that. It is an art of connecting with your ownself. Let's find out what is meditation actually and how to meditate at home yourself using best ever technique.

Meditation is very popular term but most of the people hardly understand what it means to meditate. Some people think meditation is concentrating on something, other think meditation is imagining something that give us peace and good feeling but let me tell you none of these is meditation. Feeling good and stopping your thoughts to forcefully achieve silent mind is also not meditation. Doing some poses and achieving good health is also not meditation.

Then What is Meditation?

Meditation is the simple process of observing your own mind. There are many techniques to meditate but first let us understand why we do meditation. Meditation is a way of settling in oneself, at the innermost core of your being.

Once you have found the center of your existence, you have found both your roots and your wings. In simple words meditation is the way that leads you to a peaceful state of no mind. In this state we realize our true nature. Since time immemorial, sages have been telling you about a state where you realize your true self and then you will be free for ever. You will end the cycles of birth and death and merge with the all pervading power (Moksha).

How to do Meditation at Home Without Any Problem?

Well there are many techniques that helps you to reach the no mind state (State beyond the mind, full of peace and bliss) but they are not very easy to be performed by us.

Today i am going to share my personal favourite method with you, that helped me to go very deep in meditation without any effort. This technique is all about witnessing your own mind. 

All you have to do is just sit in a quite place, close your eyes and start paying attention to your own thoughts. Watch them like a movie but don't involve in them. Just watch your thoughts and pay full attention to them. One thought will come you watch it and let it pass then a gap will come before the other thought. Watch everything with full awareness, a thought will come then a gap will come and then again a thought will come. Watch the thoughts and gap with full awareness and you will notice your body is getting relaxed. This is the single most technique that can give you samadhi state or no mind state without any effort at all. A time will come when your gaps will be longer and you will get the glimpses of no mind state in between. You keep on watching your thoughts, slowly you will find yourself in no mind state (which is the end goal of meditation). This method is used by many masters before. This is one of the most effective technique of meditation. You can practice this method where ever you are without any problem. 

Some Helpful Tips While Meditating

  • Do not involve in thinking just watch your thoughts.
  • Be comfortable when you sit for meditation because you are going to sit in one place for an hour or more.
  • You can also use earplugs to reduce the effect of disturbing noises.

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