How Vitamin E Helps Treat Acne and Pimples?

How to use vitamin e for treating acne, pimples and scars from the face?

How Vitamin E Helps Treat Acne and Pimples?
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Vitamin E is called a beauty vitamin which has loads of anti-oxidants to heal acne and acne scars. It fights free radicals which cause acne and blemishes on skin. Keep reading this article to find out how vitamin E helps in treatment and prevention of acne.

Vitamin E, known as tocepherol, is a fat soluble vitamin which is the best vitamin for your skin. Most skin care products are loaded with the goodness of vitamin E given its moisturizing and healing properties. Apart from nourishing and deep hydrating your skin, it also helps in healing of acne and acne scars due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Vitamin  E is rich in anti-oxidants that fight free radicals and strengthen cell membranes and enhance the blood flow in skin to promote healthy and acne-free skin.

Vitamin E can be used in oil form for removing acne naturally. Vitamin E oil is a natural humectant which retains moisture level in your skin which prevents dry and itchy skin and further prevents eczema and psoriasis. Let us learn how effective vitamin E oil is for treating acne and acne scars.

Here is the how you use vitamin E oil for acne and pimples treatment: 


Vitamin E Oil and Tea Tree Oil 

Take 5 drops of vitamin E oil with 5 drops of tea tree oil and mix them well. Apply this mixture on acne affected area and leave it on your face overnight. Repeat this process every day before your go to bed.

2. Vitamin E Oil and Aloe Vera Gel

Just extract the aloe vera gel from aloe vera leaf and burst open one spoon of vitamin E capsules to extract vitamin E oil. Mix both ingredients well  and apply on your skin leaving for 1 hour and you can leave this preparation for whole night for best results. This home remedy lightens your scars as well.

3. Vitamin E Oil and Mint Paste

Grind the leaves of mint leaves to fine paste and then mix one spoon of vitamin E oil and then dab this mixture on acne and acne scars. Leave this preparation on acne overnight for best results. Mixing vitamin oil in mint paste prevents dryness. Use this recipe continuously for one month for removal of acne completely.

4. Pure Vitamin E Oil for Treating Acne and Acne Scars

Burst open vitamin E capsules and apply pure vitamin E oil on your face and then leave it overnight. Vitamin E cures all sorts of skin imperfections including environmental factors like smoking and UV rays.

Applying pure vitamin E oil is very effective for curing acne in people with acne-affected skin. It speeds up cell renewal process in skin while deep penetrating into your skin.

5. Clove Powder, Camphor and Vitamin E Oil 

Take half spoon of clove powder, a pinch of camphor and content of one vitamin E capsule. Dab this mixture on your acne spot and leave it on face for 1 hour. Wash off with ice cold water. Use this recipe everyday to get rid of acne fast.

6. Rose Water and Vitamin E Oil mixture to fight acne

You can even use few spoons of rose water with half spoon of vitamin E oil and apply this mixture like moisturizer.after cleansing your face  It will prevent itchiness and irritation of skin and  fights the harmful acne causing bacteria also.

7. Vitamin E Oil, Primrose Oil and Neem Paste for Banishing Acne

Mix 5 drops of vitamin E oil to 2 spoons of neem paste and  5 spoons of primrose oil. Slather this mixture on your face leaving it overnight. Neem dries up pimples and primrose oil regulates the hormonal imbalance to promote acne -free skin. Vitamin E further protects your skin from tanning and sun-damage.

8. Eat Vitamin E Rich Foods

While application of vitamin E oil is good for treatment of acne. But if you eat foods rich in vitamin E, then you will see fast results. You must include some vitamin E rich foods like olive oil, sunflower oil, almonds, broccoli, fish, leafy greens, avocado, etc for prevention of acne. Eating vitamin E rich foods promote healthy and flawless skin.

Risks of Using Vitamin E Oil for Acne Treatment

People with oily skin should avoid using vitamin E oil directly on their skin otherwise it will worsen the skin condition. Vitamin E oil usually heals skin irritation caused by dryness but it may not work for persistent acne.


Although studies have concluded that taking vitamin E supplements helps in prevention of acne. A study conducted in 2006 by Clinical and  Experimental dermatology tested the blood of 100 acne sufferer and found that they had deficiency both vitamin A and E. Taking supplements of vitamin  A and E reduced the acne in these people. It may be concluded that deficiency of these vitamins triggers acne. But it may not be very much effective in treatment of acne. So take vitamin E rich foods to remove the condition that allows acne to flourish. Applying vitamin E oil also works for prevention of acne and blemishes.

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