16 Prime Acne Causing Foods That Must Be Avoided

List of Foods That Cause Acne and Must Be Avoided

16 Prime Acne Causing Foods That Must Be Avoided
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If you are suffering from acne, then you must pay attention to what you are putting into your plate. Some foods are responsible for causing acne so these foods must be avoided. Below is a list of top 16 acne causing foods that must be avoided at all cost to get acne free skin.

Can some foods cause acne? Yes, your skin's condition has lot to do with what you are putting into your mouth. There are some foods that cause acne that must be avoided. Read on to learn about 16 top acne causing foods. 

1. Sugar 

Sugar is the main culprit for causing acne break out. If you are consuming too much of sugar in form of chocolate, candy or energy bar, you are making your skin prone to break out. It does not mean that drinking a cup of coffee or tea with sugar will  lead to pimple right away .

But if you have acne prone skin, then you must avoid  them. Eating foods low in sugar is first to get rid of acne and get clear skin naturally. 

2. Fast food 

Fast foods like pizza, burger, french fries are every tasty and that cause the spike sugar level in body. Fast foods including potato chips, hot dogs are rich in trans fat and refined cabs and very much rich in calories. And saturated fat in them can disrupt the hormonal  balance in body that results in acne break out.
Fast foods are not good for health at all. You want to possess a clean and flawless skin your must skimp on them. Those having acne prone skin should completely banish them from thier plate. 

3. Fried foods 

You must have head that you must stay away from fried foods if you are suffering from acne in your teens. Fried snacks like french fries, pakoda, samosa or fried chicken are not good for the health and skin. Roast these foods if you really want to relish the taste of this food.  Streaming or grilling your foods can be a good option for prevention of acne. 

4. Dried fruits  

Fresh fruits are good for skin and it is no secret. But dried fruits have refined carbs which have glycemic index. They can increase the level of sugar which triggers inflammation.They can also increase the oil protection in skin. If you have persistent acne, the dump these fruits right away. 

5. Peanuts 

Peanut is not good for the health of your skin which is prone to break out.It causes androgen which enhances the oil and sebum production in skin which can result into popping pimples. People consuming peanuts can cause the skin to break out more often the who do not eat them. Instead munch on cashews and almonds which are safe and not estrogen related at all.

6. Breads   

When it comes to eruptions on face, gluten is the main reason behind it. Gluten is bad for the health of intestine. Bread is also stripping your body of anti-oxidants that speed up the process of inflammation which causes acne. It also increases the insulin level in body and bread is made out from refined flour (maid) which is the main culprit of breakout in skin. Bread made from refined flour must be avoided as it is rich in gluten which causes inflammation and acne. Bread also gives rise to insulin like growth substance IGF-1 in your body. It causes the production of male hormone like testosterone which causes pores to secret excess sebum leading to acne. You must avoid white bread to curb acne conditions. 

7. Dairy products 

Products such as milk, cheese, paneer lead to rise in sugar level and further worsen your acne condition. If your skin is suffering from acne, then you must avoid  milk as some hormones are present in milk which accentuate the production of sebum in skin leading to acne. Moreover, if you have acne prone skin, then amino acid in milk can affect the skin condition. 

8. Caffeine and alcohol 

Coffee can perk up your mood but  it is not good for skin. Caffeine in coffee causes rise in the cortisol level which can give rise to stress and insulin level. Stress also causes the acne beak outs and spiked sugar level also speeds up acne. Alcohol tampers with the testosterone in body and estrogen level which are the main reason for acne.  

9. Canned foods 

Canned foods are easily accessible you can easily grab your hands on. Cup noodles, cake mix, spread, and frozen foods which contain some harmful chemical stuff that can harm your skin.  They are very much rich in saturated fats that can stimulate the oil production and further leading to acne. So canned foods must be avoided. 

10. Energy drinks 

Energy drinks are loaded with sugar and no nutrients. It also leads to weight gain so it is best to be banished from your diet. They also contain some B vitamins that can cause inflammation and lead to break out. 

11. Soy foods 

Just like milk can play with your hormones soy foods can also do the same. Hormonal changes can lead to acne especially in teens. Avoid using mayonnaise as it is rich in soybean oil which causes inflammation. Consuming soy-rich foods can buzz up the level of estrogen in body which can aggrave the acne conditions. 

12. Too much non veg 

Too much eating of non-veg is not good for health and for skin. Eating plant based detoxify your skin  and enhances better blood circulation than meats. Some people have noticed reduction in acne after they stopped eating meat and increased their veggies intake. So control your portion of meat if you really want to ged rid of acne. 

13. Healthy Cereals 

The so called healthy cereals that you find in supermarket  may not be that good for skin. Specially the protein  gluten found in them is not so good for your digestive system. It can create mircolesion in the gut and it is hard to digest. . Cereals are high in refined carbs and sugar both are not good combo for your skin's heath. 

14. Shellfish 

Shell fish is not good for acne prone skin. Shrimp and lobster are  are rich in minerals iodine  which is good for skin but those prone to acne can experience inflammation on skin. Instead gorge on wild salmon which is rich omega-3 fatty acids which promote clear and acne-free skin. 

15. Beef

Beef is a food which is high in protein which is good for your body but those suffering from acne should avoid it as it may worsen your acne woes. Beef can trigger acne-break out and scarring.

Beef stimulates cell proliferation so it may lead to formation of unwanted keloid also. So if you are suffering from acne-break outs with pus and pimple, beef can lead to darkening of acne and acne scars. So dump beef completely out of your plate if you have pimple prone skin.

16. Salt

Like sugar, salt is also not good for skin. Salt dehydrates your skin and it may lead to retaining of excess water in body that results in swelling. As a result your acne takes much time to heal it completely.

After reading about the top 16 acne-causing foods, you know your eating patterns affect your skin's health to a great extent. So those suffering from acne and having pimple prone skin should avoid these above-mentioned foods to steer clear of acne completely.

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